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So It’s Time to Quit Blogging: What’s Next?

I’ve been dwelling a lot on this lately. So what do I do if I decide it’s time to quit blogging?

My April Fool’s post yesterday was made in jest but I have to admit that I face my demons every day with temptations to quit, especially when comments are down like they have been. This past year I’ve also had to face my own mortality and it’s made me rethink why I blog and where this is all heading.

If I was just blogging to make money like the probloggers do my reason to blog would be much simpler. But without the financial motivation there has to be a more compelling reason for me to keep plunking at the keyboard.

Believe it or not my primary motivation for blogging is to help people with their blogs. I know how corny that sounds and if I heard it from anybody else I would probably be sceptical. But I can assure you in my case it’s the absolute truth.

It’s also a reason why at times I can get irritated with the problogger/sploggers out there. Especially when they try so hard to give us the impression that they’re nice people whilst they pick our pocket.

Like the good book says we can tell the character of someone by the fruit that they bear. We are also told we should beware of wolves in sheep clothing and we are warned of the dangers of the love of money. End of sermon.

So I’m always wary of bloggers who’s primary motivation is to turn coin, or who write BS posts with information they’ve plagiarized from other sources to establish themselves as a so-called authority with the SERPS. 

But that’s not my reason for writing this post. I’ve been pondering what I would do if for one reason or another I just stopped blogging. It could be a conscious decision, or it might be forced on me like for example bad health or even death God forbid.

If I died then I guess I wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore. Perhaps I would take up the harp and play music (I wonder if there’s blogging in heaven). But if my health disabled me or if I decided to retire from blogging, how would I fill the void?

I’ve also been thinking about bloggers like Rory Sullivan and Juggling Frogs amongst others that I enjoyed reading and who have now long disappeared.

To me it’s a crying shame to see someone take such loving care and effort to create a blog and then just abandon it. Especially if they had a talent for it. It also seems to me it takes a certain callousness or indifference towards their readers to just suddenly pack their bags and walk away.

I had developed a relationship with these people, or so I thought. I gave my time, knowledge and encouragement, only for them to suddenly vanish without a trace. That really hurts.

Perhaps I’m just being naive or overly sentimental but I really do miss these people. So I was wondering if you have any thoughts about it and what you would do under the circumstances.

What would you do if you’ve had enough of blogging?

1. Would you just disappear into the night? But if you did that, what about your readers who have developed an online relationship with you? Is it fair to them to just leave and never to be seen or heard from again? Wouldn’t that be a callous thing to do?

2. Or would you go out with a bang like I did in my April fools joke yesterday? Let everybody know why you’re leaving and then just do it. Say your peace, sever the chord and then just walk away.

3. Have you thought of what would happen to your blog after you leave? If you’re not on a free blog platform like Blogger and you stopped payments to your host provider, would you let them delete all of your work as if it never existed?

4. Having said that, would it be prudent for us to cross post over to a free service like Blogger as a backup in preparation for that future inevitability?

5. Kathy’s recent post posed the question about preparing our blog obituary to be published by a trusted friend in the event of our death. Have you ever thought about that?

6. I have already posted about making a will for your blog and you might want to read that if you haven’t already.

7. If you stopped blogging tomorrow what would you do with your new-found time? if you’re a blogaholic like me then how would you cope?

When I wrote yesterday’s post I was admittedly half serious. I’m always toying with the idea of quitting. I feel conflicted between my pessimism over the future of blogging and my need to blog. What a conundrum!

It’s a compulsion that I can find overwhelming as well as irritating especially when comments are down. I can spend hours on a post and sometimes even days on long tutorials. So if I get little reaction then I’m always asking myself why do I bother? If comments continue to slack then I can foresee a day when I probably will decide to stop this blog.

As we can see there is much to think about. So how about you? Have you ever thought of quitting blogging and have you made any plans if (for whatever reason) you could no longer blog?

Written April 2nd, 2008 by | 172 Comments | Filed under: Miscellaneous Blog Tips, Writing Blog Content ,

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There are 172 Comments so far to “So It’s Time to Quit Blogging: What’s Next?”

