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Text Link Ads for Blogger Blogs

The Business of BloggingSome time ago I looked into Text Link Ads as an alternative to using AdSense for making money with blogs. But unfortunately it was not compatible with Blogger blogs at the time, so I emailed and asked them to get on it.

Well today I received the following email from Text Link Ads President, Patrick Gavin:

Hello Blog Bloke,We are excited to announce that Text Link Ads publishing program now is compatible with Blogger! Your blog has already been approved with TLA so all you have to do now is login to your account, click on “Install ad code”, then click the “Get ad code” link to the right of your domain. Choose “Blogger” in the code dropdown and follow the simple installation instructions. If you have not yet upgraded to the newest version of blogger, you will need to do so in order to use our ad program.

Thanks for your patience with us while we got our ad program ready for Blogger. We look forward to servicing you and making you some money!

Patrick Gavin, President

So there you have it. You now have another way to monetize your blog.

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There are 11 Comments so far to “Text Link Ads for Blogger Blogs”

  1. That’s good news about Text Link Ads - I tried to apply to them a couple of months back but got knocked back. Good thing I caught your post - I can now ask them again.

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  2. There is a catch.

    You have to be using the New Blogger AND hosting on Blogger.

    If your site is on the NEW Blogger but hosted externally then you can not use the new TextAds. This is due to Blogger not having the complete new system setup for http://FTP. On the New Blogger, if you host your site elsewhere, you have to use an OLD Blogger template.

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  3. Today I noticed that Darren Rowse made a similar announcement, but no link to the Bloke. Yet I’m the one who broke the story the day before… oh well.

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  4. hiya BB. Sorry, didn’t see this post.

    I got a similar email from Patrick a few days back telling me that they would be releasing this over the holidays but saying not to announce it til it went live.

    It’s also been on their own blog a day or two. I do link to sources when they don’t come from the original source of news but as I’ve barely touched my news aggregator since Christmas I didn’t see your post til you pointed to it in the comments on my post.

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  5. You should get accepted from Text Link Ads as soon as you hit Google PR4 as long as if you have a decent enough looking site.

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  6. Thanks makubex. I haven’t tried it yet myself but they’ve already approved me. I might give it a go when I switch over to the new blogger.

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  7. I signed up a while back, was accepted, but because I use Blogger and FTP to my own hosting it wouldn’t work. They contacted me the other day, said they’d sold ads for my site, but alas, it still won’t work with FTP’d sites. I could try using the PHP code (which does work) but I think I’d have to insert the required blank file in every directory, and that’s too much of a pain for a blog that goes back several years. So again I wait patiently…..

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  8. Why don’t you switch to the New Blogger with Custom Domains and host your blog for free?

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  9. another great post, thanks again

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  10. I just got approved by Kontera, and I’m already got paid too for $350.

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  11. yeah, I will Try

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