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Google Announces Blogger Beta!

This isn’t the first time that Google has made me eat crow and today is no exception. This is proof positive that either:

a) Google reads the Blog Bloke regularly and have taken my suggestions to heart;
b) I’m psychic and have the gift of of prophecy;
c) The squeaky wheel really does get the grease, or;
d) I just have horseshoes up my…

Here Yee, Here Yee! Today Blogger has announced exciting new changes, bringing Blogger back into the fold as a serious contender in blogging platforms. Blogger has announced the new Blogger Beta:

  • Categorize your posts with labels;
  • Control who can read your blog (make your blog private)
  • Change the appearance and content of your blog with your mouse instead of HTML (drag and drop
  • )

  • They’ve admitted to what I’ve already known — they are now providing an RSS feed in addition to Atom;
  • Feed links for all comments on your blog, and individual feeds for each post;
  • You don’t have to republish your blog to see your changes (instant publishing);
  • Brand spanking new Templates.
  • It’s not everything that I asked for but at least it’s a start in the right direction. Take the tour for yourself or see Google’s help section for more information on how to switch over to Blogger Beta.

    Just remember the catchword here is “Beta“, and if you make the switchover you can’t go back to the old version again. I think I will create a test account first, but you will need to create a Google account before you can login. Now back to playing… you can read my review of Blogger Beta here.

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    There is One Comment so far to “Google Announces Blogger Beta!”

    1. I tried it. All is cool! Looks like only Google account holders can comment in this “Blogger beta”. Nice move :)

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