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OpenID = "NoFollow" = NO PageRank Value = Useless

Just as I suspected, when I enabled my OpenID and made a test comment it defaulted to either my Blogger profile or to my OpenID identity page.

So as far as I can tell there’s still no way for a Blogger user to leave behind their blog address with their comment on a Blogger blog, except for making one in the comment box (which is a pain in the you know what).Maybe it’s just a glitch, or maybe it wasn’t. But my tests indicate Google has effectively cut us Blogger users off at the knees and made our blogs a “nofollow“, and we will get no pagerank value leaving comments on other blogs. Thanks Google. I hope I’m wrong.On the other hand (see comments below) my tests show that Wordpress users are seemingly exempt from this dilemma. I haven’t yet tried this by leaving a comment on a Wordpress OpenID enabled blog.

To add to the mystery I’ve also noticed that other Blogger blogs that have enabled OpenID seem to have comments from blogspot blogs with the URLs linking to their blog, and NOT to their profile.

Hmm… so perhaps Blogger’s new OpenID still has some bugs to iron out? Who knows.

Nevertheless, as far as I’m concerned OpenID is just a nuisance and I wish they had left well enough alone, so Wordpress here I come.

Has anybody else had better results? I’m off to bed now … gotta headache.

UPDATE: It seems to be working better now, albeit still inconsistently. Which only demonstrates that Blogger still has some bugs to iron out. But my opinion remains unchanged. It’s a nuisance and there’s too many hoops to jump through just to leave a URL with a comment. Who needs the aggravation?

Further reading: You Me Blogger and Dupree OpenID

Written December 7th, 2007 by | 12 Comments | Filed under: Blogging Tips, Miscellaneous Blog Tips, Wordpress Tips , ,

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There are 12 Comments so far to “OpenID = "NoFollow" = NO PageRank Value = Useless”

  1. I’m thinking this should work :)

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  2. Just having a look at your source code and it doesn’t look quite right. (eg I see two http:// in your URL). I’d try adding in the code again…

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  3. This is a test comment using my OpenID identily whilst I am logged out of my Blogger account. As you can see it defaults to my OpenID identity page so I’m getting no pagerank value for my blog.

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  4. This is a test comment using my wordpress identity. As you can see at least Wordpress users will be followed.

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  5. If you want to use your blogspot(custom domain) url for your openID account, you have to delegate it by adding some code to your template (this authorizes your url to be used for your openId)

    OpenID delegation

    Just scroll down to the code he has and copy/paste it to your template making the small change for your openid account. Then, you use http://www.Blog Bloke.com as your openID url. The code in your template tells myopenid.com that your authorize that url for them. And no one can pretend to be you.

    Blogger has said in their announcement of OpenID support that they are also working on making your blogspot(custom domain) urls easy to use as an OpenID url, but until then you can do it that way.

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  6. This is a test using my Blog Bloke.com URL for the OpenID identity.

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  7. This is a test using my Blog Bloke.com URL for the OpenID identity after logging out of my Blogger account.

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  8. So that’s trick. You need to be logged out of your Blogger account for your blog address to show up instead of your Blogger profile. I also made a minor change in the code that I will blog about later.

    So later dude.

    P.s.: Thanks for trying to help Martin and Meg.

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  9. Hi Bloke,

    1. Did you select WordPress in the Drop-down menu?

    2 Did you enter your Blog Address in the Blog Name Field?

    BLOG NAME: http://www.Blog Bloke.com/

    3. The Sign-in Radio Button becomes unchecked when you preview your comment.
    Once this is done, OpenID defaults back to your Bio page not the Blog page address you entered.

    Solution: Make sure the Sign-in Radio Button is checked and your Bog Address is present before you publish your comment!

    4. Make sure you are Logged into your OpenID Account and Logged out of your Blogger Account.

    Hope this helps?

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  10. It’s working Debbie, albeit inconsistently. But that’s the ticket it seems… Blogger still has some work to do ironing out the bugs. I still think this is all a complete waste of our time. The old system was much better.

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  11. Thanks for this post and for linking to Debbie’s page. I was able to make some corrections and it proved to be successful.

    Nevertheless, I’m still including my page’s link on the body of this comment. :D

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  12. Glad it worked for you Zamejias.

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