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Porting over to Wordpress

I figured it was time I got serious about porting my blogs over to Wordpress. Whether that means converting the existing template or starting over again from scratch is up for grabs because I’m still not sure on the design that I want yet.

I’m also planning a brand new blog that will require a brand new theme. I suppose I could hire somebody to do it like my expert colleagues do, but that would be cheating and I’m hard to please (and I love a challenge).

Hopefully it won’t be too much a problem for an old coder like myself, but my biggest concern is the time it takes away from my writing. Since I’m not as familiar with Wordpress as I am with Blogger, if anyone knows any good tutorials on converting Blogger blogs to Wordpress please let me know.

So I’m going flat out right now and posting might be sacrificed for the time being, but I will try to get in a post at least every two days or so.

Oh yeah, I’ve found a FREE Wordpress host which so far looks amazing, but I will wait and see before I decide to give it the official nod.

I’m also busy accumulating my arsenal of tools that I will need to get the job done. So far I’ve got:

Whew! I’m tired already.

I have two questions for all my Blokesters out there:

1. What web development tools do you use?
2. Should I try to keep the same look of this template?

Tag, you’re it.

Written September 28th, 2007 by | 9 Comments | Filed under: Blogging Tips, Wordpress Tips , ,

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There are 9 Comments so far to “Porting over to Wordpress”

  1. I’d say get a new look. It’s always interesting to see something fresh.

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  2. But I should keep the banner logo and the wee-bloke right? They’re new.

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  3. I haven’t commented in a while. But Blog Bloke, you got me started on it !
    I am in the process of moving my blog too from blogger to expression engine core + I am working on a new design.

    And since my domain registeration is expiring too, I am ditching my current domain to a new one that should reflect the brand name.

    I use Macromedia Suite and I’ve been using it for a few years ’cause I am so used to it !

    Like Johnson said, Go for a new look. Even if its plain simple !

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  4. Jaffer, why not Wordpress?

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  5. Sure you could keep the banner and wee-bloke, they’re cool. Are you designing your own blog? My blog is being redesigned by a professional web artist right now too. When its complete and if I am satisfied with it, I could give you a recommendation. Its designed by a professional but costs below $200.

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  6. Thanks Johnson. Yes, I do all of my own design work. I enjoy it and lots of fun. I’m working on another logo as I speak.

    Let me know when your’s is finished so I can take a look. Who knows, I might want to hire him.

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  7. Wordpress is a very easy and robust solution to blogging hands down ! And Blog Bloke I am not here to convince you to switch again !

    What got me to use expression engine is its ease of customization and especially how easy it was to use template tags.

    The template language is really easy to learn. So one can create a page from scratch in minutes.

    There is really no PHP coding required as all of that is handled backstage.

    I also fell in love with the control panel and how one can use “custom fields” as illustrated in this video:


    Some downsides of expression engine:
    1. Solid knowledge of HTML and CSS required. Not recommended for the non-tech savy !
    2. The free version does not include a “stand alone” pages feature.
    3. You really have to start from scratch - with a blank page !

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  8. I’m stronger in HTML and CSS than PHP so maybe I should give EE another look.

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  9. This is one good looking, sexy theme, love it! What theme are you using?

    Anikas last blog post…35 Sex Tips to Spice Up your Love Life

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