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Q&A: Should You Start a Business Blog?

Let’s hope this statement is wrong:

Over the past couple of years, social media has been usurping blogging for personal and business users alike. The steady flow of new capabilities on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn may make blogs seem less exciting. It’s getting harder to define a blog, since they’re entrenched in the mainstream media. So why bother when one-sentence status updates are consuming readers’ timeSource

Hmm, my immediate reaction was: Is this an indictment of our low attention span and/or unwillingness to write anything meaningful? My friend Douglas Karr also disagreed:

Not sure I agree with his message that blogging is a branch on a tree - I believe it’s becoming a centerpiece for…

My thinking on it is .. blogging is and always has been the “centerpiece” for social media.

The post then went on to say:

While the creation of new blogs might be slowing, there’s no evidence that popular blogs are going away. If you’re a small business looking into blogging, consider how it can be a strategic communications tool. Blogs are excellent vehicles for crisis response or letters from executives. They can be wonderful formats for educating readers on your industry, market and other important issues. A blog allows you to apply your own corporate branding and unique look and feel, unlike social networks. For lead generation, however, blogs are losing favor to social media sites like Facebook. Today, the blog may not be the front-facing online marketing page for your business, but it can be an effective branch of the marketing tree along with your website, SEO strategy and social media program. Paul Verna, senior analyst with e-marketer, contributed ideas to this response.

So I summed up all of my feelings by saying:

Blogging IS the Tree!

Do you think I could have made this point on Twitter with only 140 characters (or Facebook wall)?

Leveraging Social Media

A picture speaks a thousand words and pretty much says it all don’t you think?

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There are 8 Comments so far to “Q&A: Should You Start a Business Blog?”

  1. What’s the pink facebook icon for? Uhm, I wanna ask is you have any tips to improve a blog even if it’s not for business purposes.

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    Reply by: BLOGBloke at 7:07 pm said...

    @Karla, It’s Furl.

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  2. I completely agree about blogging being a centerpiece for social media, blogging is becoming more and more important and I think a lot of people are relying on it more for various things i.e. deciding on purchases, so reviews of products etc. It seems really that blogs are pretty much a hub for social media, and they do compliment each other rather well.

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    Reply by: BLOGBloke at 9:22 am said...

    @Adam James, social media is for chatting .. blogs are serious business.

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  3. Hi, i just noticed that many people think that they can use social networks for they’re business, but in fact those socials can be used about seo an other similar strategy only. In special with a blog u can make relationships better and faster than social networks.
    I saw this because that was my first mistake :D

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    Reply by: BLOGBloke at 9:23 am said...

    @Marco, glad to see you joined the rank and file. Blog on…

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  4. Understand this: Blogs blow away everything out there .. and it blows my mind how many people still don't get it http://bit.ly/kvTBey

  5. Q&A: Should you start a business blog? http://cot.ag/iMLZyv #blogging #socialmedia

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