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Reinstalling Internet Explorer, Outlook Express

Warning: Internet Explorer Patch (MS06-042, KB918899) Sucks!

Yesterday I was inundated with a multitude of security patches from Windows Update including a cumulative update for Internet Explorer 6 (release MS06-042, KB918899).

Let me just say straight out — don’t install it. A search on Google found others suffering from the same problem that I had. It crashes IE, especially when I clicked on javascript links. Installing the latest java runtime files from Sun Microsystems made no difference either. It still crashed.

So I ran System File Checker:Click [Start] [Run] and type ” sfc /scannow ” (sans quotes) in the [Open] box. (Note that there is a space between sfc and /scannow)Unfortunately that didn’t work either. ( I swear by SFC and use it regularly, especially after installing software to make certain my core Windows files are still intact).

You can’t uninstall Internet Explorer 6 because it is integrated as part of the Windows XP operating system. If you have installed the update (MS06-042, KB918899) and are suffering from the same problem that I did, I found a fix without having to reinstall the operating system. So if you are having problems with Internet Explorer 6, try this:

Click [Start] [Run] [Regedit]
Find the Registry Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed Components\{89820200-ECBD-11cf-8B85-00AA005B4383}
Modify/Create the Value Data Type(s) and Value Name(s) as detailed below.
Data Type: DWORD // Value Name: IsInstalled
Setting for Value Data: [Change the Value from 1 to 0]
Exit the Registry

Once you have made the appropriate registry change download and reinstall Internet Explorer 6 SP1. Reboot and test for proper operation. It worked for me!

I know, I should be using XP Service Pack 2 but I don’t need the hassle and I don’t want to have to upgrade my software. Neither do I use IE7 because I use the Maxthon browser which is amazing and I highly recommend it. (Yes, I still use Firefox for certain applications.) Please also note that the Internet Explorer 6 download includes Outlook Express 6.

Oh yes, I almost forgot to thank Bill for all the hassle.

*Warning: As always, make certain that you backup your registry before fiddling with it.

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Written August 11th, 2006 by | 7 Comments | Filed under: *Best Tips

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There are 7 Comments so far to “Reinstalling Internet Explorer, Outlook Express”

  1. In reading this, something’s not clear to me. Are you not using IE6 SP2, or XP SP2 or what? It’s my understanding that these patches pretty much cannot be applied unless you’re at SP2 to begin with.

    Or did you actually go back to IE6 SP1 from having had IE SP2 that got corrupted with the latest patch to it?

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  2. None of the above. I have never used SP2, and the patch was sent to me via Windows Update.

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  3. I use FF exclusively, but I keep IE fully patched, as I have to check out blogs with it, since I’m the admin of the BLOG VILLAGE TopList. And I like to double check the look of my own blogs in both browsers before I publish them, too. So thanks a lot for the warning! This will save me a lot of time, for sure. I’m going to copy your registry hack for re-installing IE, because I’m sure, sooner or later either I’ll need it, or one of our Villagers will! I came here by way of a comment you made on “The Power of Linking and Link Exchanges” on Rhy’s A World of Reeholio blog.

    I can see there’s a lot to learn here, so I’d like to invite you to join our family friendly BLOG VILLAGE TopList. We have over 150 members, and we’re striving for a diverse group of blogs. I think your blog would be a great addition and very helpful to our Villagers, too.

    You can find out more about it at the Blog Village blog.

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  4. Thanks DB. I will check it out.

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  5. Nice, now i know how to get my ie reinstaled, coz its very laggy .. :’(

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  6. Thanks for the heads up…This is the first I hear about Maxthon Browser, is it better than Firefox? I don’t like to use IE because its bland, I prefer firefox although currently its doing some weird things…(When I open tabs [too many] it annoys me by opening a separate page). Anyways I would love to hear your thoughts on Maxthon and if its user friendly, perhaps even write an article review on it!

      Reply   ·   Share Share Blog Bloke Tips  

    Reply by: BLOGBloke at 6:01 am said...

    @Louie, Maxthon provides Firefox-like usability to IE if you want to use Internet Explorer. I just quit Firefox as my default browser and giving Chrome a try again. So far so good but we shall see.

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