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Bad Apple: More Mobile Security Issues Reported

Just when you think you’ve heard it all another alarming story rears it’s ugly head. Apparently your Android smartphone isn’t the only mobile that knows too much about you. Apple users have no reason to be smug as UK researchers have discovered another troubling (undocumented) “feature” in iOS 4. Best of all, it’s Steve Jobs and CIA Approved:

“It asks your iPhone to record your location constantly, then timestamps that data and records it for posterity. The trouble with this unsolicited location tracking is that the hidden file that holds the data — consolidated.db — is relatively easy to uncover and read, making any desktops you’ve backed your phone up to and the phone itself even bigger privacy dangers than they would usually be. Some extra digging revealed this behavior has been known about for a good while, though mostly by people involved in computer forensics. Additionally, restoring a backup or migrating to a new device keeps the data logging going, which the researchers point to as evidence that what’s happening isn’t accidental.” Source

It’s not unusualBad Apple for cellphones to track user location with GPS, but that information is usually kept secure and requires a court order for others to access it. Cloud services such as Google Latitude are opt-in but that’s not the case with Apple.

With the iPhone there is no opt-in option. It comes built-in making its use mysterious and surreptitious, raising serious questions about privacy and security. Or like I said recently it’s getting to the point all they need do is confiscate your phone and they will know everything about you. Hello … Dick Tracy!

Who Needs Passports When You Have a Cell Phone!

Oxford to Cambridge and then London

This is an extract of the data that is gathered by the open-source iPhoneTracking tool. This application maps the information that your iPhone is recording about your movements. It doesn’t record anything itself, it only geographically displays the files that are already hidden on your computer.

Don’t you just love the cloud? (Rhetorical).

So here’s a thought for all you manufacturers: When I buy it .. it’s MY property. Hands OFF!

Since when did losing our privacy become a cool “feature“? Perhaps the time has come for filing class action lawsuits against manufacturers that don’t give a frig about our privacy. Just saying.

Don’t wait for the government to step up. They’re complicit. What do you think?

UPDATE: The saga continues.

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Written April 20th, 2011 by | 2 Comments | Filed under: Mobile Tips, News, Security Tips

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There are 2 Comments so far to “Bad Apple: More Mobile Security Issues Reported”

  1. Researchers Discover that iOS 4 Records all Your Travels http://bit.ly/ejgjj9 Keep it Real @BLOGBlokeTips

  2. When I buy it .. it's MY property! We should file class actions against hardware manufacturers that violate our privacy http://bit.ly/ejgjj9

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