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Here Come The Google Plus Experts

Well that didn’t take long.

Check out this video as the talking head tries to convince you to “Click My Junk” and learn how to become a Google+ pro.

Does it remind you of somebody you already know? It really says it all don’t you think.

Personally I can’t wait for all the Google+ “experts” to start sharing their wisdom with us … NOT.

Can you?

P.s.: I was in a Forest Gump kinda mood and thinking of the phrase “stoopid is as stoopid does”. I’m amazed (and appalled) at the huge number of videos and posts that I’m seeing by the talking head “experts” telling us how easy Google+ is. I know these so-called “tips” are being curated from Google help files and they only tell us the obvious. So my question is, if it’s so “easy” then why even bother. Are we really that stupid, stoopid? Seriously.

Written July 8th, 2011 by | 12 Comments | Filed under: Social Media Tips, Videos ,

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There are 12 Comments so far to “Here Come The Google Plus Experts”

  1. Ok I believe you. But you’ll have to make sure that you don’t bit ::::P

    Liked your video ps.

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    Reply by: BLOGBloke at 12:45 pm said...

    @social media expert, Heh…

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  2. Agree with that. They are no experts, well maybe they are. Experts at mooching on sites that aren’t their own.

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    Reply by: BLOGBloke at 10:53 am said...

    @Curtis, you mean “expert” moochers?

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    Reply by: Curtis at 11:05 am said...

    @BLOGBloke, Right. trying to see if a guy I invited is on + yet. Its a little different but easier in my opinion. Seems like privacy settings are more strait forward. One setting I like on my android phone that it instant uploads all my photos to a private folder I can share later on.

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  3. I have read nothing about Google+ I know it’s easy to use if you like something you click +1 and thats about it. But if you get into webrings giving votes for votes you could end up blocking the information that you need to find and only see results from invalid sources because you voted for them.

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    Reply by: BLOGBloke at 10:55 am said...

    @Roezer, Yes, I don’t like anything that manipulates the SERPS either. We already have enough trouble with that nonsense.

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  4. There’s so much hype about this new Google thing that I sometimes get annoyed. Then again I do also hate FB and how every real-life conversation about what people have been doing always goes back to it.

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  5. It’s really pushing the definition of expert to declare oneself an authority on a social media site like Google+ so soon after its unveiling. In fact, anyone claiming expertise in using the site so quickly is already pushing their own credibility beyond the limit. Of course, there will be people who will turn to these self proclaimed instant experts for advice, and that is where the self proclaiming type of instant pudding will get bites.

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    Reply by: BLOGBloke at 11:55 pm said...

    @Wayne Hurlbert, I’m thinking of the old saying a fool and his money. I’ve been playing around with domain names using google plus combinations and you wouldn’t believe how many are already taken. Including googlepluspro. I wonder who took that? ;-)

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  6. A video tutorial by a self-proclaimed G+ “expert” .. This was a spam comment that I received and I left it in here as an example of what we’re talking about. I removed the link of course. Heh ;-)

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  7. Look out folks … Here Come the Google Plus Experts http://t.co/ibT89jj via @BLOGBloke

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