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The Pursuit of Blog Happiness

As usual I’m suffering from insomnia and I just finished watching Will Smith’s movie “The Pursuit of Happiness“. Throughout most of the movie he’s an outsider trying to fit into society, until finally he gets a firm job offer.

He suffers terribly, becoming so destitute that he and his son get thrown out of the run-down motel where they were staying and end up in a welfare hostel.

There’s a poignant scene at the end where he is so emotional after being hired that he goes out into the busy street amongst the bustling crowds. And he’s just so happy because instead of running around like a lost puppy, he’s finally one of them — a part of the crowd with a place to go to.

He belongs.

It brought back memories of my own life when I was a young man feeling lost, awkward and isolated trying to fit into a faceless society … until I made it, and then I couldn’t wait to get back out of it again.

Funny, but I can’t help wonder if the same thing goes for blogging. We try so hard to be heard amongst the din, that if and when we finally are, well…

What’s next?

Written September 30th, 2007 by | 11 Comments | Filed under: Miscellaneous Blog Tips, Personal stuff

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There are 11 Comments so far to “The Pursuit of Blog Happiness”

  1. The title is actually “The Pursuit of Happyness”

    It refers to the scene where Gardner complains that “Happiness” is spelt incorrectly outside the Daycare.

    Also, remember at the end of the movie, Will and his son are passed by a man, to whom he says ‘Hi’, That was the real Chris Gardener !

    I watched that movie over and over…

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  2. We love a challenge, don’t we.
    My mission for two years was to move to Costa Rica. Now I’ve been here five years and thinking, now where? It’s a good thing not to be content. It keeps us growing.
    The grass is always greener….

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  3. Jaffer, I found it tough enough just to watch it once. It’s hard on the emotions, especially for mois because it brought up a lot my own memories.

    So don’t worry — be happy!

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  4. Tica, just remember that Lot also thought the grass was greener. Just ask Abraham ;-)

    My problem is I love challenges too much where I will abandon all else in the pursuit thereof.

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  5. I finally figured out what you meant by replacing the “?” for my I.D. I’m posting this comment to check it.
    I just love you new logo. It’s very professional.
    Do remember to take time for yourself and family and do something special. (i.e., time-out from the computer) I don’t want to sound like a nag but I have realized this blog thing is addictive!!
    Moderation my dear, moderation.

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  6. Well, it didn’t put the photo I added to bloglog. I’m lost again.

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  7. It didn’t work for me the first time either. If at first you don’t succeed — keep banging at the keyboard.

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  8. Thanks for the compliment on the logo. You don’t think there’s too much green do you? I’m already thinking of changing it.

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  9. I really miss the guy banging away at the computer on your header and the old Bloke logo I identified solely with you.
    Why fix it if it ain’t broke?
    I really did like the “old” look.

      Reply   ·   Share Share Blog Bloke Tips  

  10. I know, I like that one too. But it’s all about branding the Blog Bloke name.

    Of the two new ones, which is best in your opinion?

      Reply   ·   Share Share Blog Bloke Tips  

  11. Oh yeah, some consider animations to be unprofessional, so I’m going for the pro look and establishing the “BB” brand.

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