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What Is Blogging Really?

Today I want to talk about a subject I know best — blogging. Or at least I hope I do.

There are lots of articles out there that attempt to define what a blog is, but so much has changed recently I find myself asking what blogging really means to me.

Not long ago the term “blog” was really very simple to explain.

What Is a Blog?

The term “Blog” is short-form for the word ‘Weblog” (or web log). In it’s simplest sense I could describe a blog as a type of website with entries called ‘posts’ that are arranged by date in chronological order, usually starting from the most recent article at the top to the older entries at the bottom of the page.

Ethical bloggers link to their sources of information via hypertext markup. Blog software that is used to install and run a blog is also called a blog platform and the major blog platforms today are Wordpress and Blogger.

They also include XML newsfeeds (though not originally) and a comments section at the bottom of the “post” for readers to participate in the conversation.

* Given today’s social’ web I would also add the most important aspect of  true blogging is the blogger’ has total control over his or her’s content. A trend that is unfortunately going by the wayside.

Types of Bloggers

Some entrepreneurial types saw blogging as an emerging market to exploit for making money (we might also call them a-listers, professional bloggers or sploggers). After all, that’s why they prefix URL addresses with the subdomain W(wild) W(wild) W(west). ;-)

Others saw blogging as an enabling technology for activism, promoting their personal agenda like the extreme political blogs that are so prevalent out there today.

We are seeing more brick and mortar corporations accepting blogging as a viable alternative (or an extension) to old school websites for promoting their products, services and engaging with their customers.

Of course the vast majority of bloggers out there are what I call “pure” bloggers who simply blog for the enjoyment of it. Often called “personal bloggers” they see blogging as an online diary or digital journal to write their thoughts, hopes and aspirations.

When I first started blogging (back in the stone age) I saw blogging in this purest sense — i.e. an empowering technology for the masses and citizen journalism. For me blogging is the biggest innovation for personal expression and publishing since the invention of the printing press.

Blogging Gets Social

Now blogging seems to include everything from social network sites like Facebook to the so-called micro-blogging services such as Twitter.

But are they really blogs? I wonder.

To be exact, in today’s online reality I believe it is no longer sufficient to just define what a blog is or isn’t anymore. But rather, a better question we should be asking might be to define what ‘blogging’ actually is with respect to technology because it is changing the landscape so rapidly.

What is Blogging?

Let’s take a look at Twitter for example. Many like to describe Twitter as a micro-blogging service. But is it really blogging?

We are only allowed 140 characters per ‘post’ (tweet). Sure, people can subscribe to our tweets and follow us but does that really make it blogging?

No matter what Robert Scoble or Darren Rowse may try to tell you - somehow I don’t think so.

Only lazy bloggers could call it blogging but in reality it’s more like a public chat service, or in web 2.0 terms you could also call it “social” chat. I think that is a more suitable description don’t you think.

I’ve often complained that Twitter sucks as a conversation tool because it is so inefficient to follow a conversation. Sure, there are third-party tools out there that can make it a little more convenient, but it’s still a stretch to call it blogging.

Regarding the social networking sites, I would compare them to a gussied-up version of the old 411 directories. The Facebooks out there aren’t really stand-alone blogs, but are instead large corporate websites offering accounts with pretty pictures and some “blogging” tools, like comments and newseeds for example.

But Facebook is a closed technology. So is that also blogging?

I suppose we could call them blog hybrids if you wish, but there is one huge difference separating them from the real blogs…

Users have no ownership over their accounts, and more especially - their own content. Users have little or no privacy and their content is owned by the corporation to use and sell at their own discretion.

(Believe me I know this from personal experience because Facebook cancelled my account and banned “Blog Bloke” just because I use a pseudonym. In fact they’ve been so ignorant about it they refused to even acknowledge my emails. Thankfully I never spent much time working on it.)

Therefore I wouldn’t call Facebook real blogging in it’s purest sense either, so I have a couple of questions that I’m hoping you can help me with.

HELP! This Stuff is Driving Me Nuts

  1. Shouldn’t we just call the Twitters and the Facebooks for what they really are — like “social” chatting or “social” websites for example? NOT blogging.
  2. Or could it be said that blogging is just evolving to the next level?
  3. But even then couldn’t it also be argued social networks are morphing into something completely different than what blogging originally intended?
  4. Am I just too old school for my own good?
  5. Am I obsessing and should I spend more time watching late-night TV infomercials instead of blogging like this?
  6. Or could you not care less?

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188 Responses to “What Is Blogging Really?”

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  1. 1
    Donny Gamble Says:

    I believe that blogging means something different to each and every blogger. I would use having success as a great example because success to one person might be totally different to someone else

  2. 2
    Jaffer Says:

    Of course you know Blogging best ! Great Post Bloke !

    I feel that the “pure blogger” types are fast becoming smaller compared to those blogging for commercial interests.

    I see Twitter and Facebook these days as tools to get to know my other bloggy pals better - and it’s helped.
    When I find a new and interesting blog, I look for a link to their twitter first in their sidebar.

  3. 3
    Curtis Says:

    Hey Bloke. I consider Twitter a big chat on your own time room. I also use it to update Arrgg Facebooked! lol Myspace has a blog imputs but come on its not a blog.

    While I don’t blog much anymore since letting my domain go. If you need me to write a post I would be honnored. Just let me know what you want me to talk about.

  4. 4
    Blog Bloke Says:

    As long as it’s anything about blogging. Surprise me :-)

  5. 5
    Blog Bloke Says:

    Thanks for dropping by Donny.

  6. 6
    Blog Bloke Says:

    Can’t argue with your assessment about the money bloggers Jaffer. The blogosphere is turning into an infomercial cesspool.

  7. 7
    The Moneyac Says:

    Nice post.

    I would say that nowadays blogs can be called as “social tools” or even maybe “business cards”. I mean, how hard it is for you to set up a blog, and write a post once a week ? Trough blogging we can find customers, like - minded people and even business partners. And I believe as long as people will like to talk and socialize there will be blogs.

    For those “wannabe blogs” such as twitter, facebook, myspace, etc. I think they’re just… well… crap. They’re not blogs, they’re just “social chat” like you said. They see how blogging is evolving and they want to jump on this train. I am only on facebook (don’t use MySpace), but I will not see those networks as “blog friendly” as long as they don’t release their own blogging service, such as blogspot.

    Maybe in the future, we will be able to see something like MySpaceBlog.BlogName.com

    We will see…


    The Moneyac

    The Moneyacs last blog post…16 Interesting Internet Facts You Should Know About

  8. 8
    asithi Says:

    Tried Twitter. Like you said, it feels like social chat. It really sucked up my time. And I do not feel like I actually created anything by the time I am done.

    Tried Facebook. Not sure I like it too much either.

    At least with my own blog, I feel like it is my digital home. People can drop by, but nobody else is paying the rent so I do not have to worry about being kick out.

    asithis last blog post…Food Variety Might be the Reason We Fail at Diet Meal Plans

  9. 9
    Dennis Edell Says:

    I don’t even consider sub-domained free platforms real blogging, much less the social networks…but that’s me.

    Dennis Edells last blog post…D.S.W.M. Monthly Article Round-Up Is Back!

  10. 10
    Damilik Says:

    I know. Right from when I heard twitter was a microblogging, I became confused. I thought blogging is when you are trying to educate your readers and not tell them things like I are going to sleep in the next 4 minutes.

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