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Some Blog Relationships can Leave a Bad Taste in our Mouth: The Last Word on a Sordid Affair

I don’t know which is worst. Being called a liar or feeling guilty for a mistake that I didn’t make.

Background: I was baited into making a comment about Liz Strauss on a previous post that I did not intend to make. I said that she had left snarky comments on this blog in the past. I was subsequently accused of being a liar by Ms. Strauss and she demanded an apology.

I have since removed her comment but I kept a copy. Here it is:

Written April 10th, 2007 by | 9 Comments | Filed under: Make Money Tips, Miscellaneous Blog Tips, MythBusters , , , ,

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There are 9 Comments so far to “Some Blog Relationships can Leave a Bad Taste in our Mouth: The Last Word on a Sordid Affair”

  1. Dear Bloke,
    I’m going to start over here.

    I don’t know what this about.

    I don’t know Mr. Clark and until the other day I didn’t know you.

    My friends tell me you’re a nice guy, but all I know is one post a few days ago where you things that didn’t make sense.

    I haven’t been ignoring you. I haven’t been not linking to you. I really believe you have mistaken me for someone else or misconnected me with a group that I don’t know.

    Could we talk about this? There’s something really off here.

    Seriously I mean no harm or disrepect to you. Nor have I ever.

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  2. How on earth can you deny having said it? The facts speak for itself. As you can see I’ve merely presented the evidence, and in your own words.

    Are you trying to say that there are two of you? An alter-ego perhaps? That certainly doesn’t make any sense to me.

    Why don’t you just apologize and admit that you were wrong. My reputation and my blog have been damaged by this, and if you want to repair our relationship that would be a very good place to start.

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  3. Hi Bloke,
    Could we talk?
    I’m slow on the uptake and I don’t read well at night. But a friend just helped me figure out what you’re saying and I get it now.

    Here’s what happened.
    When I asked for an apology it was because I was sure I never an anonymous comment as you had said I did.

    I’m not really bold and confrontational. I allowed for the fact that I could be wrong about having been here before and I was. I’m sorry I didn’r realize that.

    I recognize the statement that quote about the link at the end. Truthfully, I can’t be sure without seeing the whole thing what I was saying, but when I read it, it sounds like I was in my “editor” mode telling you how you undid you argument. I’m sorry if it sounded snippy or snarky-I should have kept my observation to myself.

    The fact that Mr. Clark’s name didn’t jump to my mind immediately, surprises me. Of course I know him. But he’s not what my comment was about — my comment to you was simply one writer talking to another.

    I am sorry it sounded snippy. I’m also sorry I never made it back to clarify what I meant.

    I don’t approve of snark or inflammatory comments, especially those that are graphic. I’d delted them too. There’s only one rule on my blog, be nice. I’m right with you on your response to that.

    Now that I understand what’s going on. It’s makes total sense how you see things the way you did.

    I should have taken a breath last week and figured there was more than met the eye.

    I’m sure I understand the problem you mention in the sidebar, but what that statement means is that I write my own thoughts and then connect to like-minded folks with a link.

    Bloke, I really have not intentionally harmed you, but for any harm that I have caused. I am sorry.

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  4. I appreciate the apology but I must confess I find it difficult to follow your writing. And given your first response after I went to great effort to present the facts, I can’t help but be suspicious if you are putting me on. Nevertheless I will give you the benefit of the doubt and if you wish to speak to me you can call me on Google Talk. I’m in the phone book.

    In the mean time I will appreciate you putting your thinking cap on and figure out how I can get back the readers that I’ve lost. Hint: that relationship linking thing could help.

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  5. tick, tock, tick, tock… I’m still waiting and time is running out…

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  6. I save all my comments using co-comment. Also…do you have a tracker installed? I imagine you must being the computer whiz that you are. People can’t get away with things anymore. :-)

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  7. Yes I do, several in fact. BTW, Liz never contacted me and I’m not surprised either. Oh well.

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  8. Hey!! Found your blog on yahoo - thanks for the article but i still don\’t get it, J.Kopler

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  9. Don’t worry about it Max. Neither do I ;-)

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