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Flexibile Blogging: Join the Revolution!

Recent events have made it clear where Blogger is heading. Its obsessive paranoia over spam has made it’s blogging platform all too proprietary and rigid for my liking.

I’m fed up with them dictating their terms down my throat. I’m looking for a more open architecture that will give me the flexibility I need and allow me to decide what I can and want to do with my blog. Wordpress it seems will give me that flexibility.

Are you with me? Then Join the Revolution! Add your name below and let Blogger know that we’ve had enough. Let’s make this viral and encourage your readers to do the same. Further reading:

Written December 8th, 2007 by | 23 Comments | Filed under: Blogging Tips, Miscellaneous Blog Tips, Wordpress Tips , , , , ,

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There are 23 Comments so far to “Flexibile Blogging: Join the Revolution!”

  1. Vive la Revolution !

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  2. Amen brother!

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  3. I’m going too!

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  4. You KNOW I’m totally in! I’ll be doing the “I’m Blogger-free dance” next week when I’m moved over to WordPress.

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  5. Go girls go!

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  6. Can I join the revolution? Cause I loves me a revolution. Makes me feel all French when I eat my Royal with Cheese….

    I started at Blogger. Couldn’t handle the freaky orange and blue psychedelic colours and moved on to the more sophisticated (to match my personality *snort*) Wordpress.

    I have done my bit for the revolution…. berated all my peeps into comin’ on over to Wordpress. Now I have to update all my freaking links!



    (hey! What the heck is this? I can now use Wordpress to log in? Haven’t seen this before….. lets see if it works…. But I don’t think it will save Blogger….)

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  7. I don’t think anything can save Blogger. Too many hoops to jump through just to leave a link. Thanks for spreading the word magneto. Viva la Revolution!

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  8. Just so that this doesn’t only become a revolution to switch Blokesters to just Wordpress, allow me to rant about some of the previous discussions that have take place on Blog Bloke.

    I’d encourage everybody to try out other platforms like MovableType, TypePad, ExpressionEngine, Joomla etc, before settling down for what made you happiest.
    It’ll save you the frustration on the long run, you happen to find out it was a wrong choice and begin to have a grudge at other Blokesters.
    I stuck to ExpressionEngine after also trying out WordPress, MovableType and Joomla.
    It’s most flexible form a designer’s point of view.

    Don’t worry about how Google treats you. There is a growing number of surfers, (thanks to Flock), that use Yahoo! as their default search engine. And it’s been giving better results than ever. Personally, I use ixquick if I want to find specific stuff real fast.

    I think DreamHost too much for many Blokesters. Bloke would need terabytes of bandwidth but not me.
    I am currently hosted at A small Orange which has plans, ideal for us little guys - and a great customer servive. And you can pay with PayPal.

    I feel like Rick Mercer now. ;)

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  9. Good points there Jaffer.

    1. I would definitely rule out Joomla which is a full-blown Comment Management System and overkill for regular bloggers.

    2. MovableType is more difficult to use than Wordpress and probably overkill for the average blogger too.

    3. I don’t see much advantage to using Typepad over Blogger which is a paid-for service. But I would imagine their support is better (and more personal).

    4. The advantage that I can see with Wordpress is there is so much acceptance of it out there, and hence … support. It is an open standard, albeit it is more difficult to learn than Blogger.

    5. I looked at ExpressionEngine but I couldn’t find all that many free templates available.

    6. For the money it’s hard to beat DreamHost for what you get. But again, shop around as everyone’s needs are different.

    Perhaps others can share here their personal preferences and experiences.

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  10. I had my first hiccup with WordPress today, but managed to resolve it myself. I believe I messed up my themes by using Windows Live Writer to publish a post. I have much learning ahead of me, but I also have help, so not too worried.

    I find BlueHost to be easy to use, but admit I could have have configured it properly without having my hand held.

    So far, so good. The more I use something other than Blogger, the better I feel about leaving it. No more cloud hanging over my head.

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  11. There is a new concern with the security of Blooger OpenID.
    Seems like Phishing Pirates could be lurking in the OpenID system?
    This Blog Bible scholar has posted about the Salvation of OpenID today.
    Another new blessing of Google Grace?

    I need to enlist in the WordPress Boot Camp first!
    To learn how to give Blogger the Boot, should be Hoot!

    Viva la Revolution!

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  12. WordPress Problems:

    1. Could not register for Free Hosting at Websited.net… entered all fields 5 times correctly and sign up erased the info every time I clicked “submit.”

    2. To get a idea of how post in WordPress, I registered at WordPress.com and all Blogger posts transferred smoothly until I saw all paragraphs and line breaks were removed.

    3. Added the HTML code to reformat the last post and WordPress strips the line breaks each time.

    4. One WordPress forum recommended to copy the text to the code section of the editor and check it in the visual section than post it. Still didn’t work.

    A blogging we will shall go, A blogging we will shall go from one hell to another hell! I wonder who offers WordPress Salvation?

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  13. I’ve moved over to WordPress with my main blog and am loving it (after 2 years on Blogger). I’m also writing a blog using TypePad, but I’d heartily recommend WordPress as a forward step for anyone using Blogger. WP is such a flexible and useful CMS! Hosting can be very cheap or even free for WP.

