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4 Reasons Why I’m Removing Blogrush From My Blog

Blogrush Needs Fixing
No, I wasn’t one of the ten thousand or more blogs that they recently removed. At least they consider me worthy of their widget, and although I’m flattered I have unfortunately decided that it must go from my sidebar for the following reasons.

1. It’s too big and ugly. It needs a wide sidebar to make it fit. It sits there like a lame duck and distracts readers from my content and other important features in my sidebar. They need to make it customizable enough to seamlessly mold into my template.

2. Blogrush has been gamed by unscrupulous hackers and plugin makers who have diverted most of the traffic to themselves.

3. Consequently I have not been receiving any new readers as promised. Like I reported earlier it worked for me only for the first couple of days and then the traffic stopped. So what’s the point in keeping it?

4. After removing the widget my blog loads faster now. Given that it wasn’t delivering traffic as promised, it was just one more useless script slowing down my blog.

To be fair, Blogrush is still in its infancy stage. Like all new startups it has had its share of bumps and grinds. If they make it better down the road I may reconsider putting it back again. But until then, it’s gone.

Written October 24th, 2007 by | 11 Comments | Filed under: Blog Tips , , ,

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There are 11 Comments so far to “4 Reasons Why I’m Removing Blogrush From My Blog”

  1. I had my doubts about BlogRush from the beginning !
    I think it’s the cool intro-video and Syndication credits that are alluring !

    Just saw your Twitter about your household getting hit by the flu. I hope everybody is feeling better by now !

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  2. Thanks for the best wishes Jaffer.

    Blogrush has been promoted with all the fervour and hype that MLM marketing companies do. Even by some bigger blogs that I won’t mention.

    The bottom line is you have to take with a grain of salt anything said by someone who stands to gain from the product. Some would call that a conflict of interest.

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  3. You might be interested to know I found your blog entry here on my new “BlogRush” mashup… opinions from all around the Internet about whether or not BlogRush is worth installing on your blog. I programmed it to update on a minute-by-minute basis.

    The opinions on my mashup might surprise you.

    Check it out at: http://www.marketing-ideas.org/BlogRush-Opinions.php

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  4. For me the bottom line was is it bringing more traffic to my blog. That is what it promised. In my case the answer was a clear and unequivocal NO. It was just using up valuable screen real estate without the benefits.

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  5. I still get the trickle of visitors that I always got from it, which is better than nothing for me at the moment!

    I agree with you about the widget slowing down the loading of pages though. The Blogrush widget seems to be one of the worst offenders for that.

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  6. Count yourself lucky to be getting at least a trickle.

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  7. Yeah… I feel the same. Even no of visitors I m getting is trickle… but heavy script and big box does take you back.. I may join u in future in blogrush removal :)

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  8. Join the crowd Davinder.

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  9. I know this is late ! Here is a blogger who is disgruntled because BlogRush suspended his account:

    Check out the other links at the bottom of the article too !

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  10. Thanks Jaffer. It’s never too late around here. I’ll check it out.

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  11. Blogrush couldn’t detect Blogrush widget on my self-hosted wordpress blog. So it wasn’t working for me. Anyway heard it’s already dead and closed now.

    kellys last blog post…One Human Trait often Overlooked as a “Online Success Ingredient” (Part 2)

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