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Which Social Network Do You Hope Dies a Slow and Painful Death?

Google is releasing its new OpenSocialstandard” that will create a single platform for developing applications on LinkedIn, hi5, Friendster, Plaxo, Ning, and other participating Social Networks. Facebook of course has its own platform and MySpace will soon follow with its own.

But here’s the kicker, the Daily Poll asks the question — “Which social network do you hope dies a slow and painful death?
I voted for all of the above. Here are the results (to date).
It looks like I’m in good company but MySpace is the clear winner so far (surprise, surprise) .

Which do you vote for?

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Written November 1st, 2007 by | 21 Comments | Filed under: Social Media Tips , , ,

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There are 21 Comments so far to “Which Social Network Do You Hope Dies a Slow and Painful Death?”

  1. Why would I want to social sites come to an end? I hardly use them! Ha. :-)

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  2. I have a myspace page because of my buddies at work. I never mess with it at all.
    I also have a facebook page which I haven’t logged into in about 6 months.

    It would be ok with me if they went offline.

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  3. Well, I ain’t surprised eh ! One of the worst things of Myspace when it comes to customizing is the tag soup !

    Its like a run-down neighborhood of a social-network city.
    Let me compare it to Toronto for example:
    FaceBook is like College St. and University Ave. (Queens Park and University of Toronto)
    Orkut is more like Scarborough (Whites are a minority)
    And MySpace is like Church and Gerrard (Were you’ve got the social outcasts)

    (Correct me if I am wrong !)

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  4. Hey Bloke, does that include the Pyramid Scam, Yuwie, traveling around the digital waterways?

    Looks like all the top referrers rake in all the money while the bottom levels do all the work for a small pay or no compensation!

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  5. Hey Jaffer, I would have thought MySpace was more like below Yonge and Bloor with all the neon signs and strip joints. But it’s been 10 years since I’ve been there (not that I frequented strip joints mind you) so things may have changed.

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  6. Hey Gaming Wiz … DITTO!

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  7. Hey Debbie … you lost me. Can you be more specific? I’m not sure I follow you (I’m not that bright you know).

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  8. Hey Bloke… (you mean, I caught you by Surprise, right?)

    Describing the specifics could be lengthy in a comment, but the “Yuwie, the social network that pays” details are described in this link:

    The chart seems to indicate Yuwie is another Pyramid Scam where only Bloggers at the top of pyramid get rich by signing up unsuspecting Bloggers underneath them! A digital Amway!

    For more information about Pyramid scams, visit this link:

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  9. Sounds a lot like Andy Beard promoting BlogRush. Who’d have ever thunk that blogging and multi-level marketing would hold hands?

    That’s probably the biggest shame with what is going on in the blogosphere today. The hustlers are crawling out from under the cracks to exploit it.

    Hey, why pay for late night television infomercials when all you need is $100/year for hosting?


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  10. I just checked my stats and notice that Plaxo and AOL visited this post today. Obviously they are monitoring this story so speak up Blokesters. Big Brother is watching.

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  11. I am surprised AOL is still in business!
    Didn’t Americans Out of Luck give AOL the lowest customer satisfaction rating?

    Maybe, Plaxo and AOL are seeking Blog Tips from the Blog Bloke?

    Speaking of the best Blog Tips, Blogrush was removed thanks to your advice!
    And, the next step in the process of weeding out the hustlers was adding a link to you, Bloke!

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  12. Why thank you Debbie and don’t forget to grab a COOL button while you’re at it.

    I recall the vice pres of AOL promising me an interview last year, but um … I guess he forgot.

    Oh well, keep coming over here Deb and I’ll steer you in right direction and it won’t even cost you a dime.


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  13. Hey Bloke !

    Well, Yonge and Bloor is changing as Toronto’s trying to attract tourists of all kinds.
    The Strip Joints and Stag Shops are there but more scattered.

    The biggest change is on Yonge and Dundas - if you havent been there within the past 5 years - you’re going to be awed !
    I was - when I went to Toronto last weekend !

    But Pot, Hookers, Hobos and more are still easier to find on Church Street south of College.

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  14. What’s changed at Yonge and Dundas? And how do you know where to find the pot and hookers? ;-)

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  15. Bloke I lived in downtown Toronto for 5 years ! First at 96 Gerrard East and then at 40 Gerrard East.

    Good Times !

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  16. I know that area well. What a dump! I don’t know how you could live there. Someone tried to talk me in buying a house there to fix up and flip. He said it would be a great investment back in the 80s. I looked across the street and all I could see was drunken bums staggering down the road. No thanks.

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  17. yuwie is not a scam, im on it and making money

    you cant really say its a scam cause its free and at least we’re making some money

    on sites like facebook and myspace you get nothing
    at least on yuwie they offer a bit

    i have talked to the owner of the site, and none of it is a scam
    i personally know people who are making almost $200 a month and its only been around for 6 months and growing very fast


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  18. LOL - I love the title of this post.

    I have been so slow in getting on these social network sites. Although now that I have been using them I enjoy them.


    J.R. Jackson (a.k.a. MLM’s $8-Million Man)s last blog post…Comment LUV

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    Reply by: Blog Bloke at 12:19 am said...

    Welcome to the community J.R.

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  19. Whether social sites die or fade, for sure more would pop out of nowhere.Cut one head off and three more would sprung out. Social sites have become a necessity due to its functionality and accessibility. Not only for interaction and having fun but promoting businesses as well.

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  20. […] Which Social Network Do You Hope Dies a Slow and Painful Death? […]

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