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Online Post-its OR Twittering Your Life Away?

A global community of friends and strangers Here we go. My wife already complains that I spend way too much time online.


It seems that everyone is aflutter with Twitter, a service that lets you post tiny snippets (also called microblogging @ only 140 characters per post) from your phone, the web or instant messaging (AIM, Jabber or Gtalk).

At first glance I didn’t get it, but since it’s so popular I thought I should to take a closer look see. My first question was will it free us from being chained to our computers? Well maybe (I guess) if we use the cell phone option, but don’t we already have audio blog services like Gabcast that includes a free 1-800 U.S. number, international calling numbers and Flash player?

At only a paltry 140 characters per post Twitter seems hardly a replacement soooooo, I’m guessing that we can forget about the phone advantage theory. Hmm…

And if we’re going to be making dozens of micro posts per day instead of just one or two real posts, then does it not follow that we will be chained all the more to our phone, our computer, our PDA or whatever? Anyhow, food for thought.

So then I wondered if it will replace Instant Messaging? Again, hardly ( @ 140 characters, only if the telegraph decides to make a comeback :). It looks like I’m gonna have to dig a little deeper to figure out this mystery.

So what’s really going on here? It’s bad enough that most a-listers can’t even write a post longer than a few sentences. Now we can look forward to reading tiny little one-liner ditty’s from the gods all day long? I don’t think so.

At least one a-lister gets it. But those other guys?  Hmm (again) …

For a second there I thought I had it. I reasoned that its real charm might appeal to lazy bloggers who can’t write worth a damn. After all it makes sense. You need not worry much about things like great content, grammar or style, coding, maintenance, upgrading etc. Woohoo!

And the benefit to readers is they can keep tabs on their favorite Twits whose thoughts and movements can be tracked in real time. It’s the perfect medium for ego-driven a-listers and a cyber-stalker’s wet dream!

But judging from the content that I’ve been reading its primary appeal seems to be for porn ads and news headlines. Still…

Then it hits me — stop the press and hold the phone! Eureka — I’ve figured out out! Because it requires so little effort Twitter floods the search engines with our mindless chatter whilst raising our internet presence to even greater heights (pant, pant). I’m on to something here.

Is Twitter really blogging? Somehow I doubt it but people seem to be having fun with it anyway. So blog on.


… TWITTER UPDATE … quick note to self… write a post that twitter is awesome… over…

Written March 16th, 2007 by | 7 Comments | Filed under: Blog Tips, News, Twitter Tips ,

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There are 7 Comments so far to “Online Post-its OR Twittering Your Life Away?”

  1. You nailed it Bloke! Scoble and Rubel love it so they can saturate the SERPS with more of their inane drivel.

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  2. See. And if I could find your Twitter ID, I’d add you to my list, Bloke. I’d actually be interested in hearing about what you are up to from time to time.

    I’m just saying.

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  3. Chris, can’t I accomplish the same thing with my real blog?

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  4. Call me foolish or call me stupid, but go ahead and twitter me.


    I dare ya!

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  5. I had the twitter widget in my blog for a couple of days but I decided to remove it because it made my blog look ugly.. I’m better off with text announcements since I don’t use a mobile phone.

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  6. I’m still a bit confused . . I’m slow, but I’ll catch on I guess .. I appreciate all the tips.

      Reply   ·   Share Share Blog Bloke Tips  

  7. Most of us are still confused about this one ;-)

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