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Free Wordpress Hosting

Ok Blokesters, I’m really fed up with trying to a make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. The more that I play with the Blogger code, the more it’s limitations are driving me bonkers.

Blogger is a good platform but only Wordpress will give me the flexibility that I’m looking for. So I’ve been looking for a free hosting solution that will allow me to work on the new design without limitations.I’ve Googled until my eyes are sore but I can’t seem to find anything. I realize there are cheap hosting solutions such as Wordpress.com that allow diddling with the CSS — but NO HTML editing.

Can anyone out there help me find a free host that will let me get down and dirty with the code? I’m not asking for free hosting forever. I just don’t think it makes sense to pay for hosting while I’m designing and testing a new theme.

When the new design is ready to go live I will be happy to pay for hosting.

Can anyone help me? Thanks.

*Then again I can always check out FreeWebspace.net.

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Written September 16th, 2007 by | 18 Comments | Filed under: Blogging Tips, Miscellaneous Blog Tips, Wordpress Tips , ,

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There are 18 Comments so far to “Free Wordpress Hosting”

  1. Don’t forget that you need to install Wordpress on the server so, as well as the space, you’ll need to have PHP functionality and access to a MySQL database.

    Good decision though. Good luck with the move.

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  2. From what I can see most host providers provide it. Thanks for the good thoughts.

    I should have done it a long time ago.

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  3. You need to enter my competition and win a years free hosting, my friend!

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  4. Done! Let me know when I win :)

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  5. After getting my domain name and setting it. up in blogger. Thanks again.

    I decided to move to my old wordpress.com blog and payed for domain mapping($10) to my own domain. Now I have my domain name on wordpress.com, with blogger pointing to it. Don’t really care about tweaking with html right now so WP suits me fine.

    The only free hosting ones I see are with a sub domain name.

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  6. Hi Curtis. I’m curious, what made you go back to Wordpress?

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  7. Hi BB, I’ve written you an email about this - do check!

    Here’s the post, incase the mail is trapped in spam:


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  8. Thanks Sumesh. Good information there. The problem that I have is 3 computers of mine recently gave up the ghost so I can’t run a dedicated server to host the blog.

    But it is something that I’ve pondered doing and your information will be helpful if I should decide to go that route.

    Cheers bro!

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  9. The comments are easy to track, not to mention you can search in them. And you can back up the blog every so often. Not to mention that I had readers that didn’t go to blogger when I moved back.

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  10. I searched for \’Cheap Host\’ in google and found this your post (\’\') in search results. Not very relevant result, but still interesting to read.

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  11. Glad to see drop by no matter how you found me :)

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  12. Best wordpress and other script hosting . Very good customer support too. 24/7 excellent service.

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  13. If you only want to play around with things, their are plenty of free hostslike aokhost.com, 000webhost.com, try fusedtree.com, sign up for a free hosting account, then in control panel click on add ons and then install wordpress in root(do remember to make a database first), and you are done. Hosting is free and no ads at all, you can play around with things there. I have just made a free account there and installed wordpress easily, even I am going to play around with it till I get used to it as I am a newbie too…. Hope it helps

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  14. This was such an informative, relevant answer. It was exactly what I was looking for. I’m so happy to know I’ll be getting something out of your posts.

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  15. I never liked the free website hosting services. But only for testing purposes, like you said, I thing it’s alright. For that I recommend 000webhost.com

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  16. i really prefer to host wordpress in my own space,it is more garenteed like that

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  17. Thank you. I never liked free hosting. But i liked it this time..


    Domain Hosting

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  18. Great information. Lucky me I found your website by accident (stumbleupon).
    I’ve book-marked it for later!

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