Is Blogging Really Dead, Just Like the Web is Dead? Ya Right..

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I was reading a great article from  at Gigaom about how blog research statistics can become totally twisted:

Blogging is on the decline, according to a New York Times story published this weekend — citing research from the Pew Center’s Internet and American Life Project — and it is declining particularly among young people, who are using social networks such as Facebook instead. Pretty straightforward, right? Except that the actual story said something quite different: even according to the figures used by the New York Times itself, blogging activity is actually increasing, not decreasing. And as the story points out, plenty of young people are still blogging via the Tumblr platform, even though they may not think of it as “blogging.” What blogging is really doing is evolving.

Tore a page right out of the Bloke’s book there Mathew. Call it blogging, personal publishing, social media … or whatever you like. A rose by any other name smells just as sweet.

Or like I said earlier “This ain’t rocket science. Social Media are web applications enabling people to interact for personal or business purposes. So engage…”

What do you think. Is blogging really dead? Tell me more cause I want to know…