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Recyling Darren Rowse

G’day matey! I’m Darren Rowse. I may be from down unda but my rhetoric is over the top.

Darren Rowse

I spend me days dreaming up new ways to recycle old stuff from the net or me archives that will keep you crawling back for more. Interested?

Some people might call me the pro blogger, but I prefer to think of meself as an opportunist out to make a buck.

Today I want to talk about leveraging. No, I don’t mean me lending you money. What I’m talking about is link baiting you, me loyal readers, into making me money.

Heck, it’s no secret that I’m in it just for the moola, so while you’re here why not click on me ads so I can pay for me new house that blogging built. If you suck up to me real nice I might email you a pic when it’s finished.

Or maybe we will have next year’s elite retreat in the living room where I can teach you how to become a six figure blogger just like me (for a hefty charge of course). Now that’s what I call recyling leveraging.

God bless the blogosphere and thank you for your patronage.

P.s.: Do you like me new blog theme? It’s the best design that (your) money can buy. Cheers!

Disclaimer: Forgive me, but after yesterday’s spoof of yours truly I couldn’t resist jumping in :-)

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Written August 14th, 2007 by | 11 Comments | Filed under: Blog Ethics, Make Money Tips, MythBusters , , , ,

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There are 11 Comments so far to “Recyling Darren Rowse”

  1. Remind me to never get on your wrong side, BB ;)

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  2. What, no sense of humour?

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  3. I’m still chuckling about it now. Just looking forward to seeing the response. Not that Darren reads your blog. As you know.

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  4. Of course not ;-)

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  5. Sad but true ;)

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  6. I see that Darren dropped by to read this earlier this morning. I hope he takes it like a good sport. Too bad he didn’t leave a comment.

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  7. Bloke, I have been reading your blog for several months now. I LOVE your advice on blogging…you have some really great insights to give. HOWEVER, your negativity towards other bloggers is getting a little old…you’re really just starting to come off like a bitter, old man. I’m sorry, but I really wish that you’d stick to what you say your blog is about - ‘Blog Tips, Tools and News’ and skip all the bashing.

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  8. Hi Jill. First off, I’m not that old, really.

    Did you know that satire is considered an artistic form of writing? Not everybody can do it and I happen to be one of the lucky ones.

    If you read me regularly then you will know that it is one of the things that I do. Most like it and I’m sorry if you don’t.

    You will also notice that I was parodied the other day and I took it look like a good sport.

    Unfortunately some a-lister types become thin skinned believing in their own hype, which is why they need a little shot of reality once in awhile.

    Using humour is much nicer than just calling them names or being outright nasty don’t you think.

    I see nothing wrong with using satire and I believe that if we all learned to laugh at ourselves this world will be a better place to live.

    Now be honest, I nailed Darren right on the money (so to speak :)

    Thanks for the comments. I appreciate it.


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  9. I just want to add the higher up the food chain we go we have to expect to take some shots. It goes with the territory, and instead of showing offence we ought to embrace it and appreciate it as a form of flattery. That is what I try to do and my advice to all concerned.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention and giving me the opportunity to explain.

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  10. Bloke ~
    I do appreciate your explanation. I actually love satirical humor…it’s my favorite kind (think Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs on Discovery…LOVE him!). I guess, though, for me, satirical humor is at its best when spoken/seen so that the inflection and expressions add to the effect. Sometimes with the written word, it can sometimes be had to tell what is meant literally, what is being presented as satirical (but not really) and was is truly satirical.

    Again, I do love your blog for you blogging advice…you have some great tips! Keep them coming.

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  11. Sometimes I’m more successful than others. :)

    I love Dirty Jobs too. Great wit. You should also check out Malaysia-lah! The guy cracks me up.

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