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What Motivates you to Subscribe to a Blog’s Newsfeed?

Darren Rowse loves to make lists and has recently compiled the results of his survey that asks the question “What makes you un-subscribe from a blog’s RSS feed”?

There were quite a few responses covering everything from posting frequency to negative commenting, to poor content and more. I couldn’t resist and left a comment of my own, and this was my response:

Generally speaking I won’t unsubscribe unless it is obvious that the blog has died. But we should remember that most bloggers go through a lull period where things like writer’s block, burnout, bad health or the real world can get in the way of our blogging. I believe in cutting people some slack and giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Some folks probably start pruning their list simply because it is getting too large or unwieldy. I subscribe to literally thousands of blogs and if you use a filter like I do that is built into most good newsreaders (like GreatNews for example), then it’s really not necessary to prune the list so often. After all, subscribing to a feed costs nothing and we have everything to gain.

On a more positive note, this got me thinking about what really motivates a reader to subscribe to our RSS newsfeed.

For me it’s mostly the style of the writing, quality of the content and relevance to my niche.

So what makes you want to subscribe to a blog’s RSS newsfeed? What makes you bookmark a blog and keep coming back for more? Let’s have some fun with this and learn a little at the same time.

Written March 1st, 2007 by | 18 Comments | Filed under: Blog Tips , ,

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There are 18 Comments so far to “What Motivates you to Subscribe to a Blog’s Newsfeed?”

  1. If I have time when I first visit a blog, I’ll read a few posts and see if the writing engages me. If so, I’ll grab the feed. Though I initially place the feed in a folder of “new feeds to watch.” Then I give the writer a few weeks to show me that I should be reading their blog. They convince me, they advance into another folder in my reader. If not, I unsubscribe. Pretty straight-forward.

    For the record, Bloke, you’ve cleared the ‘new feeds’ stage.

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  2. I like that term “if the writing engages me.” That’s it - I’ll follow a link somewhere, and if the writing touches me personally, I will subscribe.

    If I like something about the style, I do the same as Dawud and subscribe into a folder marked “maybe keep.”

    It’s such a subjective thing, eh?

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  3. You know what, I still haven’t decided what makes me subscribe to a feed yet. It’s mostly random at the moment, but I haven’t been reading blogs for that long and I’m sure I will come up with my own criteria soon enough.

    This has got me thinking though…

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  4. There are a number of factors for me including most of what has already been said but one of the fundamentals for me is:

    What will I miss if I don’t subscribe?

    If I find a couple of golden nuggets of information in my first read of the site then I subscribe in a heartbeat.

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  5. Whew! You had me going there David.

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  6. I sincerely hope I’ve touched you Rory. BTW, are you by any chance a Canadian eh?

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  7. “What will I miss if I don’t subscribe?”

    Exactly Mike. It costs nothing to subscribe and you have everything to gain.

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  8. Phil, maybe it’s a little like impulsive shopping for you?

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  9. I really liked Scoble’s response. Darren Rowse overtly complicates things to justify writing posts that will bring him more traffic. What a fake.

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  10. Not sure if my comment went through. Blogger doesn’t want to take my i.d.
    I love reading others blog. It’s my contact to the outside world.
    Currently, I’m looking for blogs on crafting. Know any?

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  11. You can start here.

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  12. Hey blog bloke - I subscribed to you so I guess your blog has that mojo!

    But you should seriously consider switching from the “headlines only” feed.

    It still takes me to the Feedblitz logon screen when I click on your titles.

    Don’t know if this is costing you readers, but would you consider a full feed?

    Are you afraid of content scrapers?

    Paula Mooney: Scrape Me…Am I a Fool for Loving Content Scrapers?


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  13. Generally speaking, what gets me to a blog is seeing someone make an informative or witty comment in another blog.

    Once I’m there, I’ll scroll through. If the author has a good voice, I’ll probably stick around a while.

    It doesn’t have to be content that I connect with, necessarily. For instance, I do not like children, but I am subscribed to several “mommy blogs,” because the writers have fresh voices. I belong to tech blogs that mean very little to me at first, but I learn from them.

    So it’s less to do with content for me, and more to do with voice.

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  14. Hi Paula. I’m not sure what you mean. There is a full feed. If you click on the drop-down box you will see the full-feed option show up and just click on it to subscribe.

    You will also need to fill in your email address or it will take you to a page instructing you to do so. After you put in your email address it will then take you to a CAPTCHA page instructing you to fill in a few letters or numbers to prevent spam.

    I also subscribe to my email newsletter and it works fine from my perspective. Does this help at all?

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  15. Thanks so much for dropping by and giving us your insights EcamirG. I hope that my voice remains in tune and you will stick around for more than a while.

    Tech blogs can be hard to understand the lingo at first but soon it will start to seep in by osmosis, and before you know it you will be geekier than most of us.

    I try to keep in mind that my audience might not necessarily understand what I’m talking about so I usually make clickable links to definitions. But sometimes I forget so I recommend that you bookmark the link to Wikipedia and keep it handy as a reference tool. You can also Google using the search parameters define: word to look up words.

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  16. Hi Paula. I made “full Posts” as the first option. Hope that helps.

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  17. Me thinks Dawud must be a Star Trek fan ;-) Engage… and make it so number 1. BTW, I’m sorry for misspelling your name earlier “David”. Stupid Blogger won’t let me edit comments.

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  18. […] What Motivates you to Subscribe to a Blog’s Newsfeed? […]

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