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  14. Hey Blokesters,
    Darren is having a competition and is giving out five autographed copies of “Wordpress for Dummies”

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  15. I hate to admit that I’ve really fallen out with Blogger (and Google too for that matter). The reason being that I blog about Blogger on my main blog.

    BUT - in recent weeks I have migrated all of my other blogs over to Wordpress. And I’m loving this revolution! For bloggers with a little experience (especially in the design department), Wordpress is a much better, more fully featured, user friendly, hugely customizable platform.

    There are some wonderful templates out there, some of which are exceptional in functionality (check out Justin Tadlock’s templates for some terrific examples). Also wonderful support for WP from every corner of the globe, thousands of plugins (simpler and cleaner than Blogger javascripts) and many more selling points besides.

    I personally use GoDaddy for my Wordpress domains and hosting, though Yahoo was also very useful. GoDaddy enables me to pay for my hosting monthly which was for me a big selling point (funds are in short supply for me to fork out a year’s hosting in one go!).

    Some hints for the changeover, Blog Bloke:

    1. Don’t buy a new domain if you can help it! Let go of the automatic redirect from http://Blog Bloke.com to http://www.Blog Bloke.com (use the www only for Blogger for a few days). This will enable you to install WP to the root of your domain. Effectively you will be running two blogs from the one domain for a time, but it works and can be changed later.

    2. Transfer all of your posts, then use “pretty urls” which are almost the same as the permalinks used by Blogger. This should hopefully ensure that most of your links remain in place. If you have the time and energy, you can always change the permalinks for the posts which don’t correspond manually from your WP dashboard afterwards.

    3. When your design/posts/permalinks are as good as you can get them, let go of the Blogger custom domain. This is the scary part, especially as it takes a couple of days for the DNS to propagate (it seems to take longer when letting go of Blogger…). Once this is complete you may need to change the .htaccess file to ensure that www and non-www domains point to the same location, but eventually you’ll get it okay.

    For me it took about 3-4 days for each blog to be set up on WP correctly on their different domains with the permalinks as close as possible to the original links from the Blogger hosted blog. Admittedly I don’t have nearly as many posts as you do, so I can well understand why it would be daunting!

    But good luck to you, and bye-bye Google Blogger! If only it would be ethical/respectable to blog about Blogger on Wordpress, I would move my main blog over to a much more functional platform too…

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  16. You know folks, It may seem that I’ve been a tad too biased towards ExpressionEngine.

    Looking at the few of the comments above, I understand that many of you prefer modifying existing templates.

    I on the other hand, love the challenge of making my templates from scratch (and not sharing them).
    The learning curve to make templates from scratch was too steep with Wordpress and Movabletype.
    On the other hand, ExpressionEngine has its very own, easy to learn template language.
    So I guess it’s one of the many reasons you won’t find ready-made EE templates around !

    My Two Cents !

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  17. Hi Bloke,

    I have WordPress Post Lift off! After much tribulation, the Line Break Mystery was solved a few minutes ago!

    All iMac Bloggers switching to WordPress need to use Firefox to edit WordPress Posts! For reasons unknown, WordPress hates Safari Browsers or Safari hates WordPress…. who cares, as long as our post format does not break down over line breaks!

    I am not sure if commenting on my WordPress Blog is active, yet… next on my list to check!

    For now, Debbie Dolphin is duplicated here:
    New England Lighthouse Treasures

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  18. I, too, had some formatting issues with WordPress. I did my import today and some posts were a mixture of Times New Roman and Arial. I changed them all the Georgia, 12pt, via Windows Live Writer. I thought it would take hours to fix 112 posts, but it took just one hour.

    Tomorrow I change the domain to my “real” one (from my alternate domain). Everyone pray for me please. This has been a trying experience and I hope the last step goes smoothly!

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  19. Hi everyone. I’ve been busy playing with my new Wordpress theme. I you haven’t already, better grab the $10 lifetime blog hosting offer. I think they will be all gone by today.

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  20. After getting the lowdown on issues at Google through Kathy at The Junk Drawer, I made the move to WordPress on my own hosted domain.

    I used a second domain that I own to get WordPress set up, past posts imported and testing done. Then I changed the domain name to my regular domain, changed a couple of listings and have been off and running for almost a week now.

    I too chose GoDaddy for my hosting, and I’m very please with their service and support. I had an issue accessing my databases, called customer service and got service that was above and beyond.

    So, bottom line is that I’m definitely part of the revolution. All I have left on Blogger is a post telling folks I’ve moved.

    Tar Heel Ramblings

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  21. As soon as my new Wordpress theme is ready I’m outta here. Welcome to the revolution Lee.

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  22. I made the move to Wordpress a month or so ago. I am really enjoying the flexibility it allows.
    I am going to take a look at ExpressionEngine for other purposes after reading what you have to say Jaffa.
    I use Joomla for some of my client’s sites - the interface takes some time to learn and the link structure is not very search engine friendly. It is excellent for a large site that regularly updates pages but not so good as a blogging application. Many of the additional features available in CMS systems such as Joomla are possible using plugins with Wordpress.


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  23. […] a result of our insurrection it seems that Google Blogger has (finally) realized their mistake causing some bloggers to lament […]

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