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Elite Retreat: A Case Study

A lot of you might be asking yourselves why is the Bloke seemingly obsessed with Elite Retreat? It’s quite simple actually. I just want to know that people are really getting value for their money spent.

You see, in my few years of life (ok I may have exaggerated a bit) I’ve seen too many Kevin Trudeau types come and go huckstering their snake oil to the unwary public.

They invade our late night tube with their “paid for” infomercials like cockroaches on a hot summer’s evening. They breeze into our towns under cover of darkness, renting flashy hotel rooms and promising us riches.

They whisk back out again into the stillness of the night to the next town with our money bulging from their pockets. But they are the only ones who seem to really be making the money.

I’ve always been suspicious of their promises of huge incomes and net worth, and secretly wondered if their real source of income is selling their courses or materials to the innocent and gullible.

Now I don’t know if that applies to “Elite Retreat”, but whenever I hear hype like ”6 Figure Income” my back immediately gets up and brings out the skeptic in me.

But I will say that I have no ill will wished upon anyone involved with Elite Retreat and I truly hope that all will achieve the success and fortune they aspire to from their new online venture. The only advice that I have to give to these people is to keep your guard up and your wallet in your pocket. Keep a healthy skeptical attitude and don’t be easily impressed by slick presentations.

Admittedly I’m concerned with the new breed of entrepreneurs that are in it just for the money. I’m not impressed whether or not if you’ve made a $million online or just $1. People like the Guy Kawasakis make no bones about the fact that they only blog to make money (who’s also managed to leverage himself quite a lucrative speaking career). But the fact is the vast majority of us blog simply because we like to.

Have you ever noticed that the blogs promising money and riches are also among the most popular? I wonder why. Keywords like “make money” attract people like flies on poop. Just ask John Chow and Darren Rowse. The blogosphere is (or at least was) renowned for its generosity without any strings attached and it brought out the best in people.

Before you open your wallet or click on that subscribe button ask yourself this question: Are they in it just to exploit the blogosphere or are they offering something with real value back to the community (and without a price tag attached to it either)?

Be careful that your greed doesn’t also make you a victim, and don’t forget to blog for the shere joy of it because whatever you do in life means little if you are not enjoying what you’re doing. That is what is most important.

Having said that, while I’m waiting for the official figures to be published (I’m not holding my breath) the next stage in my quest for the truth will be to monitor the attendees of Elite Retreat and see if they come anywhere close to the income levels promised or intimated by the organizers and speakers.

So if you attended Elite Retreat please keep me posted and let me know of your progress over the coming year. I’m sure right now you are pumped with euphoria from meeting your online heroes, but let’s see how you feel down the road.

Let’s see if you are able to put what you’ve supposedly learned into practice and if you come anywhere close to making $6 figures (or even 5 figures).

Will Elite Retreat live up to its hype? The jury is still out on that one. Cheers and good luck chasing the long tail!

Written March 24th, 2007 by | 2 Comments | Filed under: Blog Ethics, Business Tips, Make Money Tips, Miscellaneous Blog Tips , , ,

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There are 2 Comments so far to “Elite Retreat: A Case Study”

  1. Someone asked the question once why some art was worthless and some was worth millions. The answer? So the person who spent millions on it can say how much they spent on it.

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  2. Hey, I like that. Can I borrow it?

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