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A-Lists: Fact or Myth?

Filed under the Bloke's 'Misguided' category

Is this the final word? Somehow I don’t think so. Anyhow, take a look at this video and let me know what you think:

Interesting video. Cute face too.

The Bloke stays up to 3am working, and my stuff is just as good if not better than most. But according to this guy I should be an a-lister by now.

Hmm… then again the a-listers haven’t linked to me yet. Could that have something to do with it? And do you think maybe it’s because I like to give them a hard time? Now there you go being snarky again Bloke. Shame, shame… (but it is a lot of fun :)

Here are some readers comments over at Calacanis:

  • In the beginning he said the a-list didn’t exist, and in the end he validated it’s existence by saying “they” work harder than you.
  • Ya, seriously as entertaining as all this debate has been, why is it that every post saying there is no A-list ends by saying there is an A-list?
  • Well said by Loren here and Jason previously. Like anything else, you have to put your time in to be successful. How long? Well, that’s directly proportionate to how skilled you are, how well you market yourself and how well-connected you get. Key word = “you”. Most overnight successes aren’t made overnight

UPDATE: Watch Rory’s satirical video. A-listers: are they fact or just myth? You decide.

Written March 26th, 2007 by | 11 Comments | Filed under: Miscellaneous Blog Tips, MythBusters

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There are 11 Comments so far to “A-Lists: Fact or Myth?”

  1. I guess nobody cares about the a-listers. Just as well I suppose.

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  2. Mahalo for turning me onto this dude. He’s hilarious!

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  3. Bingo! At least two care.

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  4. Did Kuanyin mean me or the Loren Feldman?

    Thanks for linking to this, BB. Of course, I wouldn’t have complained if you had broadcast it in all it’s hilarious glory.

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  5. Just an observation…

    “Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”
    - Henry David Thoreau

    Why don’t we forget lists & ranks and just blog for the sheer fun of it? ;-)

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  6. I would agree with that monojoy, but I think all of us would also agree that we want to blog at a level playing field too.

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  7. Rory, why should I “broadcast” it here when I can send you all the traffic? I mean, don’t you like traffic, I mean…

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  8. Traffic’s great. Just wanted to show off my enormous philanthropy.

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  9. I hear that philanthropy isn’t the only enormous thing about you either. Rumors you know…

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  10. That guy is an idiot. Is “America” the world? Hello? Not all bloggers live in free countries. Not all bloggers have the technical skill or resources that Scoble has. Not all bloggers can do what A list bloggers can do.

    I’m not whining. I’ll make my way. I make my own news. I live in the US. I have friends in high places. I have plenty of money. I’m smart. I DO blog at 3AM. I work HARD at blogging.

    But not all bloggers are like me.

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  11. Well said Elaine. I know that you work hard at your blog and it shows.

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