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Hi there! I’m the guy who started the “Blog Tips” niche. There may be imitators out there but there is only one original Blog About Blogging.

This isn’t your typical “blog tips” blog. You won’t find any hype or useless fluff here. Just real world, practical tips without the mumbo jumbo.

But I don’t stop there. I make you think and challenge the norm. So let me be your guide through shark infested waters as I explore this amazing technology with new ways that will help you to be an even better blogger.

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A Blogger’s Natural Resource” … “This Bloke knows Blogs” … “You write with passion, candor, and authenticity — that’s why I enjoy your posts” … “Like the sense of humor in the articles” … “The site is a literary masterpiece” … “This site is capital, constantly providing fairness in reviews and information”… “High quality sites like yours are an inspiration” … “You are indeed not just any average bloke!”

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The Guy Behind BLOGBloke:

BLOGBloke has been an internet persona since at least 2002 and I’m the first to blog about the niche topic of blogging. In fact I created the niche, and I’ve been blogging before there was even such a thing as WordPress or newsfeeds for blogs (I made my own from scratch).

I blog about things like Blog Tips, Technology, Blog Tools and News, the New Media, Web 2.0, Social Networking, Business, Marketing strategies and more.

I’ve been quoted in the Washington Post, New York Times and CBS News. I worked in the computer industry, business, journalism, music, audio, law and politics. I’m also a featured writer for Blogcritics and Political Gateway and I’ve been online for two decades. Hopefully that qualifies me to be your expert guide to the world of blogging.

My reputation in the blogosphere is a maverick in every sense of the word. Not one to mince my words or worry about political correctness, I don’t pull any punches and say what I mean and mean what I say. So if you want the unbiased truth then I’m your guy.

I search the internet to provide you with interesting, practical information about the new media, social networking and blogging technology, reviews and commentary (to satisfy my need to vent). So why waste your time looking when the Bloke can do the heavy lifting for you.

BLOGBloke? What the…

Well why not? I know it’s a dorky name but that’s the point. Blogging should be fun so if you don’t like it then please accept my apologies and get over it.

A friend of mine came up with the name and it stuck. It seemed a perfect fit for me because I’m not the stuffy type. I don’t talk down to you. I don’t try to impress you with buzzwords and I write about technical stuff in easy to understand non-technical jargon.

You won’t find any cliques here at BLOGBloke Central. Just nice down-to-earth folk who share a passion for blogging.

Baby BLOGBloke

 Why Eat Pablum When You Can Have Meat? 

Yes that’s my pic above a couple few … well ok, maybe it was more than a few years ago but you get the picture.  I guess the point I’m trying to make is I’ve been around long enough to accumulate a wealth of knowledge and experience about blogging that I want to share with you.

This blog is about giving you useful information about blogging. I believe in quality vs. quantity and I take time to research interesting stories and craft my articles. So if I haven’t got anything intelligent to say I won’t fill your inbox with junk and waste your time.

Unlike my competitors I’m not in a competition to see who can spew out the most mindless drivel or try to sell you something. I don’t copy information from other bloggers, Google or old Help files, take silly polls, make useless lists, run contests, trick you with affiliate links or try to sell you a bunch of hype.

What I do write is original content that will empower your blogging experience. So if you are looking for a down-to-earth no BS expert in the world of blogging then I’m your guy.

Ultimately this weblog will show you how to be a better blogger and get the most out of your blogging experience, with a splash of humor along the way.

Quick Bio:

My profession is mediation, advocacy and blogger/geek. I’m a former litigator/tribunal member who finally saw the light. My case/win average was better than 97%, so why did I quit? Call it a revelation or a moment of clarity, but my success was bittersweet because I realized that it wasn’t justice I was getting for my clients. It just so happened I was the better schmoozer who could throw the most kaka-poo that stuck on the wall.

In my past life I was a programmer working for a Japanese personal computer company. Then along came a guy named Bill Gates who started a company called Microsoft who made an unholy alliance with IBM with a borrowed operating system called MSDOS.

Despite the fact it was an inferior product (so what else is new) it became the de-facto operating system. So one morning our hardware techy announces that our architecture couldn’t accept DOS and we were summarily given our walking papers.

Millions of dollars of computers became worthless toasters overnight. It was then that I decided to make computers my hobby and to find a profession that was a little more stable (if you can call law and professional blogging stable).

Conflict Resolution:

I quit litigation and took one of the best courses in the world for conflict resolution/mediation at the Justice Institute in Vancouver Canada. The course is outstanding and I highly recommend it.

I am a firm believer in mediation which is a far more civilized way to resolve conflicts. The beauty of mediation is that it strives for a win/win as opposed to the winner takes all mentality of litigation. If you are interested you can look at our online brochure for more information.

Married with Children:

No, I’m not Al Bundy and my family isn’t nearly so dysfunctional (although at times I wonder). But truthfully I’m blessed with one biological daughter and 5 terrific step-kids – 2 boys and 3 girls who I see once in a while when I take a break from my computer.


I like computers (mine in particular), the internet, blogging, and, well… computers. I also like sports when my beat-up body will allow it, and music (believe it or not I once upon a time managed and produced R&R bands).

When I have time I still play the bass guitar, a little six string, drums, piano and the accordion (sorry Dad but I hated it). I also like to write and was an editor for a small newspaper in my past life.

I like to help people (as corny as that sounds and if you saw what I charge my clients you would know what I mean). I was also involved in politics, being the president of a riding as well as making a run for public office (I came in second but no cigar).

So now you know all about me and aren’t you glad you asked? ;-)

Legal Stuff:

I know. I hate this legal stuff too but please read my DISCLAIMER!

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