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Reconciling Darren Rowse

I promised you were in for some shocking news and here it is.

A blogger recently lamented that it would be better for our readers if Darren Rowse and I worked together instead of feuding.

“Think-if you two worked together, you could do great things for us inexperienced bloggers. Bah, I guess some things will never happen.”

Well that really got me thinking.

Background: Recently Darren had sent me an email with best wishes for a speedy recovery. He also expressed his regret over the past and asked if we could start afresh.

Coincidentally I had been thinking the same thing and during our conversations we both agreed that we could have handled things better than we did.

So we have agreed to let bygones be bygones and be blogging buddies instead of blog buttheads.

Yes, I kid you not! Who says there is no God.

Darren has also generously offered to be a guest blogger here at InstaBloke and I’m looking forward to that very much.

Like Darren said, we might not always see eye to eye but that’s ok so long as there’s mutual respect (and I’ll try to go easier on the snark too :).


P.s.: This is NOT April fools so don’t forget to breath as you take this all in… in through the nose and out through the mouth, through the nose…

Written August 21st, 2007 by | 12 Comments | Filed under: Miscellaneous Blog Tips, Personal stuff ,

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There are 12 Comments so far to “Reconciling Darren Rowse”

  1. Brilliant. You both truly provide unique voices on a similar subject on your own blogs. Now that you are working as pals again, its 1+1 = 3 for the rest of us.

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  2. Thanks Sameer. I’m feeling pretty good about it too.

    Obviously Darren and I are hardwired a little differently but that can be a good thing. Our different perspectives on blogging without being at odds with each other will only benefit everyone (including ourselves).

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  3. So happy to hear this news! Blessings on your continued health recovery!

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  4. I have to say, I was quite surprised to see his guest post the other day…and very happy to hear this announcement. Just think of the blogging ‘music’ you will be able to make together! :-)

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  5. hehe - sounds like we’re dating or something now BB :-)

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  6. Crikey. I just woke up from a nap and now we’re making music together… and even dating!

    Ahhhhhhhh Someone pinch me!

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  7. Thanks Kuanyin. But admit it, you must still be in shock ;-)

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  8. I am a bit late on this, but hey, late is better than never.
    I’ve written about this on my blog - http://www.techzilo.com/darren-rowse-blog-bloke-reunite/

    As one of the persons who prompted BlogBloke (the other being Darren), I am very happy to see this. And maybe I prompted Darren too, since I commented on his blog.

    Finally, you’re together. I missed the peak of your rivalry, and I am thankful for that ;)

    Like Sameer said, BB+Darren=3. And Darren is seeming funny and humorous too, getting closer to Blokester. IS humour viral too?

    Great post, Darren(I know its after this post).

    As for BB, come back soon, and I’d love to see a post of yours on Problogger (ring any bells, Darren? :D)

    PS: BB, maybe I could fill in too? I am ready to do a guest post. Maybe?? If you agree, drop me a mail at http://techzilo.com/contact/

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  9. Loved the post you wrote Sumesh. Why not post it here or send me another one if you like.

    Regarding Darren, I agree. I’m seeing a more relaxed side to him and it’s nice to see.

    I would love to post on his site too. Who knows?

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  10. Crap in a hat! I don’t check my feeds for a couple of days and this happens?

    I’m off to book my skiing holiday in Hell…

    Seriously, I’m genuinely pleased to see that you two have buried the hatchet.

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  11. Holy crap Batman! Heh, aren’t you glad you held off on that interview?

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