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Yes Google I Am Pissed

Yes I am pissed. Extremely pissed, and so would you be if you were in my shoes.

After writing my recent post “Google’s Matt Cutts Says Black Hat and Link Spammers Beware” it seems that Google doesn’t like my criticism and the proof is in the proverbial pudding.

Let’s start by looking at the body of work that I have put into this blog. Let’s consider the fact that I have been blogging longer than most. The fact that I pioneered blogging and social media. When I started blogging blogs didn’t even have a comments section. There were no RSS feeds and I coded my own from scratch, and taught other bloggers how to do it.

Not Your Average Bloke

Not Your Average BlokeThe fact is I am the first blogger to create the ‘blog tips‘ niche, long before any of the other copycats had even heard of it.

Let’s look at the design of this blog. I created this blog from scratch with my own two hands. I did all of the design. All of the logos and graphics I created in Photoshop myself. I did not borrow a theme from somewhere else. I did not outsource the work like the others have. The fact is I did all of the coding, and as you can see it is a hell of a lot of freaking work.

There are not many out there who can claim the same pedigree that I have. So if anybody should be considered an “authority” (as Matt Cutts likes to put it) in blogging and social media it would be me.

The Blog Bloke.

Anybody who reads me knows that I have been in a feud with the Google gang over the past year or so. I don’t like the direction that Google has been heading. Well I am now seeing the fruits of that feud.

My traffic has dwinddled. I have all but disappeared from my own “blog tips” niche in the SERPS. Apparently I didn’t make the cut (pun intended) and yet the plagiarising hacks are still there. This is absurd. It is criminal.

I have NEVER made money from this blog. It is a labour of love from the heart. It is a public service. I have stayed true to my ethics and remained independent and avoided being soiled by the big pockets of special interests.

(Matt Cutts the Spaminator)

Matt CuttsSo this is the reward I get. Being purged by Google. “Purged“. I like that word. It reminds me of the Hitler and Stalinist era. Like his counterpart Hitler not only purged the competition but he also invented public book burnings. Well this book ain’t going down in flames.

Some things never change and power corrupts absolutely. I’m the last person who deserves this crap and they can’t silence me. So it’s time to get down to some in-depth analysis into what the Google beast has really been up to and whether or not it knows what the hell it is doing.

I’m going to do an analysis of Google Search using my own blog tips niche as an example. I’m going to analyze Google Plus and tell you why it is not achieving or why it is even there in the first place.

Does Google really know what the f*** it’s doing? I asked Matt Cutts himself for an explanation. I’m still waiting. If Cutts can artificially boost the ranking of his favs (as he boasts) then it stands to reason he can sink those who he dislikes.

In other words I’m making Google et al my special project. It ain’t personal. Just business.

Stay tuned … there is more to follow.

Written June 1st, 2013 by | 9 Comments | Filed under: Blog Tips, Featured Tips, Search Engine Tips ,

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There are 9 Comments so far to “Yes Google I Am Pissed”

  1. Ive been following you for a while and your blog never had any ads on it. Even when you were on blogger. Youve fought with Google and Facebook and they still try to get thier way.

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    Reply by: Blog Bloke at 1:06 pm said...

    Somebody has to keep them in line ;)

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  2. Very informative article. Looking forward to reading more. Really Great.

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    Reply by: (BB) Blog Bloke at 1:14 pm said...


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  3. Hi BB!
    Thanks for the post ” Yes Google I Am Pissed” . I found it very helpful and expect other will find it useful too.

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    Reply by: (BB) Blog Bloke at 3:04 am said...

    Thanks Tom. I just tweeted your scam post. I have written extensively on the topic of ethics myself http://www.blogbloke.com/category/blog-ethics-tips/

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  4. BB, are you and the others ready to turn a “purging” into a big win and a big story?

    Believe me, I sympathize as I know several million others do. And therein lays part of the solution.

    I Tweeted you, please let’s connect.

    Phil Butler
    Editor, Everything PR News

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    Reply by: Blog Bloke at 8:54 am said...

    Thanks for swinging by Phil. It is an honour and a privilege.

    Yes, it is time to turn the tables on the Google beast.


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  5. […] Yes Google I Am Pissed […]

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