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Telus Mobility SUCKS!

Hi there. I'm George Cope, President of Telus Mobility... and we SUCK!

And desperately needs a Blog

Funny isn’t it, that a company named TelUs is so hard to get in touch with?

Some time ago Blog Bloke had a pay and talk account with Telus Mobility. Thanks to quirks in their system, several times my account refused to renew and I ended up losing accumulated funds (i.e. they stole $50 from my account). Telephone calls to customer service went nowhere and an email to the president was unanswered.

Stupid me - I renewed my account again in the hope they would be reasonable. WRONG! Here is the gist of the conversation I had with (so-called) customer service reps:

  • Bloke - “hello, I’ve called to get contact information to the president’s office.
  • David (operator #3835) told the Bloke “we don’t give that information to the public.
  • Bloke - “what to do you mean… I can’t contact the president’s office”?
  • David - “the president has more important matters to deal with”.
  • Bloke - “excuse me”?
  • David - “you can fill out an email contact form on the internet”.
  • Bloke - “but I’ve already been through that and got nowhere”.
  • David - “and besides, because the issue is over 30 days old nothing is going to happen”.
  • Bloke - “but I already told you I contacted you guys within the 30 days”.
  • David - “read my lips - it’s not going to happen. Since this conversation is going in circles I’m hanging up now. Don’t call us anymore and I will be making a note on the file.”
  • Click!

Naturally I called back again and got a hold of Betty #7486. From the get-go she constantly interrupted me and wouldn’t let me talk until I insisted she let me speak.

  • I told her that given their stinkin’ attitude I was going to “cancel my account, contact the BBB, CRTC, newspapers etc., and sue them for monies owed and $500/hr for my time.”
  • Betty (snickering) - “you can’t sue because it’s in your account agreement that you signed”.
  • Bloke (laughing) - “Really? I’ve worked in law for 20 some years so please explain to me why I can’t sue”.
  • Betty - “this conversation is going in circles and I’m hanging up now”.
  • CLICK!


The Bloke thought he had heard it all until now, and by this stage it was my head that was going in circles - not the conversation. And so my friends, here is the contact information that I have been able to dig up with no help from the fine folks at Telus:

email: [email protected]

Use it wisely, (not that it will do you much good) and while you’re at it why not send him a postcard or something

P.S.: I’m considering some of the advice I found over at the Telus Hacks website.

UPDATE 2011: After dropping Telus last year, suddenly out of the blue they decided I owe them $60. When I called customer service I got a smart alec with a thick accent. What he didn’t realize is I had my credit card rep on the line listening in. She was so appalled that she credited my account for the fraudulent charge and barred them from trying to steal money from my account again. Now Telus is threatening a collection agency. Yet they still send me junk mail soliciting my business again. I guess it’s time to contact the authorities about this sleazy company.

Written August 4th, 2004 by | 235 Comments | Filed under: MythBusters, Opinion

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235 Responses to “Telus Mobility SUCKS!”

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  1. 1
    Blog Bloke Says:


    Good news folks. It seems that blogging has its benefits after all.

    Apparently the president’s office stumbled across this post (they must have been Googling that day) and sent the Bloke a $50 credit towards his account.

    Falling short of a full apology, they sent it in appreciation of the Bloke’s “loyalty” to the company.

    Although it doesn’t even come close to compensating my time and aggravation… nor did they respond to the Bloke’s queries for disciplinary action against those individuals responsible, I felt it was only fair to add this addendum.

  2. 2
    Maestro Says:

    Good news Bloke. I stumbled across your blog in my search for contact info for the president’s office after the most unbelievably atrocious customer service experience I’ve ever had today, and I’ve had a few.

    I called to complain about a $4.99 charge on my bill for an application called Pocket Express *(which TELUS includes with every smartphone). I clicked on the link to try the service after checking the Handmark (makers of Pocket Express) site to insure I wouldn’t be charged. The rep was a jerk from the get go, and told me that he would not reverse the charge. He said I should have looked at the Telus Website before opening the program, and equated it to ordering a TV channel or PPV movie from your cable provider. The only difference is that the cable company tells you they are going to charge you for the channel or movie, unlike TELUS who did not have anything anywhere to say I would be charged for opening the application they included on my phone.

    Much like you, the call spiraled downward quickly and ended with me telling the rep he was an a**hole and hanging up on him. I was just seething after the discussion.

    Apparently I’m not the only one that has had this problem, because after a quick Google search I found a few other unfortunate souls who had fallen into the same trap as I did. I will be contacting George and asking for a credit, and if I don’t get it maybe we’ll have to look at a class action lawsuit…this is worse than reverse option billing!


  3. 3
    Blog Bloke Says:

    Write a post like I did Maestro. It’s cheaper than a lawsuit

  4. 4
    Kyle Mears Says:

    Ive been having troubles with telus lately due to our economy. I have low income, by only being able to get part time work threw my union. Unfortunatly with out the government giving us canadian citizens much work for the constructions going on in our own country, we are finding that the economy is going into a recession and I felt it over a year ago. Anyways the point I am getting at is since then telus since it has now converted to americanized corperation they have become more money hungry then ever. The fact is, when you sign for such a contract on a telephone you are stating you will pay the bills for those three years. Well the thing is you have to pay anyways cause its in contract but now they are stating that every three months you have to have every last dime paid off of they will deactivate your phone. Now EI only pays up to a max of $700 ever two weeks and that barely covers your morgage and food.. Well I have been paying around $50 to $75 a month on my $110 dollar bill which they will not negotiate to change period and when they do say I can change it it still wont take affect for up to $30.. Now they cut me off when I only owe now a total of $190 which still isn’t much at all.. The thing is they charge me reconnection charge which is retarded and I believe they came up with this three month rule out of there ass as a reason to force people into giving them an extra $30 for a click of the finger during this time of need. Anyways, they said I have to pay $500 to cancel my phone if I dont pay it all up in full by the 28th of this month.

