Do You Blog or Facebook? Which Is It?

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Have you ever asked yourself why some marketers are pushing Facebook so hard?

Well I have.

So the question begged to be answered  … Why? Well I think I’ve come up with some reasons, so read on.

Off the top of my head I can think of at least 7 good reasons why Blogs cannot be replaced (and never will be) no matter what the marketers may try to tell you:

  1. FACT: Everything that you can do with Facebook has already been done with Blogs … and much more.
  2. FACT: All of the reasons that you hear marketers say why you should use Facebook have been stolen directly from the Blogs.
  3. FACT: Facebook is trying to reinvent blogs with one crucial difference. Facebook is only a pseudo-blog … meaning, it is a fake-blog (or wannabe blog). Because it is really just a gigantic website with one intention in mind — to corral all of us under its control (TOS) like cattle being led to the slaughter.
  4. FACT: So why are marketers pushing Facebook so hard? Well by now it should be obvious .. because it’s easier for them to find you, get your personally identifiable information and sell you something. Don’t believe me? Then read this .. Has Facebook Gone Too Far? Or this .. Facebook Shows Its Real Face. Or this from Gawker.
  5. FACT: Then again … “Facebook is no longer a viable marketing platform“. So why bother?
  6. FACT: Facebook pages all look the same. BUT blogs enable you to differentiate yourself or your business with your own design which is crucial when it comes to branding. Even the marketers still have blogs.
  7. FACT: Blogs enable us to have total control over our blog and our content .. something that Facebook can never do.

The bottom line is it’s all about CONTROL. So don’t give it up to Facebook.

A Plea to Marketers. If you are a marketer then don’t use personally identifiable information. There’s no denying that Facebook can be an effective tool to add to your marketing mix but don’t infringe on people’s privacy. Show us some character and that you are better than that.

A Warning to Ordinary Users: If you insist on using Facebook then don’t rely on Facebook’s privacy settings alone because time and again it has (and will again) change the rules.

Your best defense is an offense so “don‘t give it up (your private info) in the first place. Play it safe. That is the only way you can be certain your online privacy will be protected”.

Use Facebook at your own risk and don’t be fooled by the marketing blather. Ignore social media gurus who push Facebook with the hard sell because they have an agenda that’s not in your best interests.

Think about it. Everything that Facebook can do, Blogs can do better. You control your real Blog, and Facebook controls you.

Which do you prefer? You already know my answer.

P.s.: Do you remember the smirking heckler from school who harassed people behind their back and didn’t have the courage to face them? Or the gutless wonder with no character and couldn’t care less about those he hurt.

We’ve all known someone like that haven’t we? Well Zuckerberg strikes me as that kind of immature guy. I may be wrong but I doubt it.

In my life I’ve been both a successful litigator and a mediator. I’ve seen all types and learned to read people as well as read between the lines.

I believe in being reasonable with people who deserve to be reasoned with. But I’ve also learned that you can’t reason with unreasonable people.

I have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to sleazy business practices so I’ve made the conscious decision to take no prisoners when it comes to Zuckerberg and certain marketer’s BS.

Sorry if that offends anyone but that’s the way I feel.