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Why Do We Blog?

We’ve all asked ourselves why do we blog. But my take on it is a little different than what you will read out there. I have had time to reflect on this question, especially after my sabbatical from blogging. So here are my thoughts as I prepare to relaunch Blog Bloke dot com.

The simple fact is you will probably never be a top Blogger according to the ‘popular’ definition out there.

Yes I said that. I know that isn’t what you wanted to hear, but please hear me out.

Like many of us you might be trying to make a career for yourself online, promote a business and improve your position in the SERPS, authority etc. These reasons are self-evident and important reasons for you to blog.

But what if you are not a niche or business blogger? You might be blogging for personal fulfillment, fun or pleasure. Not to say that being popular isn’t important to the human condition (of course).

A little Blog Bloke Background:

For example, when I first started blogging I used to stress over how many comments I received until I realized it’s NOT really an indicator of ‘influence’.  When it comes down to it, it is just narcissism.

Yes, some old school seo types might tell you Google uses it as an indicator of popularity. But it’s funny how things change, and now we are hearing that Googlebot is looking more closely at those comments because a lot of it is spam and/or faked. Yes, really.

Anyhow, as I was saying I am human too.  Like you I had also fallen into the comment trap until readers pointed out that my posts were so complete that it didn’t leave much room for further commenting. (That’s what I was told).

So long story short I stopped stressing over comments when I understood that most of the so-called ‘popular’ blogs are just marketers that are clever at manipulating themselves into the limelight.

I should also mention it is marketers who own the keys to the kingdome. What I mean by that is marketers run the popularity lists, bolster each others’ comments, etc. So unless you are part of their network you can’t compete because it is rigged.

Comments Encouraged

Nevertheless, if we don’t have a lot of comments we feel that we are a loser and doing something wrong. The plethora of blog posts about getting more comments are a testimony to this reality.

There is an old saying if you want more comments, just write about getting more comments. That is an old blogger trick.

But what you don’t realize is they are playing reverse psychology on you because they know you will never get as many comments as they do.  It keeps them on a pedestal with you looking adoringly at your blogging mentor who is getting a gazillion comments.

With all the gaming, affiliate linking, phonyism and cronyism that goes online, it’s really hard not to be cynical.  Or like they say, ignorance truly is bliss.

But if the truth be known, ironically a lot of the biggest and best blogs out there get very little comments, if any.

I have also noticed that many people prefer to comment on Twitter and Facebook instead of commenting directly on my blog.  Which brings us to another matter like Klout, etc. but I will leave that discussion for another time.

So although getting a lot of blog comments is nice for our ego, it shouldn’t be something that we should be stressing over (or quitting blogging like some people do).

This is my advice: Stop beating yourself up over it.

If you believe the number of blog comments that you get, or the number of Twitter/Facebook followers you have is an indicator of your self worth .. you’re headed straight to a therapist’s couch. Fast.

It’s a reason why many bloggers jumped to Facebook. To get more interaction. But I have noticed Facebook keeps changing it’s algorithm and we get more ads and promoted content and less of our ‘friends’. So that is no longer a valid reason to quit blogging.

The fact is the world is a pyramid by design.  No matter how hard you try, what your political, business or personal aspirations are, only a few can be at the top of the heap.

So do the math, and stop sweating your comments section.

That is why I always preach your online priorities should strive for personal fulfillment and enjoyment, or making money if that is your goal. That is the TRUE definition of success.  Everything else is just gravy.

Or like I have said many times, the nerds like to preach the opposite.  For them it really is a popularity contest.  It’s payback for not having friends in the REAL world.  Just ask Scoble.

Although this goes against what those other ‘gurus’ will tell you - life’s experience has taught me one important truism.

Most at the top of the heap aren’t there because they are necessarily better.  It is because they are better at manipulating their way to the top.

Or like my blogging friend Wayne Hurlbert reminded me (how could I forget).

“Manipulation might work in the short term, but being REAL lasts forever”.

Being REAL.  Isn’t that what blogging should be all about?

After all, that’s why we have Twitter and Facebook for idle chit-chat. :-)

Lately it seems my comments section is just a playground for link spammers anyway. Yes, I have my tongue in my cheek and your comments are always welcome.

Blog On!

Written October 24th, 2015 by | 54 Comments | Filed under: Blog Tips, Blog Tips for Beginners, Favourite Blog Tips, Featured Tips

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54 Responses to “Why Do We Blog?”

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  1. 1
    Corporate Blogging Says:

    via @blogbloke Why Do You Blog?: I Know You’ve Heard This Before But My Take Is A Little Different.
    Th… http://mkt.gs/j7bO5K #blogging

  2. 2
    Curtis Says:

    Agreed good post Bloke

  3. 3
    BLOGBloke Blog Tips Says:

    via @blogbloke Why Do You Blog?: I Know You’ve Heard This Before But My Take Is A Little Different.
    Th… http://mkt.gs/j7bO5K #blogging

  4. 4
    Mushfique Says:

    Loved every sentence that you wrote.
    The first thing for a neophyte is to put adsense in the blog AND to get as much comments! Well, what we forget is quality content and as you said..’be real’. Totally agree.
    For the past one week, I was spending time more on what good template to choose and designing the logo. That would kinda create a professional look! :P
    And, I totally disagree with the point that having a lot of comments is a good indicator of a good blog. totally false.
    Look at some other top bloggers, i see about 3-4 comments or comments closed! lolz
    great post indeed!

  5. 5
    Curtis Says:

    I agree comments arent a measure of how good a post or a blog is. A listers have alot of comments because they are popular not because the have good posts. Their posts could stink and they would still have comments

  6. 6
    Mushfique Says:

    @Curtis, true true!

  7. 7
    BLOGBloke Says:

    @Curtis @Mushfique .. you guys are so REAL you make me wanna cry (in a nice way) :-)

  8. 8
    BLOGBloke Says:

    @Curtis, you mean most of their posts really do stink … of course ;-)

  9. 9
    BLOGBloke Says:

    @Mushfique, right on brother. Blog on!

  10. 10
    Diane (blogneta) Says:

    As always, you help put things in perspective for any person who opens their “ears” to listen.

    I know for many the first rush of getting a comment to their blog sends them into euphoria and the more they get feeds their ego and to be fair, it makes you feel less lonely, that what you are doing is worth something.

    So which comes first the comment or the blog…as always it has to be the blog, it has to be something that you truly love doing, it has to come from YOU.

    Far too many people stress over the comments in part because this is what they were taught to do… “get people to comment…you will rise in rankings better ( and so on and so forth)”, but the way I look at comments is maybe a bit different … To me when I make a comment, it is not to give out drivel, but to have a conversation with a person or at times many people about a subject that I am truly interested in, it has its own way of taking on a life of its own.

    The bottom line for me is…delete the word “comment” altogether and insert the word “conversation” instead and to me you will never go wrong.

    LOL I have been reading the tweets… who else want to join the agreed club?

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