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SEO Is A Dog Chasing Its Tail … WOOF!

You might remember some time ago I started writing a series of SEO posts explaining how I was able to reclaim the top rank position in my niche. I stopped however when Google started screwing with my head, I mean my position in the SERPS again.

I’ve been running an SEO experiment by writing a new post every day just to see what (if anything) would happen. And the conclusion is … absolutely nothing has changed. Another blog myth bytes the dust, again.

I’ve gone from leader of the pack to page two, back again to the first page, over to the third page, back to the first page … and today I’m on page three again.

What are you doing to me Google? Or do you even know? Somehow I think it’s the latter.

IT Pays to Be a Copycat with SEO

The worst part is some dufus copycat calling himself the “original” blog tips blogger is getting a better position than me. Well I’ve got news for you pal, I’ve been doing the blog tips gig a helluva of a lot longer than you have.

Just saying.

As of right now, despite all of the Wordpress SEO plugins that are available, Blogger blogs are getting top position in the search results page.

Even a Twitter account that was abandoned years ago that I mentioned before in a previous post.

Blogger doesn’t use conventional code, so go ahead and tell me Google isn’t fudging the results. I double dare ya.

Next week? Who knows what the tide will bring, and that goes especially for Google because I don’t think they really know what they’re doing over there.

Rules! What Rules?

They’re always changing the “rules”, and it won’t be long before Facebook “blogs” will be getting the top position.

Objectivity no longer reigns and Google is dancing to the tune of the Facebook juggernaut. What a joke.

That’s good for Google of course because it lets them off the hook. Don’t have much “influence”? Just blame it on Facebook or Twitter.

Did Someone Say “Quality” Content?

Google never really had a definition for “quality” content anyhow. More than ever now it’s just a popularity contest.

SEO changes like the weather and frankly I’m tired of carrying my umbrella around. Will it be sunshine or showers today?


Yes, I’m feeling somewhat indignant right now, but I think I’m justified. Don’t you?

Rather than BS you I prefer to be honest and admit that I’m coming to the conclusion SEO is a waste of time, or at least I’m becoming disillusioned with it all.

(Especially now that Google admits using Social Media “signals” in its algorithm. So please remember to “like” me before you go. Thanks). :-)

The Future of SEO

As I wrap this rant up I leave you with these final thoughts. If Google really knew what it was doing, would the SERPS results be as volatile as they have been (and still are)?

Think about it. (Yes, it is a rhetorical question).

Facebook has got Google so paranoid that it reminds me of the proverbial chicken running around without a head, bouncing off the walls.

Cluck, cluck (forgot .. no head).

SEO keeps the “experts” in business picking the pockets of the gullible who follow them and buy their products.

Not to say of course that all SEO is a complete waste of time. But SEO really is a dog chasing its tail, and it is a very long tail indeed.


UPDATE 04-30-11: Google’s messing with my head (again). I’m back on top of the SERPS after writing this post. I have to appreciate the irony.

Written April 22nd, 2011 by | 23 Comments | Filed under: Blog Tips, Featured Tips, Opinion, SEO Tips, Search Engine Tips, Social Media Tips , , ,

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There are 23 Comments so far to “SEO Is A Dog Chasing Its Tail … WOOF!”

  1. I find that when I post my traffic goes down. If you want to make it look like you post everyday there are some plugins that will repost your old content. If you are running a niche blog it is not possible to post everyday anyway with most blogging topics, As there is only so much that can be said

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    Reply by: BLOGBloke at 10:10 pm said...

    @Roezer, I think you said it already. Less said the better ;-)

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  2. Simply Brilliant!

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  3. I congratulate the author for such an interesting post. Thx.

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  4. I liked the article (post), thank you for this information. This site has the best information for which I thank you.

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  5. SEO has probably got to be one of the most frustrating things in the world. What with google changing their minds all the time and all of the contradicting thoughts on what it takes to get to the top of the SERPS.

    Iv’e been noticing a lot more jumping around from page 5 to 1 then 3 etc. recently, i’m not sure whether its to do with the recent Panda update or whether it’s just me but what I do know is it is rather annoying!

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    Reply by: Blog Bloke (BB) at 1:05 pm said...

    @Theo, it is very “annoying” .. to say the least.

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