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Seth Godin Preaches what Blog Bloke Practices

I’m liking him even more now. Marketing guru Seth Godin says to practice what I have been doing throughout my blogging career. Forget about superficial things like how many Feedburner subscribers or Twitter followers you have. Who cares? Focus on helping other bloggers and they in turn will return the favour. 

Right on Seth! I call it Instant Karma. How about you?

Written March 17th, 2009 by | 10 Comments | Filed under: Blog Tips, Social Media Tips, Twitter Tips, Videos ,

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There are 10 Comments so far to “Seth Godin Preaches what Blog Bloke Practices”

  1. Help people to achieve their goals. Perfectly said. Nothing else matters.

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    Reply by: Blog Bloke at 12:07 pm said...

    Brenda, this is a spiritual law as well.

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  2. I have been a subscriber of Godin’s blog for more two years, and his short but deep posts made me a smarter marketer I guess.

    What makes him great to me is his ability to lead people, and not following the crowd. His ideas of marketing might be different from others, but are worth to think about.

    No wonder, his Squidoo continues to grow and the good thing is a big percentage of its income goes to charity.


    Richs last blog post…Is Making $1,000 a day from Google Adsense Possible?

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    Reply by: Blog Bloke at 12:10 pm said...

    Rich, I like leaders as well. I may not always agree with him but at least he sticks to his principles which is more than I can say for most.

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  3. I have to agree with you that I also like Seth Godin more and more as I listen to him.

    In the past I did try EntreCard made a couple of friends. Quit EntreCard because it was a waste of time for what you get out of it and the drop rate was killing my site.

    I was worried about my FeedBurner subscribers for a while, but said it was a waste of time and removed it from my blog. I had decided to go back to my format of helping people with what I have knowledge of.

    Then, I decided to see what Twitter was about and made a couple of friends. I have to say I do have some followers, maybe 360 or so. It could have been more, but I remove all of the spammers.
    Most Twitters are just interested in themselves and don’t communicate with you. If I respond to someone a few times and they never answer me back, I remove them.

    While there are a few people out to help others, for the most part it is very superficial. I only spend less that 30 minutes per day on Twitter, but I have made a decision it is better to use that time on my blog where I give useful blogging tips and SEO tips that actually work.

    Seth, has convinced me that I should get back into the game for the long term and quit wasting my time on things that are more superficial.

    Thanks Seth for the wakeup call.

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    Reply by: Blog Bloke at 2:05 am said...

    @Madmouse, unfortunately some marketing bloggers are brainwashing everybody to believe you are nothing unless you have thousands of followers. They have been promoting their childish, high school agenda for years and far too many suckers have fallen into their trap.

    Like any class system there’s only a little room at the top and the so-called a-listers are the only ones who are reaping the reward. It’s what they call a “self-fulfilling prophesy”, and it works especially in favor of those promising wealth to their gullible minions.

    I’ve been fighting against this BS for a very long time and it’s gratifying to see someone else like Seth say it too. By the way, I notice that you promote “ethical” blogging, and here I thought I was the only one sounding the alarm. Glad to make your acquaintance.


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  4. For some reason I had removed Seth’s blog from my list. Probably to try to keep focus and not spend all day just reading stuff but instead try to actually do something (which is the only way to get ahead). But because of your post I have subscribed again. Now I just need to “DO” before I “READ” ;)
    Mikael Riecks last blog post…Make More Money with Each Adsense Click

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    Reply by: Blog Bloke at 12:31 am said...

    Hi Mikael. That goes for me too.

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    Reply by: Mikael at 11:59 am said...

    If one could only say things with the same simplicity that Seth can. But I guess that practice makes perfect.

    Mikaels last blog post…How to Find the Best Adsense Ad Placement

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  5. Nice one! I liked the post. Keep on posting such stories in the future.

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