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I’m Back Blokesters!

Hi there Blokesters! I’m baaaack! I’ve been up to my ears in geek stuff and I will be writing about all the gory details shortly.

I’ve been experimenting with various techniques to redirect my old Blogger blog over to Wordpress (amongst other things such as tweaking the template) and I had to take the blog offline to do it. But things are back to normal now (knock on wood) except for one issue.

For some reason the newsfeed doesn’t seem to be working. I’m not sure if it’s a server side issue or Feedburner’s. Of course both sides are blaming the other and I’m caught in the middle with my pants down. Don’t you just love technology?

I’ve made some interesting discoveries throughout my odyssey this week which I will be sharing in more detail with you as soon as I catch my breath. I’ll give you a little hint – I’ve discovered the absolute best way for redirecting your Blogger blog over to Wordpress (bar none). So stay tuned…



Written January 11th, 2008 by | 11 Comments | Filed under: Featured Tips, Miscellaneous Blog Tips , , ,

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There are 11 Comments so far to “I’m Back Blokesters!”

  1. Oh, That will be good to hear BB.

    Any way to redirect all those website.com/year/month posts that blogger makes, redirected to the same address but with the day also. Like /2008/1/12/gardenpost. Or do I just need be patient?

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  2. They say that patience is a virtue Curtis ;-)

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  3. Too late, Bloke. My method of redirecting was to copy all of my archive posts to WordPress and then delete them from Blogger. Then I put a note on my old blog that I had moved. Probably not the cleanest way to handle it, but it was simple. I figured there wasn’t a big issue because I had been blogging for such a short time.

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  4. You shouldn’t delete your old posts Lee. All you have to do is put a noindex nofollow meta reference on your template. That way you will prevent duplication of your posts and avoid penalization by Google, and if anyone has ever linked to your posts you can set up an automatic redirect to the new blog. You might also retain some Google juice in the process.

    But if it is a new blog like you say then it probably doesn’t really matter. But for older more established blogs they should wait until they read my post first.

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  5. Bloke ! You’re back ! I actually caught your two latest posts in Netvibes. So I believe the newsfeed is back to normal.

    Keeping a blogger.com account can come in handy. And ofcourse, all my old posts are still intact on Google servers.

    Here’s a tip for those who were publishing on with a .blogspot.com address:

    In the publishing tab, I put my new domain in the FTP server and the Blog URL and to be on the safe side, I put a fake username and password in case I accidentally hit the publish button !

    After saving setting what happens now is my old address, jaffermaniar.blogspot.com redirects to my new address, leaving everything else untouched !

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  6. Clarification Jaffer. Have you set up your old blogspot to publish on an FTP server, or a custom domain? FTP is only available for classic users so it won’t work for New Blogger. Also, does it try to redirect individual post pages, or just the top domain?

    That’s good news about my feed. It’s been down for two days. Glad to see that your blog is looking fine as well :)

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  7. Glad to see you’re finally back, Blog Bloke :)

    I did find something today which I thought could help you with the redirection (finally!) but it seems you’ve already found something perfect for your needs. Great stuff, I can’t wait to hear about it!

    I check my feed reader often, and this was how I discovered your site was back online again. You can be assured it’s working fine now!

    Looking forward to that redirection post! I’m sure many WP converts will be needing this too.

    Best wishes,


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  8. I would like to hear what you came up with Amanda. Maybe yours is better! You never know.

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  9. Oh ok I was talking about the Classic Version.
    I’ve never had the chance to fully test the new version and I ditched it early !
    This method only redirects to the top-level domain.

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  10. Thanks for getting back to me Jaffer. The technique that I’m using will redirect the post pages so long as the URLS are similar, and the search engines should follow. Otherwise, if it can’t find the post page it will defer to my friendly/custom 404 message. Sweet!

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  11. Your posts keep me coming back :)

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