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Is Technorati Biased, Irrelevant

Is Technorati really biased? Is it irrelevant, perhaps?

You should read Wendy Piersall’s rant “Getting on the Technorati A-List in a Male Dominated Blogosphere“. She complains about a disproportionate number of women not being on Technorati’s a-list.

This was my comment (just in case it accidentally goes missing):

And here I thought Technorati was fair and unbiased. Silly me (notice the tongue in my cheek).Wendy, try blogging for several years and being ignored. Then you will have something to complain about.

…BB (grossly undervalued, long-time suffering, semi-anonymous, unloved male blogger) Source.

Al kidding aside, I would like to give Wendy a word of advice.

You just broke one of the cardinal rules of business blogging. Thou shalt not discuss controversial subjects such as sexism and gender-based politics, especially when your blog is titled eMoms and you are trying to solicit male readers.

Not a good idea, so get a personal blog for that.

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Written September 19th, 2007 by | 16 Comments | Filed under: Blog Tips, MythBusters

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There are 16 Comments so far to “Is Technorati Biased, Irrelevant”

  1. Bloke, I know you love to pick a fight and all, but you seem to have missed the end of my post in which I say that even if there is a gender bias, that I don’t buy into it and none of it matters to me - and that I suggest that it shouldn’t matter to my readers, either. :D

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  2. That’s a great benefit of blogging, you can say ‘whatever’ you want even if those contents are sexist or something!

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  3. Hi Tonnet. Thanks for dropping by. Personal rants are great on personal blogs, but extremely dangerous for business blogs.

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  4. That’s not nice Wendy. I’m not trying to pick a fight. I’m just giving a little friendly advice.

    Funny, but I don’t remember reading that part at the end when I visited your blog yesterday. And even if you end it by saying it means nothing to you, why then write it in the first place?

    I think you may have also missed my point Wendy. It’s tough enough for everyone male or female, including long-time bloggers such as myself. My advice is to just enjoy your blog and not be fixated on the top 100 lists.

    Nonetheless, my point is still valid and even if you try make nice at the end of a rant like that you run the risk of putting off your male readers.

    When you are running a business blog you have to be gender neutral. Unless of course if you are only catering to the female vote, which in your situation is obviously not the case.

    Anyhow Wendy, in the end it appears that we both agree. It’s good to have you back commenting again. I knew this would smoke you out. :)

    Oh yes, I almost forgot. You’re welcome for the link Wendy.


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  5. I do not know whether Technorati and the other directories (blogCatalog, etc.) are biaised, but I believe they only do a little to most of us. I am on my way to remove most of these links from my blog.

    That said, your blog is too cool. I love the content and the tone.

    I really need to add a section to my blog to reference yours.

    Be back soon!


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  6. Thanks so much for your kind comments Remi. My own views about social networks are no secret:

    The Truth About Social Networks


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  7. I assure you, Bloke, that ending was there yesterday. I don’t write rants - the only time I ever talk about problems is when I also offer solutions.

    Sorry you misinterpreted it.

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  8. If you say so Wendy. I guess according to you I need new glasses.

    But why so confrontational. I wrote this post in a humorous fashion and it seems to me that you are the one who is looking for the fight. Or maybe it’s the word “rant” that’s got your knickers in a knot. Who knows (it’s not a bad word you know).

    Again I reiterate I have not misinterpreted your post, and the point of my writing was to point out that you should not be using your business blog to discuss controversial subjects, regardless of how you end it. It is dangerous - PERIOD.

    So it seems that you have misinterpreted my intentions. OR perhaps you are saying that a new blogger such as yourself is more knowledgeable than I, and that I should keep my pearls to myself.

    Whatever, but please be nice and not take yourself (or me) so seriously. Because blogging is supposed to be fun and that’s good advice for all.

    Thanks Wendy.

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  9. Hmm, I just checked Wendy’s post again and notice that she didn’t allow my rebuttal to her last put down. So much for blogging transparency. Wendy isn’t an a-lister but she seems to play the part very well. This has been an enlightening experience.

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  10. Perhaps you should email me before you accuse me of deleting your comments. It was caught in my spam filter.

    If blogging is supposed to be so much fun, I think perhaps I could at least get the benefit of the doubt. :D

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  11. I have no problem with emailing Wendy but the fact is you ignored an email that I sent to you around the time you attended Elite Retreat.

    Now you are telling me that my comment has also been spaminated.

    Frankly Wendy, my impression is you’ve become quite arrogant of late and that your success has gone to your head.

    I hope I’m wrong. Stay real.

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  12. ha! this is sooo funny. here’s another perspective on it. she goes to great lengths to make her case with statistics to back it up, but then ends it saying she doesn’t care??? she says she doesn’t care about the top 100 list but has an obvious fixation over it??? just a long line of contradictions and it doesn’t add up.

    this a classic case of speaking through both sides of her mouth. either she’s schizophrenic or suffering from a serious case of denial. i think there’s another word for it… HYPOCRITE! but I have to admit she’s done nice job wallpapering her blog with ads. clicker beware!

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  13. In all fairness I want to add that I received an email from Wendy just after writing this post. She is adamant that she responded to my last email that I sent several months ago, but for some reason I never received it.

    I don’t use spam filtering so I can’t blame it on software, but all too often I’m told that it’s Akismet that is at fault for filtering me out.


    So my advice is if you can’t control the software then get rid of it because it’s a nuisance and not worth the headaches (or the damaged relationships).

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  14. Ok, I’ve tried to be nice and give Wendy the benefit of the doubt, so now it’s time to give myself a break.

    After our recent email exchange I’ve sent Wendy 2 more emails offering an olive branch to let bygones be bygones and start over again. I thought it was pretty nice of me given the circumstances.

    But guess what? She has not responded to either of these emails. Obviously she’s getting them because she responded in our first email exchange, so she can’t blame it on Akismet again.

    So what’s her excuse this time? You be the judge.

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  15. Yes, you can say anything on blogs but be sure to post in a professional manner.

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  16. As what I’ve read from other blogs I’m amazed by the truthfulness of some, though some are not.

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