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Happy New Year 2008 Blokesters!

Happy New Year Blokesters!

Come join us as we celebrate the launch of the new Blog Bloke dot com, starting New Year’s day (if you’re not too hung over). I have a host of terrific bloggers lined up this week who are going to dazzle you with fantastic posts, so don’t miss it.

I’m also preparing some very special posts for y’all that I know you’re going to love, and while you’re here be sure to sign up for the newsfeed so you won’t miss a single blog tip.

This blog is the culmination of a re-branding of the “Blog Bloke” brand that I  unfortunately had deviated from (somewhat) over the years.

A very special thanks to the following bloggers who have helped make this all possible.

 1. To Mike at Twenty Steps who pointed out the branding issue and offered me some great advice to get the ball rolling.

2. To Amanda whose help with deciding on a blog theme as well as pointers for essential plugins that helped make this blog a happening place to hang out.

3. To Jaffer, whose jovial spirit and omnipresent support seems to be everywhere on this blog and throughout the Blokester Network.

4. To all the Blokesters who made it to the Top 10 Commenters List for 2007. Bloggers like Tica Macha, Kuanyin, Kathy, Debbie,  Kirsten, and … well, you get the picture. Unfortunately there’s just too many to mention here. The Bloke lives to read your comments and thank you so much for making this blog a happening place.

5. And most of all — a big heartfelt thanks to ALL of my special Blokesters who have faithfully read me all these years and stuck by me through the good and the bad times.

I love you all and this blog would be nothing without you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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There are 13 Comments so far to “Happy New Year 2008 Blokesters!”

  1. Happy New Year Everybody !

    I don’t drink but I have a cup o’Java in my hand.

    Cheers !

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  2. Happy New Year to you, BB. As someone new to blogging, your suggestions and tips have been invaluable. This is especially true since I essentially started in October as tarheelramblings.blogspot.com, established tarheelramblings.com and moved to WordPress. Believe me, that’s a lot of activity for a brand-new blog in a three month period!

    Again, thank you for your contribution to my small successes. And just for the record, Kathy deserves a big part of the praise and my thanks as well. If not for her posts which got me to evaluating I would probably be clueless on Blogger.

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  3. Happy New Year Blokesters!!

    Congratulations on the big launch, Blog Bloke :)
    Seems all is running smoothly for you so far, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what 2008 has in store for us all.

    Best wishes to you all,

    Amanda x

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  4. Bloke — I’m so excited for what’s to come in 2008 on BlogBloke.com. As you know, you have been the single best resource for me since I started blogging 5 months ago. Looking forward to your great articles and tutorials, and I thank you for all the effort you put into your blog so that we can make our blogs shine. 2008 WILL be the year of Blog Bloke!!

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  5. Happy New Year Blog Bloke.

    I am looking forward to reading more blogging tips this year. I am also looking forward to wordpress tips since I am moving over to wordpress myself via websited.net. Now If I can just talk my wife into me getting a paid host.

    A quick question if I may. What plugins do you use?

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  6. I have the hangover from Hell so I’ll type this slowly and quietly…

    Glad to see the new Blog Bloke up and running. Look forward to seeing the site developing over the coming months.

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  7. Morning everyone! It looks like you guys woke up before I did. Of course I live on the west coast so may be that’s the reason for my tardiness. Then again, maybe y’all are early birds and I’m the nighthawk.

    Anyhoo, Happy New Years everyone. Lets all expect great things for 2008 now that we have control of our blogging destiny.

    While your here, check out the new posts by Jaffer, Amanda and Mike.

    Time to get a coffee.



      Reply   ·   Share Share Blog Bloke Tips  

  8. Mike, you should have drank lots of water and took an aspirin before going to bed. It hurts just thinking about you.

    Curtis, I’m still experimenting with plugins so I will post the short list when I settle on the ones I like.

    Kathy, your enthusiasm has no bounds. Keep on blogging girl!

    Amanda, I read your draft post and it’s a knockout. Well done! I will publish it this evening.

    Lee … from Blogger to Wordpress in only three months! You certainly are a mover and shaker. It took me 6 years of blogging to make the move myself. Congrats!

    Jaffer, careful with the java. Too much caffeine can give you a migraine even worse than the proverbial New Years day hangover.

      Reply   ·   Share Share Blog Bloke Tips  

  9. How exciting…the brand new site! Congratulations! I’m feeling very intimidated trying to think of a post that will measure up! I’m serious. I need some time to think this through….what to post on your new site…I want to make it really good! So how does this work? I send you a draft post via email, and then you decide if it’s ok? I feel like the last one showing up for the party and wondering what’s been happening. :-)

      Reply   ·   Share Share Blog Bloke Tips  

  10. No problem Kuanyin. In fact I prefer it that way so I can choose the publishing time. The reason I didn’t send you an invite earlier is because I wasn’t certain about your health.

    There’s no need to feel intimidated. Just be yourself. That’s why I chose you after all. :) And don’t forget to create an “about” page describing all about yourself with a picture.

    I’m looking forward to reading it.

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  11. Happy New Year Bloke!!
    Hoping the new year brings all things good to you and your family.
    I get my desktop computer back today (with a brain) so I should be on-line more than in the recent past.
    One of your Number One Fans,

      Reply   ·   Share Share Blog Bloke Tips  

  12. That’s great news about the computer Teri. So there’s no more excuses for not hanging out here ;-). But seriously, Happy New Year sweety. I hope this year will the break through year for you.

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