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Share - enable java in your browser Written on May 1st, 2004 by | 1 Comment

Names of Iraq War Dead read on ABC Show

Without any fanfare Ted Koppel solemnly read aloud the names of American soldiers killed in the Iraq war during an unusual edition of ABC’s “Nightline” Friday night.

“This was never intended to be about us,” he said, “and for all the controversy swirling around the program, tonight is just going to be about the men and women who have died in the war in Iraq.”

When the names had been read, Koppel closed by saying, “Our goal tonight was to elevate the fallen above the politics and the daily journalism ….”

The reading of the names, he added, “was neither intended to provoke opposition to the war, nor was it meant as an endorsement.”

Still, some observers question ABC’s motives and many stations boycotted the show.

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  1. It is always about the ratings. It is sad how our soldiers are exploited by everyone from the Bush administration to the TV stations to very terrorists we are supposed to be destroying.

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