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Is that all there is? (Blogging that is)

No doubt you have noted that I haven’t been posting as often. Some of you will also know that I have suffered personal setbacks including health problems and life in general. But I can honestly tell you that my reasons for posting less is not just because of recent events.

Frankly I have been feeling a little despondent about blogging. I have been doing this gig for many years now and feel that I have achieved most of what I had hoped for (excepting making millions with my IPO of course ;).

With the new Blogger Beta changeover looming before me I feel like I’ve been left in limbo. I don’t want to waste any more time on the old blog, and at the same time I’m not sold on beta either.

I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at alternatives and the options can be mesmerizing. I know from my research that Wordpress is the way to go but I haven’t been able to find a free hosting solution that meets all of my requirements. And so I continue to ponder and wait, and procrastinate.

I look around the blogosphere and nothing much excites me these days. I see a lot of copycat blogs and wannabees out there vying for a piece of the pie who are following the same cookie-cutter template with a little twist of their own thrown in for good measure. I see a lot of so-called a-listers that are so desperate to write material every day they are dusting off old books and rehashing the same old same old.

Not long ago when cool technologies emerged such as Ajax I would commence to salivating and jump into the fray head first. Technology was my turn on and an addiction that it seemed I had no control over. Everything else took a back seat including my life and my family.

Been there, done that

But after being in and around the computer industry for the past 20 years I can now say with total honesty that addiction no longer has a hold over me. It just doesn’t excite me like it once did.

For all the talk about web 2.0 technology I see nothing much exciting on the horizon. To me it sounds more like a last gasp by those who are trying their darndest to keep us all interested in the same old game. For me it all seems to boil down to this — been there and done that, and unfortunately there is no viagra pill that I’m aware of to fix it.

That can be a good thing for my family. But still, when something has been your life and is coming to a close (or is changing) you can’t help but feel a sense of loss and ask yourself what is next. I’m not saying that I’m quitting. I’m just saying that I’m reevaluating my life and looking for a new vision.

After being a politician, a businessman, practiced law, mediation and a computer geek, nothing much seems to interest me anymore. I’ve seen enough of the world to see through the BS and I can truly say that no matter how much we try, the world never really changes that much. Only the faces and the names are different.

The rich continue to get richer while the poor get poorer. There will always be another Hitler, Stalin, Saddam, or Osama. There will always be wars and rumours of wars, natural catastrophes and evil in the world. For all the promise of Bill Gates’ “paperless society” or “doing business at the speed of light”, I can honestly say that I don’t see the world as a much better place for it.

When I first started blogging I saw the awesome power and potential of it all. I saw it as an opportunity for the common person to be heard and to make a difference in the world. In fact I’ve been quoted on numerous occasions that blogging was the next great publishing revolution since the invention of the Gutenberg Printing Press (yes, I was the first to say it but unfortunately not everyone gave me credit).

But alas, that is what the blogosphere has become. There is so very little original stuff out there that I find interesting. It is now the great recycleshere. Most just clip and paste from another and try to put their own spin on it. And if you’re not part of the in-crowd (a-listers) you are pretty much ignored.

The Blogosphere has become the great echo chamber instead of the shot that was to be heard ’round the world.

I see a lot out there that I don’t like and sometimes I feel like the proverbial lone voice crying out in the wilderness. All that I see these days is the emergence of more corporate networks, juvenile a-listers jockeying for position, online hustlers trying to dip into my pockets, business interests with their lawyers lobbying the politicians on capital hill, and myspace cadets that are quickly taking over what’s left of the blogosphere. Online Video Blogging has become just another form of entertainment like TV’s funniest videos. And let’s face it, most of the podcasts out there just plain suck.

So what is to become of the Blog Bloke? That is something only time will. God willing I will still be here, but I will be spending a little more time sitting on the mountain top than behind my humble keyboard.

But not all is gloom and doom. Rest assured something will click and I will find my vision again. Or perhaps it will just be as simple as finding a better balance in my life between the real and virtual worlds.

In the mean time as the late great journalist Edward R. Murrow once said… “good night, and good luck”. Be seeing you in cyberspace.

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There are 6 Comments so far to “Is that all there is? (Blogging that is)”

  1. Did you know that your feed spits out about three or four copies of each post you make over the course of a day? And it’s not unusual for it to regurgitate 10-12 posts at once from time to time. I’m likely to unsubscribe from this feed because it’s tiresome to see the same post pop up time after time. Nothing wrong with your posts, but something’s triggering too many feeds.

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  2. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I have a tendency to edit my posts. I see writing as a journey and sometimes it will take me to places that I never expected when I commenced the odyssey. Perhaps I should hit the “draft” option more often before publishing, but even then I still find a mistake or have something further to say.

    You can of course stop this from showing up as a new item by turning off your newsreader’s option that displays updated posts as being new.

    For example, if you use bloglines go into the feed properties by clicking on “Edit Subscription”. There you will see an option that says “Updated Items”. Choose “Ignore”. However, by doing that you might not have the most recent version on your screen.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you don’t feel the need to hide behind anonymity. I won’t be upset. Constructive criticism is always appreciated.


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  3. Don’t give up now, he who dies with the most hits wins.

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  4. I got a better one. “I love the smell of napom in the morning. Smells like… being flamed”. :)

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  5. Near death experiences ALWAYS causes a re-evaluation of what’s important and what’s not. Don’t get discourage because a change is needed. That’s life’s process. My motto is “Change or Be Changed”. If we wait too long to change, life makes the change for us. Take a break, take your laptop to the mountain and DO WHAT YOU LOVE MOST! Most importantly, enjoy every breath you take of this gift of life. “Been there, done that”, then it’s time to do something different. I moved to another country (my version of Paradise) where people speak a different language. That really shook up what I took for granted! I wouldn’t change it for the world. Teri

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  6. Hi Teri. Good to hear from you again. I hope you are enjoying your time with the return of your good friend.

    Regarding the mountaintop, I don’t think they have WIFI there. And the only languages I’m good at are English and computerese. ;-)

    Change doesn’t come easy for a stubborn bull. In my case the challenge will be finding a better balance between the real and virtual worlds.

    If only I can invent a day longer than 24 hours and clone myself I might have a fighting chance.

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