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The Importance of Linking

Link Long and Prosper!

Of course our good friend Mr. Spock would have said “Live Long and Prosper” but it adapts rather nicely to this topic don’t you think.

In the past I’ve written that making comments on other blogs is a great way to promote your blog. But linking to posts that inspire you to write works just as well.

The blog tip that I’m going to tell you still rings as loud and true as the old spiritual adage — you reap what you sow and it is just as important to give as it is to receive.

Why? Because the blogosphere is supposed to be a conversation – not a sermon from the mount. It is a community that relies on hyperlinks to keep us connected and the conversation alive.

Otherwise the blogosphere would be no different than the old-school websites of yesteryear, taking up webspace as monuments to themselves like silent, ancient statues collecting dust and eroding over time.

The blogosphere is a living, breathing organism that relies on all of its parts to make it work. Bloggers who play by the rules will benefit. But those who don’t are a cancer making the blogosphere dysfunctional. (You can read more about disfunctional bloggers at What does Original Content and Plagiarism mean for Bloggers?)

By giving a link boost to your fellow blogger you help yourself because they will find that backlink (otherwise known as ego-searching) and probably visit your blog out of curiosity. Who knows — they might even bookmark you, or even better link back to you and become a regular reader.

It’s the blogosphere’s equivalent of saying “HELLO”.

The blogosphere is no different than the community where you reside in your real-world home. You only get out of it what you put into it.

Still not convinced? Read Pageranking and Link Love Go Hand-in-Hand.

According to Google:

PageRank relies on the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page’s value. In essence, Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B. But, Google looks at more than the sheer volume of votes, or links a page receives; it also analyzes the page that casts the vote. Votes cast by pages that are themselves “important” weigh more heavily and help to make other pages “important.”

You can read more of the technical details @ Wikipedia.

They don’t call it “Link Love” for nothing. It’s like giving someone a hug and it costs just about the same. So don’t be a stinker linker and stingy with your links (or your hugs :).

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191 Responses to “The Importance of Linking”

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  1. 1
    bill Says:

    excellent blog and thanks for the info.

  2. 2
    terry Says:

    Right on Bloke!

  3. 3
    megan Says:

    So thats why the most popular blogs always have a ton of links in thier posts? Link love is more then just adding a site to your sidebar? I’m gonna start doing some loven!
    BTW- I’m probably the last to switch over but I got the new feed finaly. I’m slow at all this computer stuff but your site helps! I’m off to try the *do follow* thingy.

  4. 4
    Blog Bloke Says:

    Thanks Megan. It’s good to hear from you.

  5. 5
    Brenda Says:

    Thanks for the information and your blog. I was already commenting a lot because I love reading blogs, but never thought about mentioning blogs in my posts. Cool idea:)

    Brenda’s last blog post..The Check Book is Broken

  6. 6
    More Friday Links » Self Made Minds Says:

    […] is a cool post by Blog Bloke on the importance of Link Love, I do like some of the blokes posts but find he rants and complains way too much about other […]

  7. 7
    Blog Bloke Says:

    Thanks Brenda

  8. 8
    Kuanyin Says:

    Well, I gave YOU some loving a couple of posts back, and in my most recent posts I gave more loving to others…so I guess you could call me a lover girl. I don’t know if you noticed, but I finally have Proud to Be a Blokester shining on my sidebar in RED.

    Kuanyin’s last blog post..Chillin’ and Surfing Blogs

  9. 9
    Blog Bloke Says:

    Why thank you sweetems. Much kisses and hugs XXXX0000

    I absolutely love the new design, especially the loading time. There’s no excuse for me to not visit more often now.

  10. 10
    asithi Says:

    Yep, whenever possible, I try to link to others and to my older posts. When I find that certain blogs direct a few clicks my way, I will reciprocate. It is all about trying to help promote each other, especially the blogs with a smaller readership like mine.

    asithis last blog post…Women’s Hormonal Phases - Your Late 20s Through Your Early 40s

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