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There’s a New Bug in Town and It’s Not the Flu

Yesterday I reported a Google Server Error message and at first I thought it was just my blog that was affected. But after Googling around I can see that the problem is much more widespread than first anticipated.

Obviously there’s a new bug in town that needs to be fixed by Google/Blogger. Thinking that it might be a conflict in the Custom Domain settings I tried everything I could think of including disabling my custom domain and re-enabling it to see if that would jog some sense into it. But according to my investigations it’s not only custom domain blogger users who are being affected. Even blogspot users are complaining about the same problem.I will continue to investigate this issue but in the mean time I recommend that everyone start screaming bloody murder to Google/Blogger to fix it pronto. If we make enough noise together we should get their attention.Search Tags:

Written October 17th, 2007 by | 6 Comments | Filed under: Miscellaneous Blog Tips ,

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There are 6 Comments so far to “There’s a New Bug in Town and It’s Not the Flu”

  1. I was trying to update my template and it seemed to take for ever !

    And at the end if it all I was faced with ugly bug(ly) !

    I give up, I am moving to a new neighbourhood anyway !

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  2. I wonder if that was why I kept getting kicked off your site?
    It’s better now. I haven’t been kicked off lately.

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  3. It’s possible Tica. Let me know if it continues.

    Which neighbourhood would that be Jaffer?

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  4. My blog was taking a longer than usual time to load. It seems a little better now.

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  5. It looks like Blogger came down with the flu but hopefully things are settling down now. I only had one error message yesterday.

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  6. Unbelievable! Just as I finished writing the previous comment I got an error message.


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