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Don’t Be a Social Network Inbreeder!

Here are two pictures that I would like to share with you today. While the first image is humorous and makes us laugh, what does it have to do with the movie “Dangerous Minds” (below)?

Today’s lesson is about inbreeding on social networks and how it can affect your efforts as a blogger, and both of the images make a point.

Movie Poster of Dangerous Minds

I had a chance to watch the movie Dangerous Minds (there have been many mixed reviews about this show, but I guess I like hokey movies). It was situated in a classroom with the teacher adapting her ways of teaching to get through to some very hardened kids, and when I thought about it, what these kids do is the very same thing that so many of us do.

The kids in the movie were stuck in a mindset of poverty, gang mentality and drugs. Like them we go from network to network, hook up with the same people and talk about the same things, and we never get a chance to broaden our thoughts or way of doing things.

As a blogger that is a big mistake.

How many of you go to networks and follow or “friend” the same people that you know from other networks you belong to?  Don’t be embarrassed, we all do it to some degree and lets face it, we feel more comfortable being with others who we already know.

The problem is we also become complacent, and that is something as a blogger we can’t afford to do!

Starting today I would like you to start thinking outside of the confines of your social network and try some of these suggestions:

1. For every person you want to friend or follow on any given network, I want you to look for at least one or two people (you don’t know) who shares at least one or two common interests. Changing the habit of being a sheeple will, over time, have a profitable result. In fact it has been shown that you are better off with a mix of old friends and newcomers.

2. Learn to diversify what you are doing when it comes to networking. For example:

  • Start a LinkedIn or Facebook group and be the connector for these people.
  • Networking is not only about being online (yes face to face). Talk to people (like a store clerk) about topics such as the economy. Or if your niche is about coffee, baby boomers etc., talk about these subjects and you will be surprised at the information you will get from people.
  • Take an evening course about something related to your blog, or maybe try something different. The point to networking is being able to talk to people about a variety of topics, not just one.

3. Learn to think like a Social Strategist. Being a blogger does not just mean writing posts and talking to a few people on Twitter or Facebook. You have to be prepared to wear many hats and learn how to foster relationships, and how to be proactive in all that you do.

Just as Michelle Pfeiffer (as LouAnne Johnson) in the movie Dangerous minds had to be innovative in reaching her students, you also need to think outside the box and keep learning your craft and be innovative in everything that you do.

What will be your reward?

Well, unlike the movie I can’t bribe you with candies or other such things, but I can promise what you will get is a far greater reward … you will gain more readers. You will get to know more people, and generally speaking you will feel pretty good about yourself, your blog and everything else you do.

Class dismissed.

Pssst … this is for those of you who need a treat. Enjoy.

Image of Red Sweet Candies

… edited by Blog Bloke.

Written September 25th, 2011 by | 14 Comments | Filed under: Blog Tips, Featured Tips, Social Media Tips ,

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There are 14 Comments so far to “Don’t Be a Social Network Inbreeder!”

  1. These are similar thoughts I had in my head yesterday. I use twitter but most people there are bloggers like you and Bloke who love to interact.

    I have google plus - which I use for posts longer than 140 chars and which do not need to be ‘timeless’ like a blog post.

    I have mostly connected to Photographers and Artists on Google Plus because they seem to enjoy how their photos are displayed there.

    My Facebook was dormant for more than two years. And I felt I was missing out on what was going on with my family. So yesterday I spent half a day decorating my Facebook Profile - making sure I look like a nice kid to Uncle John and Aunt Jane.
    (Families can be very critical ya know)

    Bloggers can stay out of my facebook, you guys are already everywhere. But I encourage you to add the “subscribe” button to your profile so you don’t have to “Friend” everybody who is interested in you.

      Reply   ·   Share Share Blog Bloke Tips  

    Reply by: Diane ( Blogneta) at 8:41 am said...

    @Jaffer, The funny thing about this post was the idea was given to me when my daughter sent me the cat image that you can see up top and I had recently seen the movie dangerous minds..funny how my brain works…lol

    I feel that we need to do a serious rethink on how we use social media networks and who we allow into our various communities.

    I know of one community, that has been around for a very very long time and the expression familiarity breeds contempt is alive and well there. Everyone knows everyone and there are not new thoughts and if you want to see “sheeple”, that is the place to go.

    When we choose the networks we want to be in ( yes BLOGBloke, there are issues for some people, sorry to say) do we want to see the same faces and the same ideas floating around… how can this be productive or profitable?

    There are many ways to network and when we do different things, we add interest to others, when we get to know new people, its amazing how one’s world can open up and (hint hint..) if you are into selling something..you might get a new customer…what a thought!

    Great seeing you and getting your feedback, that is always welcomed

      Reply   ·   Share Share Blog Bloke Tips  

    Reply by: BLOGBloke at 8:30 am said...

    @Jaffer, I like your use of the word “timeless” which accurately demonstrates the temporal nature of social networks. If you want to create something that’s really lasting then only a REAL blog will suffice.

      Reply   ·   Share Share Blog Bloke Tips  

  2. The second point on talking to offline contacts is very crucial. I met up with a friends husband recently at a marriage party and we talked for almost an hour about social media and blogging! He did give a lot of tips as well… So, being active Online should not discourage us from being active offline as well. But some of us (including me) find it difficult to initiate discussions.

      Reply   ·   Share Share Blog Bloke Tips  

    Reply by: Diane ( Blogneta) at 1:10 pm said...

    @Raj, Hi Raj, thank you for giving a real life experience to talking to “offline” contacts, it’s amazing what you will learn and share, then like in this comment pass on to others.

    I tend to be very quiet when I first meet people in the “real” world, but I sure know how to listen and then when I am comfortable ….lol I cant seem to stop talking ( well sometimes)

    funny how it works.

      Reply   ·   Share Share Blog Bloke Tips  

    Reply by: BLOGBloke at 8:36 am said...

    @Diane ( Blogneta), I think I’m more bold online than I am offline. Probably because I’m shy by nature in the “real” world. But when I first started out online I was afraid to make any comments. Just like the first time I saw a computer. I had a phobia and was afraid to touch the keyboard. It’s true! Funny how time changes things and we become more comfortable with technology.

      Reply   ·   Share Share Blog Bloke Tips  

    Reply by: BLOGBloke at 8:32 am said...

    @Raj, that’s something I have to keep reminding myself. It’s time to get outside and interact with the real world Bloke. And I don’t mean burying my head in the smartphone either.

      Reply   ·   Share Share Blog Bloke Tips  

  3. Thanks for sharing, food for thought for sure. Wanting to expand myself.

      Reply   ·   Share Share Blog Bloke Tips  

  4. Nice post. I like this site and thanks for sharing.

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  5. been thinking on social network inbreeding and decided to write a post: http://t.co/ErxF5dZ2 Thanks to @BLOGBloke for letting me do this

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