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FeedDemon 2.0 is only for News Junkies

After reading a review of FeedDemon 2.0 a couple of flags were immediately raised in my mind’s eye.

1. When FeedDemon was first introduced to me it was touted as a “free” product. Only after I installed it and used it for awhile did Nick Bradbury fess up that I was being used as a beta tester until the product was ready for sale. I felt deceived, especially after all the free promotion that I gave his product.

2. I’m concerned that he sold out to Newsgator. For crying out loud it was still only version 1. It speaks volumes to me where his priorities are. These days it seems that everybody wants to make a fast buck off the blogosphere. But then again maybe I’m just too naive for my own good.

3. Admittedly I have a lot of subscriptions and when I refresh my feeds FeedDemon grinds my ‘puter to a halt. So much so that I had to shut off automatic refreshing of my news groups. (Ironically speed is one of the selling features that they promote over using Bloglines but I have found the opposite to be true). If you can’t refresh regularly for current content then what’s the point??? It’s a real pain in the a** if you know what I mean. Funny thing is FeedDemon is supposed to be for us power users.

4. And speaking of Bloglines, synchronization with FeedDemon totally sucks. Again, I have a large OPML file and it grinds everything to complete a standstill. Using Bloglines in my browser is much faster.

5. Personally I’m biased towards browser-based RSS newsreaders. Why? Because despite the fact that FeedDemon has a built-in viewer, I find it too small to be of much use and I’m continually loading the page in my browser to get a better look-see. So why not just use a browser newsreader? Makes sense to me.

6. Having said that FeedDemon is probably the most sophisticated news reader around and it will appeal to those that crave the latest and greatest bleeding edge toys. But it is definitely not for everyone and overkill for most users. Weighing in at a hefty $30 for my money I say screw the bells and whistles. Until they have improved performance and marketing issues I would not even consider an upgrade.

I realize that I’m going against the grain with this post and I don’t take any delight in panning a product. But I call it as I see it. That might not necessarily be news, but is reality.

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Written March 30th, 2006 by | 9 Comments | Filed under: Blog Tips ,

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There are 9 Comments so far to “FeedDemon 2.0 is only for News Junkies”

  1. A thoughtful post that made me think. I have to agree that all too often we follow the crowd and pay too much attention to frills and not enough to ethics or performance. Thanks for being honest.

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  2. You’re entitled to whatever opinion you like about my software, but you have no reason to question my character.

    I’ve been writing commercial software for well over a decade, and I wrote code for sheer enjoyment before I ever made a living from it. I’m not in this to “make a fast buck” - I’m doing this because it’s what I love to do.

    The main reason I sold to NewsGator was that the #1 request from FeedDemon customers was synchronization, which is something that required an online piece to do well - and NewsGator had this piece.

    Also, FeedDemon has never been a free product, and I never touted it as such. I made it very clear during the 1.0 beta that I intended to charge for it once the beta period was over. If you need proof, please visit the FeedDemon home page in the Internet Archive: (edited)

    While you’re there, feel free to snoop around the archives and find where I ever stated that it would be free.

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  3. I just returned to find my template blown apart by Nick Bradbury’s longish URL (and tirade), so I hope he will pardon me if I had to remove it.

    Knowing what a smart programmer Nick is I’m certain that he must know the proper syntax for a URL so I highly doubt that it was unintentional.

    I don’t need it anyhow because my memory works just fine and so does my email archive. And besides archives can be altered, not saying that he would do that anyhow.

    So Nick, now that you’ve had a chance to take a breath let’s look at this sensibly shall we. Personally I was very disappointed with you and if it will help to write it off as just a misunderstanding then so be it. But causing damage to my site certainly hasn’t helped your cause any and an apology will be appreciated.

    From my perspective it was not made clear up front that your product would become a retail item and nothing will change that. So I recommend that we leave it at that, and might I also suggest next time when you are creating a new product please make your intentions more clear from the beginning.

    Like I’ve always said Nick I do admire your talents and I’ve always plugged your products in the past. But please kindly show me some respect and don’t insult my intelligence or wreck havoc in my neck of the woods because I didn’t give you a great review this time around. Just like you said we all have a right to our own opinions don’t we.