  1. Bloke — I have to admit, my heart is sinking a little to read this post. I knew yesterday’s entry was a joke, but now this one has me worried.

    I haven’t been blogging as long as you have, so my excitement level is still up. But where will I be in a year, two, five? Can I keep it up that long? I think the key factor in whether to continue blogging is how much fun I get out of it. A large part of it is derived from the response I get from others, either in my readership numbers or in the amount of comments I get. I do need the feedback. If it dropped off significantly, I might consider packing my bags.

    On the other hand, I can’t really know what I’d do. I have a compelling need to write every day. If I didn’t blog, I would direct my effort toward a book. That’s an idea I’ve kept on the back burner for a while. No matter what happens with the blog, I can see a book in my future. Published or not, I really want to do that.

    As you know, I wouldn’t just “up and leave.” I have a plan for a final post, whether it’s posted in the event of my death, or if I hung up my hat. My readers would deserve an explanation.

    I know your primary motivation is to help people, and for that I’m grateful. I can’t count all the times you’ve saved me. For someone as giving as you, I doubt you would just walk away. I could see you simply posting less, not giving it up entirely. Am I right?

    Bloke, I now know you’re seriously thinking about this and I know I’m probably being selfish when I say “Please don’t give this up if it’s possible to keep going. I depend on you and would miss you dearly if you weren’t here.”

    Sorry for the long response. I had a lot to say.

    Kathy’s last blog post..Dumb as a Rock

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  2. I totally understand your quagmire. Most new readers only read what is recent on a blog. Most always, they never dig back and look at the older post to get the full picture of the ‘bloggee’.
    When I left to move to CR, many folks forgot about me. Even family folks. I’m just not in the picture anymore and that’s o.k. I’ve created another place for myself and although I miss things about where I came from, I am happy to be here.

    We have to follow our heart and if your heart isn’t in it, it shows. Do you blog for comments? If I did, I wouldn’t have had a second post. It would have stopped there. Blogging has to be done for the blog creation itself, not for personal rewards or feedback, for it to be authentic.

    Go climb a mountain, read a book, enjoy playing with your daughter, learn a new language/new instrument, get in touch with your true self, get on a health plan for a beteter life. Blogging is in your blood and it is a creature you created as an extension of yourself. You won’t leave it alone for long without nuturing it, I know you. Read - “A New Earth”, for me.

    Whatever you do, please don’t let your blog go to dust. It is a valuable resource tool for us for years to come. Teri in CR

    Tica Macha (Teri)’s last blog post..Holy Cow

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  3. I have seen a lot of blog that hardly have any comments and people still continue writing. I guess it is the passion, a place where they can write and leave something behind in life.

    If it is your passion, just continue. If one of those day you feel tired, just take a break. I believe you will come back again as I can feel your passion in this blog. The kind of writing in this post, I can feel it.

    Asia’h Epperson’s last blog post..Asia’h Epperson Going to Stop Blogging

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  4. Just sending some blog-love. I think you think you are unappreciated but PA-Lez, don’t judge you work by the comments, people are lazy. Re-publish articles you’ve already written, give yourself a break and above all, enjoy the fact that you have helped many, many people. Now, there’s more blogs out there than you can shake a stick at! Everybody and their brother has a blog. Your blog is unique in that it teaches others and it is truly a labor of your love.
    Pura Vida.

    Tica Macha (Teri)’s last blog post..This is me…

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  5. Don’t worry Teri and Kathy. I will always be available to my friends so long as I’m still breathing and have a computer and online access. But honestly my last running computer is on its last legs and I really don’t know how long it will hold out.

    I’ve been barely able to keep it together with duct tape and paste, but it’s old and ready to give up the ghost. So many times I thought it was dead and somehow I was able to revive it but it won’t be long before it will die for good.

    I’ve been having financial difficulty preventing me from getting new equipment but I keep hoping and praying that things will somehow work out.

    I admit that I do sometimes feel unappreciated for the work that I do so I really appreciate your kind comments. But I also know that there are many silent readers out there who like to lurk here and take what they can get but don’t offer anything back.

