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False Blog Profits

I’m not sure how you start your day, but as for me I get up, enjoy my first cup of coffee and then work through my emails. There was one email recently that caught my attention (subject lines sure are important aren’t they.)

It saidMake a Killing” (that’s some prophesy by the way but not all subject lines will make you feel this good.) I opened this mail and sure enough here was the message:

Hey there,
People are making a killing with blogs.
From average people to corporations
raking in millions…
Or how about this guy who took in over 2 million
with simple ClickBank blogs?
Check out his story here…  ( the link was to a video about clickbank)

Everyday people are getting these kinds of messages and they bother me for two reasons:

Man at bank machine1 Using a blog as a money making machine?  I’m sorry, but in my opinion this is not blogging. It is about marketing and sales, and putting the word “blog” with “making money” is giving people the wrong impression about blogging.

There is no doubt that some people have made some kind of an income with their blogs, but it is built on creating good original content. It is nurtured by building your credibility and authority with your readers, and it is built on knowing your niche topic inside and out!

slick sales person2. Many people come online for a variety of reasons and some of these people look to finding a way to make money online.  For all those people who will shun the marketing messages there will always be a few who are desperate to make money because times are tough. They will see messages like these, watch the slick videos and get sucked in .. and that bothers me a lot!

Mixed Messages

I am not against people making extra money, and I am not against people wanting to provide for themselves or their families. I am however against people who would take advantage of others with these kinds of strategies, and I am against those who would take a blog and turn it into a sales page and say things like …”make a killing“.

That to me is “False Blogging“.

There are many who are earnest in wanting to help people learn how to blog (like BLOGBloke) and how to do things in a way that will give them the best chance to maybe even earn a buck or two or three.

Some of these people will charge you something and some won’t, but the legit ones have one thing in common  – they will never set you up with false promises, and they will be open and upfront with any disclosures!

The reality is folks you can set up a zillion blogs and it won’t necessarily make you a dime. But it can sure cost you a lot, including your integrity!

This is my rant for today. Do you agree or disagree? Any advice or blog tips that you can share?

Class dismissed!

.. edited by Blog Bloke

Written November 29th, 2011 by | 18 Comments | Filed under: Blog Ethics, Blog Tips, Featured Tips

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There are 18 Comments so far to “False Blog Profits”

  1. In a word or two:

    Link bait, Spam, Content Scraping, Plagiarizing. These are my pet peeves and and I’ve written extensively about the problem throughout the years. But unfortunately it falls on deaf ears for those who want to make money and don’t care how they go about it.

    But worst of all there are a plethora of lowlife gurus out there who encourage these creeps and never talk about ethics.

    Sad but true.

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    Reply by: Diane at 1:21 pm said...

    @BLOGBloke, I have always tried to respect people, their thoughts and ideas on how to do things, but there was something about that email that just had me steaming ( and no it was not the coffee).

    It bothers me that there will be people who read these “messages”and fall into the trap and even consider spending money on these ideas.

    I want to clarify something… I have no issues with people wanting to make some kind of income with their blogs if that is their desire..but for goodness sakes, this is NOT the way to go about doing things and still be able to hold your head up high!

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  2. That email you got wouldn’t be from well known hucksters Gideon Shalwick and Yaro Starak by any chance would it? Those two are pros at suckering naive people with “free” offerings to get your email and titilate you with their paid products. Everything that they sell has information you can find for free on the internet if you just take the time to look.

      Reply   ·   Share Share Blog Bloke Tips  

    Reply by: Diane at 7:48 am said...

    @BLOGBloke, To be honest BLOGBloke, the email came from a person who is affiliating with the product, so I can’t answer who is running this kind of program.
    You are absolutely right in saying that a lot of the information that people “peddle” can be found for “free” all over the net, if you know where and how to look.

    I really have no issues with people creating a product/service that will give others quality teaching on how to blog and in fact many schools and universities have been creating courses teaching the core basics of blogging.

    I have no issues with people wanting to create value for others with ethics and integrity and even charging for the information they are giving, especially if the info and the learning gives real value to others.

    My problem is people who create a type of program that has little to do with teaching and more on how to suck people in, with outdated information and misleading tactics. To be honest it pisses me off.

    Regarding the person who sent the email..well that is a whole different story on the subject of how to be an affiliate of anything and doing it properly and in a way that will produce results..this is not the way to do it as far as I am concerned!

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  3. I do agree. Trying to make money out of others ignorance is wrong. At best, its a short term strategy. But if you genuinely help others to make money and then make some profits yourself, in the process it should be fine. Honesty makes a business sustainable on the long term.

      Reply   ·   Share Share Blog Bloke Tips  

    Reply by: Diane at 7:53 am said...

    @Raj, Thanks Raj for saying what I think and feel in a lot less words than I usally am noted for…lol

    There is nothing wrong with having a business and creating an icome is not a dirty word..but has you said and said so well.. Honesty makes a business sustainable for the long term.

    for all the people who know how to blog, there are many more that have little to no knowldedge and they do need help on how to do things.

    I have seen a few people create different courses and they are so well done..there is not “me” in what they are doing..they have created a well thought out service or course to help others learn and I have no problems with them charging for their time and their expertise!

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  4. It is 2 different things a blog for people-readers. Share your thoughts and feelings, views on things and moneymaking. When some elements of sales appear on the blog, even adsense it is annoying. I have feeling that the author of the blog does not care about their readers.

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  5. False Blogging http://t.co/ywhC6lhb via @BLOGBloke

  6. False Blogging http://t.co/MqQV7SzG

  7. I really don't like those who would take advantage of others! False Blogging http://t.co/XMweA0iZ

  8. I appreciate those who truly want to help others…thank you … don't be fooled by get rich blogging ( false blogging) http://t.co/XMweA0iZ

  9. If you ever read a subject line with " Make a Killing"..please run away, even better DELETE! http://t.co/XMweA0iZ Talk about false…

  10. Subject lines are important. Do them with integrity and realism…"Make a killing" is so not REAL - http://t.co/XMweA0iZ

  11. via @blogbloke False Blogging: I’m not sure how you start your day, but as for me I get up, enjoy my f… http://t.co/YoebWgHN #blogging

  12. via @blogbloke False Blogging: I’m not sure how you start your day, but as for me I get up, enjoy my f… http://t.co/YoebWgHN #blogging

  13. False Blogging http://t.co/ywhC6lhb via @BLOGBloke

  14. Adsense might produce results if you have a zillion blogs BUT that would make you a spammer .. right? http://t.co/ywhC6lhb via @BLOGBloke

  15. False Blog Profits - blog tips: I'm not sure how you start your day, but as for me I get up, enjoy my first cup … http://t.co/LwD81O9L

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