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Blogging With Blog Bloke

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Welcome to Blog Bloke .. the original guide to the world of blogging and social media. If you’re looking for more more information about Blog Bloke then please visit my Welcome Page.  More than likely however you clicked on this page to get more information about following Blog Bloke, like RSS newsfeeds for example and how you can become a subscriber. So here goes..

To the right you will find a link and email subscription box to follow Blog Bloke via RSS.  Above and below you will also find links for Twitter, Facebook, Google+LinkedIn etc. You have to be living in a cave to not have heard of them so I won’t go into detail except to say log into your account (or create an account if you don’t already have one) and follow the prompts to join Blog Bloke.

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So while you’re here don’t forget to subscribe to Blog Bloke’s RSS Newsfeed.  You can choose to subscribe by clicking on the orange icon or by entering your email address.  Blog Bloke respects your privacy and will not give it to anybody else under any circumstances whatsoever.  Which leads me to the other purpose for this post…

So what is an RSS News Feed anyway?

RSS means “Really Simple Syndication”. If you read my Welcome Page you might recall I mentioned that I once coded my own RSS newsfeed (XML Extensible Markup Language) from scratch and gave away a free ebook teaching bloggers how to make their own feed long before RSS came built-in to blogs and there was such a thing as Wordpress.

If that sounds complicated don’t be alarmed because you don’t need to worry about it anymore thanks to everything being automated today.

You might be wondering what those funny looking orange pictures are. They are called newsfeed icons telling you that there is content (blog posts, audio, or video) to which you can subscribe (read, listen or watch) using a program that’s called a Newsfeed Reader (also known as a news aggregator).

So what does that have to do with you? Well, if you’ve ever bookmarked a site so you could go back and visit again later, you already understand the impulse that drives us to “see what is new.” So when you subscribe to a feed, the news will come to you (via your feed reader) rather than you having to check back again (it’s also called push technology).

Better yet, it’s completely automatic. When there is new information your news reader will alert you right away. The news is delivered right to you at the speed of light and you won’t even have to remember to visit the site again either. If you are still a little confused about RSS news feeds then you might want to check out this explanation RSS 101: A Really Simple Guide.

How do I use a News Feed?

There are tons of news feed readers to choose from. You can use one that’s web-based, meaning that you visit the feed reader site on the internet. This can be handy if you need to use more than one computer in different locations or you are always on the go (eg. WIFI devices). Personally I use Feedly and I highly recommend it.

All you have to do is open your newsreader program just like your daily newspaper that’s delivered to your door. But the best part about it is you don’t even have to open your door when it’s bad weather outside, and it’s completely free too!

Google has a comprehensive list of newsfeed readers, but if you want to get started right away you can’t go wrong with any of the following Web-based feed readers:

Bloglines Bloglines

Netvibes Netvibes

My Yahoo! My Yahoo!

Google Reader

Google Reader is probably the most popular web-based news reader right now but all of these sites are excellent and it’s just a matter of choosing the one that appeals to you. Once you’re set up with your news feed reader you can click on any RSS icon (like the ones above) and subscribe to that feed. If there is an interim page with instructions (such as the feedburner service) it will walk you through the process of subscribing to the feed.

If you’re using a newsfeed reader that isn’t shown, you can still copy the feed address (you will find it in your Web browser’s address bar after you click the feed link) into your feed reader and it will subscribe you.

And here’s the best part — once you’re subscribed, just check your feed reader periodically (some avid readers do it every day) and you will automatically see the newest information from the Bloke.

So what are you waiting for? Choose your flavor of feed and get reading!
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  1. I use the feed to email you have Bloke. Used to use Goog reader but life being what life is I find things that make it easy on me.

    This is great post for folks new to the whole blog/rss way.

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  2. Great post. I have been searching for this exact info for a while now. I will bookmark it in the public bookmarking sites to get you more traffic.

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  4. i will bookmark this site too, its really nice post

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  7. Hey, very nice blog man! Beautiful .. Amazing .. Awesome site! I’m loving it! Just saying thanks will not just be sufficient for the tremendous lucidity in your writing.

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  8. I like your blog. Really helpful and very motivational. Thanks a lot. This will help me a lot.

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  9. Thank u, good post! =)

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  10. I’ve been visiting your blog for a while now and I always find a gem in your new posts

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