    All that I’ve ever asked for is a comment or two and maybe the occasional thanks. I suppose that’s what hurts most. But you guys are great and I really (really) do appreciate you.


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  6. Thanks Asia’h. You’re right, I am very passionate about blogging but lately it’s taken a beating by the lack of comments around here and my pessimism for the future. So I guess it’s only natural that I would ask myself what’s the point of continuing.

    As you can see I have a few hardcore Blokesters around here who give back to the community but I also wonder sometimes if it’s still enough. I wish I could be more positive but that’s how I feel right now.

    Maybe tomorrow will be a better day. We shall see. Never say never — right?

    Anyhow, this post really wasn’t supposed to be about me. Has anybody else thought of quitting blogging lately?

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  7. I think EVERYONE thinks about quitting (unless maybe they are making gobs of money). I read other’s blogs and see it. The blog monsters we create are alive. They have an insatiable appetite for new words and ideas. Our minds begin to focus on feeding our blogs everyday with thoughts of “this would be good for my blog, I should blog this”… it’s a bit exhausting nurturing the blog beast.
    I thought I would die when they cut CNBC financial channel here in Costa Rica. I literally had withdrawal symptoms. My routine was to turn on channel 28 and watch the stocks while I checked on my computer stuff. No more. My whole routine has changed and the dogs get a long walk much earlier. I’m over it and have moved on. I still watch the stocks but MUCH LESS and I haven’t missed much.
    Sounds like “you done wore” you’re ole putter out. How many hours you got clocked in on that thing…(spoken with Southernn drawl)
    Take a break, enjoy your freedom.
    We’re all still here and Thank God, so are you.

    Tica Macha (Teri)’s last blog post..This is me…

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  8. If it weren’t for you and a few special others around here I would have gone long ago Teri. I’ve been blogging for so long now that I almost think of it as my baby. It literally breaks my heart and makes me want to throw up when I see the splogger whores ruining it for all of us.

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  9. Nah, don’t quit. I like you. I will read you. But even if all the readers leave, or don’t comment, still, keep going. That’s what I plan to do anyway. I wrote fiction (still do) on top of a lonely bed, and no one read it. I suppose it prepared me for the anti-fame. I don’t know much about sploggers or probloggers, I’m just a wee blogger. I plan to stay that way. I wouldn’t know what to do with 1 million comments. But yeah, I would like to sell my fiction. Someday.

    Ellen Wilson’s last blog post..Why Good Writing Matters - Case Study, ?Stuff White People Like?

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  10. Thanks for the vote of confidence Ellen. I’m planning to write a book myself but I don’t have the creativity to write fiction so you should be proud of yourself. After we’re published maybe we can swap autographed copies. :-)

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  11. BlogBloke,

    Thank you for this post, for your blog, and for noticing/caring when I was out of commission on Juggling Frogs.

    Sometimes, an unintentional leave of absence stretches on and grows, each day making it harder to explain or predict when/if a return is possible.

    I’m sorry I disappeared, and appreciate everything you’ve said in this post. I guess I can be helpful as an example of What Not To Do.

    All the best,

    Juggling Frogs’s last blog post..Zero excuses, no promises, a million reasons, and one big apology

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    Reply by: Blog Bloke at 2:48 pm said...

    You are hereby absolved. It’s good to see you back again.

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  12. Thanks, Blog Bloke. You’re the best.

    Maybe this is a topic for another post: How to come back to blogging regularly after an unscheduled (and unannounced) hiatus.

    Coming out of hibernation is a bit scary, and all the joints are squeaky after a prolonged rest. (I had to submit a billion “forgot my password” requests today!)

    Juggling Frogs’s last blog post..Zero excuses, no promises, a million reasons, and one big apology

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    Reply by: Blog Bloke at 3:30 pm said...

    I understand. I’ve been there myself due to illness and I know exactly what you are talking about.

    You’ve lost your confidence and start second guessing yourself. You question your writing skills and whether or not something is worth writing about.

    But don’t worry. You’re still the same person you were then. You’re a great writer and it will all come back to you again once you start writing.

    So my advice is to jump back in saddle and don’t look back.

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