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The Great Link Bitch Slap

Yesterday’s a-listers are now on the b-list.

Guess what boys and girls? Your favorite Bloke is the guy who broke the story about Google’s Pagerank going wonky last week.

In fact it was the most talked about story of the week. Everyone from Darren Rowse, Andy Beard to Duncan Riley at TechCrunch wrote about it (and I know they read me).

But you know what? None of them even bothered to link to the Bloke. Not even an honorable mention! It’s makes you think doesn’t it (rhetorical question).

There’s still no fairness in linking and there probably never will be so long as links are abused as a form of currency instead of being meted out ethically.

But this is par for the course. I’m constantly being sidestepped by the Wordpress community because I still use the Blogger platform. Somehow that means I don’t make the grade. Hah!

Like any (supposed) social democracy the blogosphere has been tainted by the lobbyists, special interests, monopolies and the money changers.

Is it any wonder why Google’s pagerank is so screwed up (and stupid).

Not to worry though. I take solace in the fact that my little post was the most dugg story on the topic, and that my pagerank is now higher than many of the former a-list snobs out there.

Given this fact I suppose I shouldn’t concern myself with them not linking to yours truly … so here’s sand in your face boyz and girlz (and you’re welcome for the link too ;-)

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Written October 29th, 2007 by | 11 Comments | Filed under: Make Money Tips, Miscellaneous Blog Tips, SEO Tips, Search Engine Tips , , ,

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There are 11 Comments so far to “The Great Link Bitch Slap”

  1. good on them (a-listers) for being bumped down … we can only hope the trend will continue

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  2. You know, this is just sad !

    The biosphere is supposed to be social, a place to make friends and instead we have bloggers “fighting” over popularity, ad-earnings and how many comments they can gagner.

    This type of attitude is supposed to be found in competing Real Estate Agents or Car Salesmen or Financial Corporations.

    P.S. Andy Beard’s site is so bloated that even a core2 duo begs for more heatsink power !

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  3. Welcome to the blogosphere my friend :)

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  4. Blog Bloke

    You seem to have some major chip on your shoulder about linking, but I assure you I attributed sources.

    First of all my first post on the subject was 6th October which was a number of days after it was first noticed.

    Within that post you will see a link to one of my readers.

    I didn’t have to link because it wasn’t news to me, but it was part of the conversation.

    You came over to my blog commenting that somehow you were the first and not acknowledged, but you were 2 WEEKS LATE.

    Then of course there is the Digg quote where you though you were the most Digged post. At least one post went popular, and at the time my post had 135 Diggs, even though it was buried at 60.

    I am sorry but I am not sure where your problem is.

    Jaffer there is very little bloat on my single pages, on the front page there are widges in the last part of of the page.

    What actually slow popular posts on loading are the number of comments and the Mybloglog avatars, but my blog is not unique in that.

    Blog Bloke would have the exact same problem with 100+ comments and 100+ trackbacks on a post.

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  5. There is no question there were rumblings going on in Googleland but the fact is it was MY POST that made the issue newsworthy and started the firestorm of controversy, and your post made after the fact certainly capitalized on it didn’t it. So you should be thanking me instead of berating me.

    It is also a fact that you visited this site and read my post first before you wrote your post that I commented on and referred to. You should have also noticed that I ended my comment on your blog with a wink which was your first clue.

    At the time (who knows now) my post was the most dugg and might even still be for all I know (or care). But the point is you listed the majority of heavy hitters who wrote about the story but you neglected to include yours truly.

    There is no question that you snubbed me and these are the facts. So the only chip that I can see on anyone’s shoulder would be yours.

    Then again, my advice Andy is that you lighten up a little. You’re too serious bro. Everyone knows that I like to play devil’s advocate along with a little tongue-in-cheek humour now and then.


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  6. As a matter of fact this is sounding all so familiar … with a slight twist of course :)

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  7. Oh yes, I forgot one more thing Mr. Beard. Regarding your snarky comment about your fans slowing down the loading of your page. Well all I can say is … bully for you bro. But if you bothered to take a look at some of my more popular posts you would see that I can boast the same. But you will also notice that I don’t beat my own chest at other people’s expense like some other Neanderthals do.

    Btw, you are most welcome for the link. I lead by example, not hot air.

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  8. Hey Andy,
    I commented out of frustration ! And I realized that I shouldn’t have after I had a bite to eat !

    If it hurt you that bad, I’m sorry

    But your argument left my head shaking ! Popularity is no excuse for a bloated site !
    All I’d like to ask you now is to go under the hood, clean up some code !
    Do you really need all those widgets BTW ?

    Problogger for example is popular but I don’t see his website hogging CPU resources !

    I’m only glad you offer full feeds !

    You want to see number of comments ? Check out this page on Veerle’s site that has more comments than the comments and trackbacks on “Digg Favorites Slapped By Google” page combined ! Atleast it doesen’t hog CPU Resources !

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  9. It’s ironical that an upstart like Mr. Beard who is competing in MY NICHE that I CREATED has the cahunas to accuse ME of having a chip on my shoulder. If the shoe fits…


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  10. […] the issue of ethics and making money blogging. Even just recently I was personally attacked by Beard and by my friend […]

  11. […] is even more true now in consideration of what I said yesterday, and the fact that too many bloggers continue to abuse links as currency instead of being meted out […]

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