    I said to the lady a couple days before that I got $100 I can put down on it this week and that pays off half the bill, can I get my phone reconnected so I can get jobs since I rely on my phone for job calls. Anyways i get the money a couple days later and run off and pay the $100 like I said I would to the payment arrangement lady. I phone back and let them know the reference number to the transaction made and I get…

    Okay: Now you’ve paid the half soon as you get us the last half we’ll re-activate your phone. That saves you from getting your plan cancelled for now.

    I flip out cause we had an agreement to reactivate my phone so I can obtain calls for job placing. And the guy laughs at me and said its not his fault I cant pay my bills.. Maybe I should be more responsible… Im like so you guys want me to Fucking pay you guys and not eat for a month and lose my house over.. He said well maybe you should go to the bank and get a loan.


    - The thing is the company telus actually knows about the economy problems but in fact they still are profiting millions and in fact havent felt a bit of the recession at all.. because there customer support center is not even located in this country. They pay for another country to do it cause they get cheaper workers. How sick is that? I think people need to step up to the plate and start kicking company’s out that are to self obsorbed and greedy. Government Standardization should be placed on business’s with a CEO Salary cap so the super rich no longer can be super rich. Dispence to those that make the money for the assholes and I bet you there would be no economy problems.. Anyways Id like to hear some responses to this and what you believe is right.

  5. 5
    Kyle Mears Says:

    Oh and when they de-activated my phone I still get charged full rate as if It was never de-activated which in state should not be allowed since they are still profiting off my contract will bullying the customer who has to fork the bill anyways. If your phone is cut off because your having money issues why should you have to pay the full bill even though you arnt getting service.. To me thats a load of shit, because im paying for something I cant even make use of. I think that there should be no right to de-activate a phone and be allowed to charge someone $30 to re-activate it and add to the bill even though you still pay the same bill.. Because they have millions they tend to push people around and grab people by the ankles and empty there pockets..

    How many people do they have on a contract unactivated cell phone while still charging them full activated rate. How much money do they make off each person while de-activated during those months of not even giving service for such a thing they say is calculated so high becuase the cost to run your cellphone on the satalites. Well to me if your phone is not activated running on the satalite and your still paying the same bill well that means they are making almost pure profit off your not being hooked up… henze the reason they want to disconnect people so badly and come up with this three months full payment must. *To me sounds like a SCAM*

    And I hear also that Rogers, Fido can only charge $200 per contract to cancel when telus states there allowed to charge $500 because they can. To me it just makes no sense on how the rich get richer, and the government dont care cause they get good taxes from them.. and us people get fuked cause they dont want to fight telus cause the hastles of going threw court only cost you more then what they are raping you for.

  6. 6
    sammy Says:

    For Kyles,

    i totally agree with you that telus shouldnt charge u while they are supensed your services. however , i dont see why they are evil of the course of asking you to pay your bill. As u mention above, you did use your phone, so it is normal for you to pay what you use. it is sad that due to the bad economy that you dont make much now. but dont you think it is really your responibility that you would save up some money for emergency?

  7. 7
    Blog Bloke Says:

    I tried to pay my bill. They screwed up the automatic billing.

  8. 8
    Blog Bloke Says:

    Just recently someone had hijacked my telephone number and I spent four hours on the phone to fix it and get back my credits (pay and talk). Then I spent another hour on the phone trying to persuade them they owed me for all the trouble I was put through. They finally agreed to give a $100 credit off a new phone upgrade. I called back yesterday to accept their offer and I was told they had no record of the offer and to forget it.


  9. 9
    carrie Says:

    My boyfriend was on the phone with Telus for 4 hours today trying to get answers why there is a cell tower in our area, but the signal goes to a tower about an hour away from us! Hes been calling them for years trying to figure this thing out because every single call we make is long distance and that adds up over 4 years. So after they kept transfered to about 5 different people, so he got fed up and asked for a manager. The manager told him “We are not doing anything for you. If you want we will give you a $100 credit on your bill. As for the towers that is not our fault. Thats yours, the towers are a ‘AS IS’ we cant do anything about it if the tower an hour away is stronger than the one closer to you.” Of course my boyfriend is getting frustrated with this because they were saying it our fault and to get a long distance plan (which we have) and each bill is still $300! So my boyfriend asked for the head office number and the manager said there wasn’t one! Does that make any sense? Since we have 2 phones with them. They said they want $880 on top of our bill.
    If you have any answers please let me know! We don’t know what to do about it.

  10. 10
    Blog Bloke Says:

    WOW! Now that’s what I call a Telus horror story. It makes you wonder which planet these people really come from. Here’s hoping you can ditch them and move over to another carrier.

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