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The Great Pagerank Googlebomb: The Aftermath

Unless you have been living with your head in the sand you must have heard by now about Google’s pagerank shakeup that has made b-listers out of the blogosphere’s former royal families.

So now that the dust has settled and we’ve had a moment to catch our collective breath it’s time to reflect on what it all means.

I’m not going to mince words here. As for me I’m glad that this happened because ranking systems have been gamed and abused far too long.So all I can say is good on them. After all, that is how most of the former a-listers got there in the first place.

Who is going to be impacted the most by all this are those who monetize their blogs and base their credibility on such ranking systems.

Like I said yesterday, I believe the reverberations of this event is going to turn all of our ranking systems on its head, and we are going to have to find a better way to rank blogs and/or we should scrap it entirely (the latter being the more preferable).

So now that the playing field has been levelled, let’s concentrate on the content instead of who’s-who blogarchies created by insecure nerds.

As for Google continuing it’s dominance on the SE market, although most agree that will not change I can only hope that we’re all wrong. Because monopolies in the computer industry are bad and dangerous for everyone.

Just ask Microsoft.

So tell me … has this affected you at all? Are you happy that it happened, or do you just not care?

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Written October 30th, 2007 by | 14 Comments | Filed under: Miscellaneous Blog Tips, SEO Tips, Search Engine Tips , ,

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There are 14 Comments so far to “The Great Pagerank Googlebomb: The Aftermath”

  1. Like the cockroach emerging from the nuclear storm, I’ve come off pretty good. I never had a PageRank before and now three of my blogs have some. Woo hoo!

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  2. Like the saying goes … “be nice to those on your way up, because you may meet them on your way back down”.

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  3. You have lots of good karma built up, Blog Bloke, so either way you’ll do just fine. :)

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  4. I hope you’re right Sean. But somehow I don’t think the (former) a-listers and wannabees will agree with you on that one ;-)

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  5. Well I’m personally seriously pissed off with the whole PR bitch slap. Not only have my own sites been hit but all of my client sites as well and it seems to me that it’s guilt by association rather than for any of the reasons stated by Google.

    None - NONE - of my client sites have been involved in any kind of paid linking, linked out to or from ‘bad neighbourhoods’ or indulged in any kind of underhand practice and yet each and every one of them has been hit by a 2 point penalty.

    Now you could argue that PageRank means diddly squat these days anyway but, in my mind, it’s a visible stamp of approval - or otherwise - from Google and for my client sites to get slapped for nothing other than being in my Google Webmaster Tools is out of order.

    These sites are hosted on multiple, unrelated domains with separate DNS entries so there’s no obvious connection to me other than the fact I was a lazy bastard and used a single Webmaster Tools account to monitor them.

    How ironic that out of my personal web portfolio the only two sites which didn’t get hit are the two that have only ever run AdSense. I’m sure that’s just some kind of spooky coincidence, right?

    Make sites for people, not Google. That’s what they say, isn’t it? Well up yours, Google. My “crime” has been to run Text Link Ads on two of my sites. Two out of 50+. Well I guess that makes me public enemy number one and warrants me and my clients a bitch slap of the highest magnitude.

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  6. Well I guess that answers my other question. :)

    Mike, you and I can at least agree one thing. This whole pageranking thing sucks and has got to go. It’s juvenile, it’s rigged, it’s biased and it’s just STUPID!

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  7. I just want to add that I feel your pain Mike. I was hit too and I played played by the rules. My jubilation is over the so-called a-listers being hit who didn’t deserve to be there in the first place. All I can say is it’s about time.

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  8. Well, I guess I am extremely luck. In the wake of all this PR Bitch-slap, I got a PR update from 2 to 3! Yay!

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  9. There always winners and losers to every game.

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  10. I’m pretty happy about the PR bomb. my blog went from a PR of 0 all the way up 4. I suppose thats a big gain? I think it’s pretty cool now that alot of the big boys in the blogging world are near the same playing field with the smaller bloggers.

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  11. That’s a pretty good jump for a relatively new blog Jeffro2pt0. Now that the playing field has been levelled it will be interesting to see how the former a-listers try to spin this.

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  12. My blog rose from a 3 to 4 just a couple of days before I moved from blogspot to Wordpress on my own domain. Pagerank now 0 but my readers have followed which is more important to me.

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  13. Hi Sue. Your pagerank should catch up within a couple of months. Just be sure to add your new domain to Google for reindexing of your blog.

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  14. Nice info iwill use it right now ..

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