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5 Common SEO Mistakes (and 6 good ideas)

Watch this video for the five common SEO mistakes that people make according to Google Webmaster Help, along with 6 good SEO ideas for improvement.

The 5 common SEO mistakes made are:

1. No Value Proposition.
2. Segmented Approach.
3. Time Consuming Workarounds.
4. Following SEO Trends.
5. Slow Iteration.

The six good ideas for SEO improvement are:

  1. Do something cool.
  2. Include relevant keywords in your content.
  3. Be smart with your tags and site architecture.
  4. Sign up for email forwarding in Webmaster Tools.
  5. Attract buzz and natural links, votes, +1s, follows.
  6. Stay fresh and relevant (social media and accessibility on new devices).

I think it’s revealing Matt Cutts is no longer doing the video honors and the seo message that I’m hearing is loud and clear. Especially the part about not following seo trends and numbers 5 and 6 above.

What we used to know about SEO is quickly being replaced by social media influence. I hate to say I told you so, but …

Written March 20th, 2012 by | 9 Comments | Filed under: BLOGBlokeTips, Blog Tips, SEO Tips, Search Engine Tips, Social Media Tips, Videos

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There are 9 Comments so far to “5 Common SEO Mistakes (and 6 good ideas)”

  1. Hi BB -
    1. I have to be honest and watched this video 3 times and while I grasped some of the concepts, I got totally lost in other aspects, which is not to say that I won’t keep trying, but I find SEO quite difficult to understand at the best of times… maybe it is just me.

    2. I was thinking about your last part and “social media influence” and I remember a few years back hearing the term “social media optimization” At that time this was little more than a thought that some people talked about, but most people poo hooed it going SEO will always rule the net. I can honestly say the majority of those people were very wrong and to prove it all one has to do is a search and you will see what will come up.

    In some ways I find SMO a lot easier to understand, but I have to wonder if it is being too slanted or favored for only certain social sites as Google+ rather than being more objective towards the other major players in social communities in terms of relavancy and whatpeople are talking about or suggesting… again maybe it is just me

    You have brought forward a very good post and one that I know I will be coming back to…I really need to start understand SEO a lot better…now can this “old” lady do it? lol

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    Reply by: BB at 7:30 pm said...

    @Diane ( Blogneta) .. hi Dianne.

    Two years ago I wrote “SEO Is A Dog Chasing Its Tail” http://www.blogbloke.com/seo-chasing-tail/. I saw the writing on the wall back then when I wrote “Google admits using Social Media signals in its algorithm”.

    Social Media Optimization and SEO are merging. Unfortunately the gurus are still pushing traditional SEO down everyone’s throats. They’re trying to stall the inevitable death as well as their careers.

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