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Free Blog Tools, Google Adsense, Sitemaps, SEO Tips

I discovered an interesting site called Smart IT. They have a lot of good information there about Google Sitemaps, SEO tips, Google Adsense and free tools that bloggers can use. It’s definitely worth a click.

Here is a useful gem about how to add your free hosted blog (such as Blogger users) to Google Sitemaps:

Free hosted content management systems like Blogger don’t allow the upload of XML sitemaps, but they may create a feed. Google’s Sitemap program accepts most feeds, so just submit your RSS or ATOM feed. This will not cover updates of older posts, but if the main page is popular and provides links to the archives, Googlebot will crawl all posts frequently.

If the free host adds nasty ads to every HTML page, try to create a plain text file with a list of your URLs, each URL in a new line. Google accepts every file extension for text sitemaps, so try different extensions until you find one which your free host doesn’t touch. I didn’t try whether Google accepts the misuse of common extensions or not, but perhaps using .gif or .jpeg will do the trick.

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There are 14 Comments so far to “Free Blog Tools, Google Adsense, Sitemaps, SEO Tips”

  1. I’m into blogger and submitted my sitemap with my atom feed. I got errors on doing so, I google for the error and found the solution. I added this instead, atom.xml?redirect=false
    now google accepted my sitemap with no more errors. I hope this helps.

    joriz’s last blog post..The Get Rich Quick Virus - why most people fail online

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  2. Good advice on creating a text file. But, why not just pay the insanely cheap hosting somewhere like at Godaddy or hostmonster. I only pay $6 a month and I have over 10 sites hosted and I am only using 256 megabytes of 200 gigs. Anyway, if you really want good rankings in the serps its a good idea just to pay for hosting so you can control things like sitefeeds in my opinion.

    Jason’s last blog post..Great Link Building Tool

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  3. Clever. I didn’t even know you could submit rss feeds through their sitemap submission.

    @Jason I’d say some people just starting out might not want or even have 6 bucks to spare before figuring out how all this stuff works.

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  4. Uhm, I have sites that have no sitemap that rank very well on google and some with sitemaps that are nowhere on the listings :)

    @Noah, there are plenty of places that will host your starter blog for free, they won’t even pester you with ads.
    All you need to pay is $10 per year for a domain..

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    Reply by: Blog Bloke at 8:19 pm said...

    @freewebsite, there’s a lot more to SEO than just sitemaps. It’s just one small part of the equation.

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  5. SEO is like an art rather than knowledge

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  6. SEO is an art….

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  7. SEO is A science man

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  8. Hi, nice blog and nice post. I’m a newbie and have many things to learn from your blog. Thanks

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  9. Good link that to the Smart IT site. It is really usefull. On another note, it always a good idea to add the google webmaster tools to your website. That way you can see how you sitemap is ranking.

    @seotips - Its not an exact science. SEO is mainly full of opinions and you can’t make a fact on an opinion so it can’t be a science. Although, how it is performed, that is science.

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  10. I never would have thought of that great idea. I’ll have to try this on my blogs.

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  11. Very good suggestions or SEO there. However, this does not imply to Wordpress only, it can be applied to any website in general.

    effective seo

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  12. For Google’s Blogger, submitting your sitemap to Google itself isn’t entirely needed although I do see it being rather helpful. I was under the understanding that Google handled Blogger sitemaps relatively well on it’s own for indexing purposes. I could be wrong on that, not sure.

    However, submitting the Blogger hosted sitemap to Bing and Ask, yes, I can definitely see a need for a sitemap even though most of your traffic will be coming from Google, you shouldn’t neglect those who use other search engines.

    Worth noting, I also submit my sitemap to Yandex as well. I never attempt with Baidu.

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  13. […] by Yahoo! Answers Mary asks… What are some really cool/practical free blog tools? Hi, I’m adding to my blog and wan…ree blog […]

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