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Welcome - I’m Back

I guess it is time I come out of hiding and say hello to my loyal readers. I’m feeling encouraged. After a year of not blogging I’m still gaining new readers every day. Wow. I have the most loyal readers on the planet. I am blessed. Thank you.

What happened to me this past year? Well for starters my daughter left home. She is everything to me and it was not expected. Then a friend died and online partners stabbed me in the back.

I was already disheartened by marketers stealing my articles without attribution. Hordes of marauding phonies invaded my blog niche and authority.

My battle with Google ended with it killing my rank and filtering me out of their search engine results after years of hard work and sacrifice.

It was a disaster.

All things considered, it put me over the edge. It got so bad that I could not even stand the sight of my blog any more. My blog that was my baby and obsession for more than a decade. A technology that I had pioneered.

It took the wind out of my sails. More like ripping the guts right out of me.

So for this past year I have had time to think. I had to decide if I wanted to pack up and leave forever, start fresh again or continue this blog. Because I don’t want to go back the way things were. Being frustrated by ripoff plagiarizers. No thanks. Been there and done that.

I even stopped reading my 2000 plus RSS feeds. A recent perusal of my blog tips niche has confirmed what I have always said. There are NO new blog tips out there. Everything continues to be recycled in the name of content “curation”.

Just another bullshit word for intellectual theft by marketers who take advantage of the ignorance of noobs having the misfortune of coming across their path.

I was blogging long before there was a Huffington Post or Mashable et al. I mention this because I was just reading these blogs and I have to say I am shocked with the articles that I read. Many are written by kids barely out of school trying real hard to pose as experts. Obviously they are hoping to achieve authority status by writing for these blogs.

But a more seasoned chap like myself who as been around the block knows this stuff is just wrong. Unfortunately for them I am a well-read person having worked in law, journalism, politics, the computer industry, business and a student of history. I can tell that a lot of the content has been copied .. or “curated” as they like to call it. Apparently these blogs are so desperate to throw content out there they will let anybody write for them.

I remember hearing ‘experts’ saying that we should encourage our kids to speak up and express themselves. Have an opinion. I recall thinking at the time this is a mistake. Kids need to learn and think first before they know what they are talking about. Otherwise we are spawning a generation of mimics. Not great thinkers.

A teacher of mine once said it’s good to be able to regurgitate information we have heard or read. But knowing how to think is more important. He was right.

Intellectual honesty is equally important. If we were caught plagiarizing someone else’s work we got an automatic F. This curation thing has gotten out of control. I get tons of offers to guest write on my blog but most don’t make the grade. Nope, not on my blog.

So if I am going blog again it must be a fresh start. A brand new beginning and direction. I’m not going backwards. But what should I write about? That is the question.

As I see it (generally speaking) many personal bloggers have quit to use social media such as Facebook. That still leaves business users, marketers, tech enthusiasts, hobbyists, etc. If you have any ideas who else I should write for please let me know. It will be appreciated.

Lastly, please let me thank you again … my loyal readers for hanging in there. I will try not to disappoint.

Written January 22nd, 2015 by | 5 Comments | Filed under: Blog Tips, Featured Tips

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There are 5 Comments so far to “Welcome - I’m Back”

  1. Great to see you back, I had wondered what had happened and I am sorry to hear you have had an emotionally rough year. Your blogging tips were the first I had implemented when starting our business blog, and will always consider your authority on blogging above anyone else’s promises.

    I think for me, at least, blogging tips in this era of social media is important. I listened to a radio show you were invited to discuss this topic, and it really opened my eyes at the time and as a result, I revived our old company blog, still using social media to disseminate the news about it. Yet, I am still finding it difficult to get new followers. Facebook recently warned me about boosting our post, which referred others back to our blog. You are right - marketers steal information,. Being university trained, this idea of curation - despite the hype - I just could not get over the idea that it was plagiarism! Our industry is plastic surgery, and it is this industry that needs some light to be shined on it. So, with our blog, we want to establish ourselves as the truth sayers, but the only problem : followers, despite tagging our blog with key words and writing with content in mind.

    Alot has happened in the social media landscape - perhaps you could write about how to get the blog out there in amongst all that social media noise?

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    Reply by: Blog Bloke at 11:09 am said...

    First off let me say welcome to the Blog Bloke community Dr. At first glance your site is slick looking but looks are just the beginning when it comes to attracting and building community.

    There is no one-answer to building community and every site is unique and depends on a lot of factors, including your niche. I have written posts about this but they are generic and might work for you or might not.

    I am thinking of other Dr. sites that I know of like Dr. Mercola who also had a radio show. He does videos for YouTube as well and answers questions.

    Getting your audience involved is the key. Ask your audience questions (call to action). Titillate their interest. Don’t be stuffy when you write. Be engaging.

    Might I also suggest in your home/landing page put your recent blog posts in the sidebar.

    I hate to say this but a lot of sites team up and comment on each other’s blogs to bolster engagement. But that can have ethical issues if abused and should be careful if you employ such a strategy.

    These are just a few quick ideas that come to mind. I hope it helps.

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    Reply by: Sophia at 2:35 pm said...

    Thank you for your reply. You’ve been most helpful.

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  2. I’ve missed you, welcome back. I’m sorry to hear of your personal and online struggles. There may not be much completely new content out there but you always have a unique perspective that’s worth reading.

    I’m still plodding along with my blog 8+ years on but it’s not the total focus of my online attention.

    I look forward to reading your posts again.

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    Reply by: Blog Bloke at 4:55 pm said...

    Thought I lost you Sue. Thanks for dropping by.

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