    Cheers and thanks for dropping by.

    BTW, I don’t “snoop”

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  4. As a long time supporter of Nick and FeedDemon, I have to chime in.

    For starters, you spent 90% of your reply bitching about a long URL that may have been just an accident? pfft. I believe that’s called an Ad Hominem argument.

    From where I stand, your points:
    1) If you didn’t read that FD was not free, don’t blame Nick for that.
    2) Version numbers don’t mean squat. FD was released in late 2003, and the NG sale etc did not happen until mid 2005. For a one-man company, “selling out” (which isn’t even how it worked out) 18 months later is not making a fast buck off the blogosphere.
    3) Have you even tried v2.0? The speed has vastly improved, particularly for synched feeds.
    4) If $30 for a professional RSS reader is beyond your budget, perhaps you aren’t in the target market… doesn’t give you any right to bitch about it.

    I haven’t paid a cent since my purchase at FD’s release more than 2 years ago, and I now have a further 2 years of free upgrades, support and NG sync. That’s exceptional value for money when you consider how much time, hard work and useful features have been put into FeedDemon.

    You say in your post “maybe I’m just too naive for my own good”. Don’t come whinging when we point out that you are.

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  5. Hmm, so much anger. I knew that I would catch some flak from the FeedDemon fan club for speaking my mind.

    Andrew, I appreciate your comments and truthfully I’m really trying to be nice and the both of you should stop taking this so personally. It’s interesting that you would quote my self-depreciating humor and somehow try to use that against me and not even get my point. Whew, that went right over your head didn’t it bud.

    Regarding your comments about version numbers, you should point it in Nick’s direction where it belongs. The fact is from my perspective I spoke the facts and sometimes the truth does hurt. I won’t be heckled into backpedaling and sorry if that disagrees with your sensibilities or (somewhat misguided) loyalty.

    A word of advice. If you are going to make comments you should restrict your thoughts to things that you have some authority or have personal knowledge of. Given that you were not privy to our conversations that would certainly rule you out.

    Regarding version 2 I certainly hope that you are right, at least for Nick’s sake. And no, I haven’t yet tried it and won’t for reasons already stated.

    I’m glad to hear that you like FeedDemon and I sincerely wish Nick all success. And lastly, I don’t ’snoop’, ‘bitch’ or ‘whine’ (or even “wing” for that matter). I hope that sets the record straight.

    Peace y’all.

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  6. After reading the comments I agree that an experienced programmer like Bradbury should at least know how to make a proper html link, especially when he made such a big deal about it. It probably was done on purpose and he’s lost his credibility. And I wouldn’t hold your breath for that apology either.

    As for the other bootlicker Andrew, I checked his website (that’s how you make a proper link Nick) and I quote ‘its been a pleasure to once again aid Nick through the beta release of a new FeedDemon version’. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s on the payroll. He can’t even spell and his real name should be asshole.

    Anyhow bloke, this really is immature and I wouldn’t sweat it. I’m actually amazed at how tolerant and polite you have been to trolls that don’t deserve it. You have the right to speak your mind especially on your own site and they should crawl back under their cracks from wenst they came.

      Reply   ·   Share Share Blog Bloke Tips  

  7. rofl nice fan club you have there BB. I can’t spell? I’m on the payroll? Please, I don’t feed trolls. Although I will point out that “whinging” would be a plural of “whinge”.

    I don’t really care what you say about me or Nick, thought this one was worth defending but meh whatever. All the best with whatever it is you do here, I won’t be back.

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  8. here is my 2 cents worth… making long, malformed links is one of the oldest tricks in the book to cause template problems. an old hand at programming like bradbury should be well versed in such chicanery.

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  9. Andrew, I don’t speak for the fan club and what I do here is explained in my profile and faq.

    I really do appreciate you dropping by and defending your opinion. But when you make personal attacks and use hostile and derogatory words, that crosses the line and belongs over at blogcritics not here.

    I ask everyone to please calm down and I regret that things got out of control. No hard feelings to everyone concerned.

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