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My name is Amanda Fazani; I’m a blogger who loves web design and social interaction on the net. For the past five years or so, I’ve been creating my presence online through various blogs and websites of my own creation, though these days I focus my attention on my two main blogs and my guest posts here at, with a splattering of freelance web-design thrown in for the mix.

My Blogs

Blogger Buster

This is my most popular blog to date, where I write about Google Blogger and template design. I regularly create Blogger templates for free download, and am always at hand if you need advice on using this platform (which many of you now love to hate!)


I live a great deal of my life online, and Techiboo is where I vent my thoughts and experiences for the benefit of those of similar interests. Here you’ll find insight about WordPress, social networking, web design and all the cool stuff I come across in my daily dose of the Internet.

My Family

Happily married to the love of my life, I’ve borne two wonderful children of my own and regularly receive my adorable twin step-children. Together we live in a small (but rather homely) house on the outskirts of Sheffield in England.

I’m a “stay-at-home-mum”, though could never be bored with my busy children and my blogging exploits taking up huge chunks of my day! I consider blogging and designing as my “job” and feel so lucky that I have the best of both world: choosing my own hours so I can enjoy the experience of motherhood to the fullest.

In a previous life…

I was an amateur poet and writer, trained towards a career in teaching English and worked as a cell-phone technician. Strangely enough, I discovered blogging while searching for a way to get recognition for my written works. I quickly became hooked and haven’t looked back since. One of these days, I’ll take on blogging full time…

Get in touch?

Feel free to leave me a comment on my guest posts here on which I’ll be sure to read. Alternatively you can find me through one of my blogs or by dropping round my MySpace profile sometime.

* Author’s Note: Although I try my best I might have missed something or not explained it in the best way possible. So please let me know if this article has helped your blog experience, if you have any further questions about blogging or something you want to add, or if there is another blog tip that you would like me to write about. Either way I would like to hear from you.