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Building Email Lists the Wrong Way

Recently I signed up for what I thought was a “free” account and it ended up being only a one month “free trial”.  That’s a big difference, and it wasn’t made clear when I first signed up.  Now this person/company has got my email on their list and I keep getting spammed to join their paid service.


I call that sort of nonsense Permission Spamming.  Yes it is a tad unethical.

What makes it worse is I keep getting the same message twice, so I’m getting two spams for the price of one.  (You gotta keep your humour about this.)

It might have been a glitch.  Or maybe they are bolstering their numbers for sponsors.  Like they purchase followers and inflate Klout scores.  Oh well, whatever.

But the point is I am pissed that what I thought was a free account ended up being a grab for my email address.  Who knows, they may end up selling it to third parties.

That is so WRONG

Yes, I understand the concept of permission marketing.  But the need for clarity (and honesty) so that people know what they are getting before handing over their email is extremely important.

You have to be clear up front.  Ambiguity is not allowed.  Ever.

So none of that ‘FREE’ crap written in huge fonts and accidently on purpose forgetting to mention Oh, by the way, it’s only “free” for a monthAfter that we will bug the hell out of you until you fork over your credit cardThanks for your email sucka.

I was discussing this recently with a friend who commented:

It’s the nature of business. It’s now a level of acceptance.  Sad, but true.

But then she also said “No shame in making a buck.

OMG!  My ears started to bleed

Really?  That last comment just bowled me over.  So anything goes?  Is that really an acceptable marketing practice all in the name of making a buck? 

Because if it is true then we are all in deep doo doo.  It’s no wonder I rarely give out my email.  

As for me it is indeed a shameful way to make a buck.  There are no excuses for that kind of marketing crap.

It’s unethical.  Plain and simple.

But more importantly it is counterproductive because now I have lost any trust that I might have had in that person/company.

They have lost all credibility and any possibility of my doing business with them.  So what I did was create a spam script that automatically deletes their messages right off the email server.

I don’t even see their emails let alone have to deal with it.  Poof, into the garbage can where it belongs.  When someone screws me they get no second chance.

So that email list they are growing is as worthless as used toilet paper and their integrity is gone forever as far as I’m concerned.

It’s just dumb to do something like that.  It is no way to build a solid business.

Building a brand takes a lot of time and effort, and all it takes is just one dumb move to destroy it all in seconds. 

What do you think?  Please leave a comment because I would love to hear from you.

Written September 29th, 2013 by | 2 Comments | Filed under: Blog Ethics, Blog Tips, Business Tips, Featured Tips, Marketing Tips

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There are 2 Comments so far to “Building Email Lists the Wrong Way”

  1. Hey Blogbloke how is life, Well what you have written is probably the reason I have not opted into any form of list for nearly 2 years. I see them as the same junk promoted with alternative words. I am especially annoyed with finding good lists on one topic which is playing the Guitar, Every piece of advice online I have found seems to all lead down the same road, First some half substance video lesson and a link below to tell me to optin to some mailing list that is going to make me play like Buddy Guy in the next 6 weeks if I just give my email. But I know these emails are going to try to sell me new strings, pedals, amps and better guitars but never teach me a single strumming pattern so I never bother with them much.

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    Reply by: Blog Bloke at 10:24 am said...

    Like you I generally refrain from opt-in offers. I knew of this person through a contact so I lowered my guard and took a chance. Now I’m regretting it and it has reminded me why my policy is correct. Love the Buddy Guy analogy and thanks for dropping by my friend.

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