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FREE Blog Hosting For all You Blogger Defectors

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand you must have heard about Blogger’s recent commenting blunder that has got everyone’s knickers in a knot and stampeding over to Wordpress. Well have I got a solution for you.

Here is a completely FREE blog hosting solution and it comes with the bells and whistles too. It’s called Websited.net.Full-Featured Hosting Solution:

1 GB of storage space
10 GB of bandwith per month
MySQL database (w/ phpMyAdmin)
Site statistics (w/ AWStats)
No banner ads or pop-ups! (A small link to us in the footer is the only thing we add.)
Free subdomains or use you own domain
Tech support provided, unlike other free hosts

Tons of Pre-Installed Software Included:

Ecommerce: osCommerce, ZenCart
Blog: Wordpress, sBlog, bBlog
CMS: Joomla, Xoops, Mambo, cutenews, Nucleus
Forums: myBB, MyLittleForum, SMF, etc
Images: coppermine, gallery, 4images
Wiki: tikiwiki, wikiwig
Install your own software too!

As far as performance is concerned I don’t know how well it will play in the real virtual world, but it doesn’t matter because unlike other free hosts it gives me total control as I familiarize myself with Wordpress and tinker with my new theme.

Depending on how well it performs, after I get my new theme up and running I might then consider paying for a hosting service. But for now it’s perfect for my needs.

After all, why should I pay for hosting while I’m setting it up?

Written December 7th, 2007 by | 16 Comments | Filed under: Blogging Tips, Miscellaneous Blog Tips, Wordpress Tips , , ,

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There are 16 Comments so far to “FREE Blog Hosting For all You Blogger Defectors”

  1. If and when you decide to go with a paid host, Jordon at The World of Stuff uses Nearly Free Speech - you pay only for the bandwidth used. He’s been with them for quite some time now and seems pretty satisfied, and I like what I read on their site. For myself, I’ll likely be taking Snoskred up on her offer, since she also offers major setup assistance, which will come in very handy for my busy schedule.

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  2. My advice is if you are not running a blog to make money it doesn’t make much sense to pay someone else to design, setup or run your blog for you. Even if they are initially offering their services for free (or almost free), sooner or later they are going to want to be paid for their time.

    Setting up a Wordpress blog on a free hosted solution like this is easy. The hard part is tweaking the theme/template, and I don’t think anyone is going to do that very long for free or on the cheap.

    We’re all busy and want to spend our time doing what we like most - and that is writing. But it’s also in our best interests to become self-dependant for our tech needs.

    That is why it makes sense to take advantage of a free offer such as this to tinker and learn in our spare time. Continue using Blogger for the time being. There’s no big hurry as I see it. Your blog is still working and your existing readers aren’t going to defect over this.

    Look at moving over to Wordpress as your long-term strategy.

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  3. I’ll take advantage of it while it’s a great deal. Once it’s set up, then I can tinker with it. I just don’t have the time anymore to figure it out, at least in the beginning. The design stuff, like colors and layout I can figure out easily, but the technical stuff like FTP is what freaks me out. Networking has never been my strong point.

    I have been enamored with WP for a long time now, so it seems like as good a time as any to switch.

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  4. FTP is a snap. No big deal. Grab FileZilla. It’s completely free! If you can tweak your own template then your laughing.

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  5. I’m honestly sort of scared to have to take the time to “migrate”. Moving a blog to another host, rebuilding links, etc . . . Google is certainly not the place to “be” now, though, I guess . . . Wordpress seems like a good bet. Does Blogbloke reccomend a hosted solution?

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  6. I use FileZilla all the time and love it, especially for my podcast episodes. I’m definitely looking forward to some future BB posts about WordPress once you move over! My blogging experience has been great on WP thus far.

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  7. Whether the OpenID comment system is major or minor issue for the Blogosphere, we need a short term solution as well as a long term solution!

    I needed to enable OpenID for my WordPress Blogging Buddies. OpenID is working for me tonight on Blogger Blogs that have enabled OpenID. I am not sure this change is major for WordPress Bloggers since they needed to enter their URL both before and after OpenID to comment. Once “WordPress” is selected from the Drop-down Menu, “WordPress” stays selected.

    I believe the major issue was the lack of communication by Google to both Google Blogspot and WordPress Bloggers to ease our concerns and release the simple procedure to enable OpenID which WordPress Bloggers should be familiar with!

    Hopefully, there will be more time to tinker with WordPress after the Holidays.

    Happy Holidays Brother Bloke,

    PS. seems this comment fits both of your posts. I have also encountered many WordPress Blogs where I need to re-enter my name, eMail, and Blog address every time I post a comment. Whether this is a WordPress theme issue or something was not enabled is unknown.

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  8. Jason — will I have to change my name to Word Bloke?

    Stan, I know exactly how you feel. I’m not looking forward to it myself. I should be able to keep my top domain pagerank intact and my urls will be redirected, but I will however lose my backlinks in the process. Oh well…

    As for paid hosting, dream host is looking pretty good.

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  9. I think I will enable my OpenID and play around with it myself. The problem is Blogger made no announcements that I’m aware of and left it up to us to figure out. For a company that is well versed in PR they seem to have done this assbackwards.

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  10. Yeahm, Server performance is important when dealing with free server space.

    King Vanlines’s last blog post..Picking a Washington Moving Company

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  11. Very true but sometimes you can get lucky. For example, I’m paying only $10/year for my host with all the bells and whistles. I can’t complain :-)

    If you just want to learn playing around with Wordpress themes the free hosts are a good place to start and get your feet wet.

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  12. I was thrilled to see this today, but disappointed ’cause the link returns a lost page. Sigh. I’d love to find $10/yr hosting!

    tatas last blog post…The Jug Band Jubilee

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    Reply by: Blog Bloke at 12:35 am said...

    Unfortunately that sale is long gone. Sorry. Stay posted though because if something else comes up I’ll let you know.

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  13. I did move to Wordpress and do not regret it. So many free themes, add-ons, and forums that I was up and running in no time. Now I am using Blogger again for some less important information because I feel that it will never match up to Wordpress support.

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  14. WOW! That host provides pretty much everything a paid host company provides.

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  15. I personally think free hosting is a bad idea. You don’t have control over your site and that’s not good, they also tend to spam it with ads you don’t get payed for. Hosting now a days is extremely cheap, so if you value your website(s) I think payed hosting is really the way to go. Shared hosting is great for most people and if you need even more power, but not spend more money, you can try a VPS, I have plenty cheap ones listed at my site.

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