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My Favourite Blog Editors

I admit I had my tongue in my cheek when I wrote the title for this post because as it now stands I have no favourite blog editor and I’m very disappointed with what’s out there. They all pretty much suck in their own way.

Out of all the free software I found Windows Live Writer to be the most well-rounded blog editor (for us Windows users). What I liked about it was it’s ability to create custom tags and html shortcuts (which are the most important features that I look for in a blog editor).

But I got rid of it for one simple and very annoying reason. Like all Windows products it is bloatware and a resource hog. It requires .NET to be installed, and leave it open for a few minutes it will eat up all of your ram.

Closing it down is just as annoying because it still remains in memory. You don’t believe me? Just open Task Manager and take a look - you will see that it’s still there (3 files in fact).

So you have to kill each one individually to get rid of it and then wait around for the dlls to flush themselves from memory. What a pain in the a$$.

I’ve tried using Post2Blog that seemed promising at first, but it also has too many quirks to be of any use. Most importantly, it doesn’t recognize my post titles and loses its formatting so it’s not useful for editing.

So I can only use it to create a post and then I have to go into my blog dashboard to edit. It also has some compatibility issues with the blog’s built-in editor — so what’s the point.

In my past life I used w.bloggar (which is still my favourite blog editor) because when it worked… it worked very well. But unfortunately the creator of the software seems to have abandoned it, and it does not play well with the New Blogger API.

I use Maxthon as my preferred surfing browser because Firefox is another memory hog and too slow and clunky for my liking (but I still use it for SEO purposes). So I don’t use Performancing’s plugin (now called ScribeFire) and besides, Maxthon has it’s own similar plugin called BlogEX, but it has it’s own problems as well.

I’ve also tried using products like Qumana but I found it to be too weird for my liking, and as far as Bleezer is concerned it couldn’t even connect to the network. What a waste of time, so it’s back to using the online blog dashboard again. Sigh!

Why is it so hard to find software that works out of the box like it’s supposed to? Have you had better luck than I have? Have you found a better solution? Please share your experiences because frankly I’m really fed up.

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There are 11 Comments so far to “My Favourite Blog Editors”

  1. RocketPost 2 (Anconia.Com)? Works for me!

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  2. I haven’t tried it yet. RocketPost looks like an interesting alternative but it’s not free.

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  3. I used to get my girlfriend to check it but now I just read over it carefully. I lofe when people let me know I made a bo-bo. I use blogger’s spellcheck and that’s it.
    So you know. Teri

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  4. guess I should edit my comment better. Lofe = Love.

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  5. Tica, if you use Internet Explorer grab this free app:


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  6. You can use Google docs to publish your content too !

    Upload a Word document or use the Google docs editor and hit the “Publish” tab.

    I use it for all my posts.

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  7. Hi Jaffer. I tried it when it first came out and found it slow and quirky. But I will give another look again. Thanks.

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  8. Try Zoundry (www.zoundry.com) works fine with Wordpress and lots of other services, true WYSIWYG, Free as Beer and let you edit already uploaded posts.

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  9. Hi Cardoso. I tried Zoundry last year and didn’t like it, but I will take another look at it.

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  10. I tried Zoundry again. It couldn’t download my posts… it wouldn’t allow me to create and save custom tags… and it’s even more of a resource pig than Windows Live Writer. It’s outta here.

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  11. I’m leaning more towards Google Docs. I don’t need to load a software program… just open another tab in my browser so it saves on resources. The only negative is I can’t see how to add categories to a post.

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